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Welcome to HappyNetty, your ideal social networking site where you will find thousands of people with different thoughts, ethnic background, age and religion across the globe. A quick look around our website will unveil the wide range of people who are ready to associate with each other, make friends and share various things such as experience, knowledge, achievement and lots more.

HappyNetty was founded in the year 2014. HappyNetty was founded out of our passion for creating a social networking site where people from all over the globe will converge to share their stories of their day to day lives, experience, happy and sad moment of their lives, friendship, achievements, news and many more. This great zeal of ours impelled us to do intensive research and thus HappyNetty was born.

Benefits of Using HappyNetty include;

Making a post will give other great members of HappyNetty to comment on your post thus giving you the advices and beneficial comments that may help the situation at hand, give you the insight to improve your lifestyle, skills, way of thinking and habits.

Sharing your experience; this will make other people learn from your past, thus given them the knowledge of the best way to go about issues of the same nature. Remember a friend in need is a friend indeed as there is nothing as being a part of someone else’s success story.

Sharing your achievement in different areas such as academic, relationship, business, and society will serve as encouragement for others. This might even help those who have lost hope to regain their confidence and make them believe they can achieve their goals.

Uploading of media files such as photos and videos allows you to share your beautiful moment with people across the globe. 

The Tip section in all categories gives you to the ability to share useful and beneficial tips with other lovely members of HappyNetty. 

With the jobs section, your dream of securing your dream job can be realized. The jobs section serves as a great platform for both employers and employees to meet. This is a unique feature every other social networking sites lack.

Stay updated with the latest and trending news across the globe. Our news section gives you access to both local and international up-to-the-minute news. This section features various categories such as sports, economy, fashion, entertainment, health and many more.

And thus the endless list continues…

With our unique and innovative ideas, HappyNetty offers you a whole new experience you are yet to have with other prominent social networks. We offer you are classified way to express your thoughts, share your experience, request for advices etc. without having your post cluttered with all other posts.

Wherever you are and whoever you may be, HappyNetty offers you the opportunity to make friends in any part of the globe, have private conversation with them using the private message system and also track your activities as well as that of your friends.

Out of our love for making this great platform a standard social networking site, we offer you the ability to merge both the fun of chatting and sharing moments with your friend with that of shopping for your favorite goods online. With our great shopping platform, you can have fun with your friends and shop for your favorite goods simultaneously.

SAY NO TO THE GOOD AND YES TO THE BEST as we offer the best social media platform for those who really love to socialize.