Huawei's Future in India Depends on its Role in 5G
By admin | 3 weeks ago | Category : Article | Science and Technology
Huawei has entered rough waters. After almost 20 years here, the company will find it challenging to participate in the upcoming BSNL 4G tender if sources close to the firm understand the signs from the government right. It is not expected to get approval to commence trial runs with operators for 5G, for which it has already applied....Read more
Facebook New Page Follow Settings - Control Which Updates You See
By admin | 1 month ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites
Facebook is hoping to give users more power over the particular posts and updates they see from every page they decide to follow, with another posting of cutting edge Page follow choices showing up for individual clients....Read more
Will AI and Machines Make You Jobless?
By jigb | 1 month ago | Category : Article | Science and Technology
I watched a video by Nas Daily today. What's shown in it was shocking and thought-provoking. It's about the Useless Class that the world will be having in the coming years. This class will not be having any job, and therefore no money to pay the bills for living. Scary and chaotic, isn't it? But who is going to create this class?...Read more
The Ultimate RIB Boat Buyers Guide
By LukeD | 1 month ago | Category : Article | Transportation and Communication
RIB boat (rigid inflatable boat) is incredibly popular amongst watersports lovers, thrill-seekers and generally people who love to spend time near a body of water. These boats are quite light, stable and easy to maneuver, which creates a scenario in which they have a lot of power with decent fuel efficiency....Read more
6 Tips for Selling Your Car Quickly
By DianaSmith | 2 months ago | Category : Article | Creativity and Innovation
Selling a car is a scenario that every car owner will likely encounter several times in their lifetime. The top priorities here are selling your car quickly and getting the amount of money that you need. More often than not, you’re selling your car in order to get an upgrade. In other scenarios, you’re selling your vehicle in order to cover your debts or finance an idea of yours....Read more
Beginner's Guide to Pedaling an Electric Bicycle
By admin | 2 months ago | Category : Article | Science and Technology
If you're starting out with a pedal-assisted electric bicycle, you might need a little time to adjust to the way the motorized assistance kicks on and off. In many cases, riders feel it has a natural, smooth rhythm to it. Even so, the fact that you will be accelerating faster than your pedaling indicates can take some getting used to....Read more
5 Easy and Effective Ways to Maintain Your Car
By LukeD | 3 months ago | Category : Article | Transportation and Communication
Your car maintenance is about keeping your property safe, as well as protecting yourself and your family. Seeing as how both of these issues are incredibly important, it would be safe to assume that it’s a top priority for everyone. Unfortunately, a lot of people are slacking in this field, either due to negligence or lack of knowledge....Read more
W3 Total Cache Plugin: Speed Up Your Website
By patriciadolan0002 | 3 months ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites | Tech
Ever been on a website that takes so long to load, you actually feel like closing it after 10 seconds? Some people might be used to slower internet connections and slower load times, but you shouldn’t rely on that....Read more
Ensuring Maximum User-Engagement by Optimizing App Navigation
By pankajdas0909 | 3 months ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites
Navigation is an act of moving between different screens of an app when a user wants to complete some tasks. It can be categorized into several means, including components specifically dedicated to navigation, content incorporated with app navigation, and platform affordances....Read more
The Importance of Tyre Maintenance in Driving Safely
By LukeD | 4 months ago | Category : Article | Transportation and Communication
Driving safely is a top priority of any responsible car owner. It’s not just out of the fear for your own safety and that of other passengers in your car. It’s also an ethical responsibility and a fear of causing preventable harm to others. Still, not everything is down to your prowess as a driver. If your car malfunctions or fails to respond to your action, a disaster may follow....Read more
What Makes a Good Explainer Video?
By admin | 4 months ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites
You may be considering investing in an explainer video this year and you are probably aware that these videos explain what your product is all about in 60-90 seconds. These type of videos are an awesome way of engaging with potential customers and getting them familiar with your business. However, it may be difficult getting these videos done in the right way....Read more
Don’t Get Left Behind: 5 SEO Trends That’ll Affect Your Traffic
By LukeD | 5 months ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites
The main purpose of your SEO campaign is to raise traffic amongst your target audience by boosting your visibility. You see, people who use your keywords are already interested in your industry, your products or your services, in one way or another. This already makes them qualified leads....Read more
Car Painting 101: Your Guide to Spray Painting Your Car
By LukeD | 6 months ago | Category : Article | Transportation and Communication | Cars
Even though it’s sometimes difficult to wrap our minds around it, our cars are susceptible to the flow of time, weather, and all kinds of mechanical damages. No matter how much attention we pay to them, it’s inevitable that some dents and scratches will pop up here and there. Paint starts to break down and rust can appear on most surfaces of our vehicles....Read more
What Does Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas Look Like?
By LukeD | 6 months ago | Category : Article | Science and Technology
While it is true that in the past several decades, we’ve seen a proper boom in the alternative energy industry, the truth is that our world still runs on oil and natural gas. This means that any upset to the oil and gas industry (regardless if it is positive or negative) might change the world as we know it. One such change comes in the form of digital transformation....Read more
Elastic Bands for Hair: Secrets You Did Not Know
By judyrobinson | 6 months ago | Category : Article | Creativity and Innovation
Hair ties are a very important item for all the ladies. Be it a young girl or grown-up women, they can't live without a good hair tie. When choosing an elastic band for your hair, first of all, pay attention to how firmly it holds your hair. However, the tighter the elastic band is, the higher the likelihood of it causing a headache....Read more
Looking for Online Income? Work on These Freelancing Platforms
By jigb | 6 months ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites | Freelancing
Are you looking for an online income stream in addition to your job or seeking more opportunities for your professional career growth? Or looking for a flexible working option where you can work from your own place within your own working hours? Then freelancing would be the first choice unless you are all up to start your business....Read more
Top Ways to Ensure Your Apple Mac Keeps Running on Top Condition
By eada | 7 months ago | Category : Article | Science and Technology
Apple Mac can be rated as a sophisticated device. When using these devices you have to take proper care of them. Even if you need repairs it is advisable to approach only licensed services. Even if the devices are fast performance types, still they may get slow in performance....Read more
Beginners Guide to Conversion Optimization
By LukeD | 7 months ago | Category : Article | Internet and Websites | Digital marketing
Getting potential customers to view and become aware of your products and services is a process that usually makes up the bulk of a marketing team’s time. However, even if you have the most effective digital marketing strategy in place and are able to gain people's attention, you still aren’t getting the final results you want....Read more
By eada | 7 months ago | Category : Article | Transportation and Communication
Over the past couple of years, with climate change becoming a hot topic, car owners and manufacturers all around the world are seeking various eco-friendly ways like car recycling to limit their overall negative impact on the environment. Even the general population is looking for newer methods to help make the world feel better around theirs....Read more
Ways You Can Beat Your Competitor Brand on Instagram
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Social media is growing at a rapid pace. It is the place businesses prefer to target its audience and reach their customers as well as beat competitor brand. With the emergence of social media as a leading platform and with its increasing popularity every day, it has made eCommerce very easy. It has paved new ways for online businesses....Read more