What Indians Think about Virginity and Sex These Days?
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People don’t like to discuss virginity and sex in public in many countries and religions. It, in fact, is even considered as a symbol of purity in some societies and cultures. On the other hand, premarital or extramarital sex is seen as a sin in many cultures. And that’s the reason why girls are kept under restrictions....Read more
Seven Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Anti-aging Creams
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Worried about wrinkled skin and grey hair? Are you turning old? Nah! It can’t be true. You’ve just turned...Thirty, maybe? I know that turning old could be horrifying at times. You have your whole life ahead of you. There’s gotta be a way. Lucky for you, there is a way indeed. Start using “Anti-aging” cream....Read more
12 Performance Tips to Get Noticed in Your Workplace
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Everybody wants to get noticed and it’s natural. Even a child would do everything possible to seek attention. So if you are after this in your workplace, there is nothing wrong. In fact, you should grab all chances and do all fair things that can highlight your abilities....Read more
Marriage from a Man's Perspective
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Marriage is like a long-awaited dream coming true! And for a man, it’s like a change from dark to light, white to pink and hard to soft. The man starts changing his outlook, starts polishing his appearance. Everything that he likes and uses become inline with the choices of his sweetheart....Read more
Most Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in India to Go This Winter Season
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Winter is the time of love and weddings in India. And therefore, this is also the favorite time for the new couples to spend the most romantic time together at one of the most romantic and exotic honeymoon destinations in India....Read more
Women in Indian Movies and Television Industry
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There was a time when women were under too many restrictions in society. This is evident in the movies of the old era when film and television industry was not a major medium of entertainment. However, there are many Indian movies and television shows which have portrayed the woman in bold character and even some of them are women oriented....Read more
Are You a Perfect Husband? Check Yourself
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Man always look for ways to make himself appear attractive and smart regardless his age so that nobody can ignore him, especially women. This is true for the man of all times. No matter which culture or country a man is from, if he has these virtues described in this article, he will be a perfect husband....Read more
5 Things to Consider While Shopping Bridal Lingerie
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Wedding season is the season of shopping. But for a man, it may turn into a complicated task when he is shopping gifts for his bride, especially the things for the wedding night. Bridal lingerie is one of those sophisticated things that need special attention. Softness and feminine are the key characters you have to keep in mind while shopping for your love....Read more
Top Three Benefits of Enrolling in an Electronic Music Production Course
There is no denying the fact that electronic music has taken the world by storm. Today music producers and DJs are creating a buzz more than ever. They are famous and popular globally. With the help of the internet, modern technology, and smart equipment and devices, you could reach out to people you could never have done before....Read more
From Unromantic to Romantic – a Story of an Indian Couple
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It was a cool winter night. The room was decorated with flowers. The environment was getting more romantic and erotic with a sweet fragrance. He was waiting for her to appear in a first night dress he gifted today....Read more
Make Your Married Life Super Romantic with These Tips
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How romantic are you with your spouse? How much do you enjoy your time with your partner, especially nights? Well, it’s a private thing! However, it depends on what you do to reflect your love and how much passionate you are about your partner. This article is created for the couples to make their marriage life happier....Read more
Ten Must-Try Vaping Flavors for Winter
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Vaping has become popular after just about one decade since its inception, and despite being a somewhat new concept compared to smoking, it has quite quickly gained popularity. The consumption of e-cigarettes is fast becoming common across the globe, and the demand is drastically soaring....Read more
Shopping Online For Indian Designer Lehenga & Gowns
Online shopping has come as an advantage to all those who discover it too tough to fish out time and spend hours shopping. While other things like groceries and vegetables are still simpler to go, as you know where to get all you want, but Shopping for Indian Dress like Indian designer lehenga can take your utmost time....Read more
These 8 Accessories Will Make Your Wedding Night Super Romantic
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Wedding night is a long-awaited night for any person. So you wouldn’t let go any chance of making it very special and a life-long memory. However, when you don’t know what else can be done apart from making love, a guide and tips on what to wear, what to eat and what activities to do will be very helpful....Read more
Honeymoon Dresses and Sexy Lingerie in India
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Imagine a beautiful night. You are standing in your balcony and waiting for your love partner. You are so excited to see how a woman looks in a sexy lingerie in India....Read more
5 Super-Exciting Dating Ideas
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Want to impress your date with something other than a cookie-cutter cappuccino date? Want to try something that will make for a very memorable get-together? Then try upping the thrill factor of your dates with the dating ideas you are going to read ahead....Read more
Do You Have the Right Self-belief?
By vrajan | 3 months ago | Category : Article | Moral and Inspiration | self-belief
The belief a person has for himself and life are fundamental in shaping their life better or worse. Self-belief is important in shaping your personality, impacting our perception towards life, success, happiness and the love we have for our life....Read more
Strategies to Make Your T-Shirts Stand Out From the Crowd
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In the event that you need your t-shirts to be one of a kind, to emerge from the group, take a stab at utilizing a portion of the claim to fame printing impacts laid out in this article. Forte printing offers some honest to goodness points of interest....Read more
Improve erections - 7 Natural Ways To Improve Weak Erection And Boost Your Libido
By Shawn Clark | 4 months ago | Category : Article | Love and Emotions | libido
Erectile dysfunction, or as some people also know it by, impotence, is a condition that affects roughly 52% of men when looked upon at a global prevalence....Read more
MeToo Movement and Its Dark Side
By jigb | 4 months ago | Category : Article | Moral and Inspiration | MeToo Movement
MeToo Movement has become a trend in recent times in India, and many names are coming out as accused. Big names from the entertainment industry, media, politics, and corporate houses have raised questions on civilization and society....Read more