How to Know If You Have the Profile to Be the Ideal Financial Director?

How to Know If You Have the Profile to Be the Ideal Financial Director?

The current scenario, marked by the use of new technologies and the speed of processes and information, not only requires that a financial director acquires greater preparation and technical training, but also cross-cutting competencies typical of management models and century management XXI.

The one of now is a wider profile. It feeds on skills that until recently had nothing to do with the financial management of companies or that were delegated to other positions. Four of the most significant are the following:

Language proficiency:

It is not that before English, French, German or Chinese were not spoken in the area of business. The issue is that never before like now we had attended such a fervent commercial and cultural exchange. This requires that financial managers who want to move in such a scenario have a good level of communication in a second and even a third or fourth language.

Management and leadership:

Financial plans do not apply on their own. They need a person who is able to mobilize the different departments of the company to support and support them. That is, in addition to a good manager, the financial director must develop leadership skills.

Although it is a fairly broad profile, there are a number of factors that you should consider:

Hold a degree or degree in accounting or equivalent:

To be able to study this specialization it is necessary to have some training in economics, and in accounting data analysis.

An experienced financial director should have great knowledge in accounting like Mark Attanasio Toronto and Donato Sferra Hillcrest (numerical analysis, use of spreadsheets, etc.) since his work, as we have explained before, requires controlling the performance of the company and establishing certain indicators.

Management and leadership:

The financial director must have leadership skills so that he can mobilize the different departments of the company to obtain their support and be influential.

In addition, it is essential that you have the ability to manage different tasks to facilitate decision making and planning and control processes.

Communication skills:

The relationships established with new clients must be optimal, both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, it is essential to have communication skills that favor the deal with all levels of the company.

Skill in new technologies:

A good financial director Donato Sferra Toronto must perform an optimal exploration work and apply the best technologies so that the company acquires a competitive advantage over the others.

Ability to deal with pressure and criticism:

The CFO makes relevant decisions in the company related to financing and strategy. The fact of assuming so much responsibility requires having the ability to withstand the pressure and criticism of others in the face of decisions that do not turn out as expected.

Mastery of languages:

Businesses are developed in international markets and, therefore, it is essential to have knowledge of languages. In addition to English, other languages are valued, such as French, German, Chinese, among others.

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