Guidelines for Guest Posting on HappyNetty

If you are a blogger and looking for the platform to publish your work by guest posting, you are on the right page. We always welcome new contributors. We would like to hear from you if you are writing articles which can get the attention of our readers and help them bring some positive changes in their life or profession.

It's ok if you don’t write extremely polished and interesting articles, but should be useful to the readers. It should give your readers a sense of something fresh and new rather than just a write-up or a rewrite of something already available on the internet.

We will review your article and will publish upon found everything proper. So a quality article with really useful information is an important criterion to get approved. It will also be rewarding as thousands of people including your clients, peers and potential employers will read your articles.

Guidelines for Guest Posting on HappyNetty

Guest post

To become a contributor and start guest posting, you need to signup and post your article which will be checked and approved by us.

Guest posting is free as long as you can provide a backlink to our site in any of your existing or new article on another site. If you don't want to spend time formatting and posting your article, we can do it for you for $5 or INR350. Contact us for the sponsored post price or more details.

What you get by guest posting at

  1. High quality and permanent backlinks.
  2. Exposure to the real and relevant audience.
  3. Quality and targeted traffic to your website.

Guidelines for guest posting


You can post your article on any topic. Just make sure that it's of good quality, relevant and really useful for the readers. Make sure that your article is plagiarism free

Length of article:

If your article is informative and appropriately long, it will rank high on search engines. Submit an article of at least 700 words.

Relevant images:

Make sure to add the main image using the image field. You can also add more relevant images in the body of the article. Make sure to add proper names and alt attributes.

Basic Formatting and SEO:

  1. Make sure to limit your article title to 65 characters or 11 words to make it completely visible in the search engine results.
  2. Write the title in "Title Case"
  3. Apply H2, H3 tags to the section headings in the article body. You can get this formatting option in the editor while posting your article.
  4. Include the alternate text and title text for the image. You can copy the article title to these fields.
  5. Include the title text in the title field of the backlink. You can copy the article title to this field. Select the option "Open link in a new window" option from the Target field.
  6. Include the most important keyword (Focus Keyword) in the title, in the first paragraph of the article body, in at least one heading (h2 or h3), in the image title and alt tags, in the title of the backlink.
  7. Backlink should not be on the same focus keyword as it will negatively affect the SEO of the article. Use a key-phrase of two to five words to make a backlink which can include that important keyword.
  8. Don't repeat the focus keyword too many times in the article body. Mention it once per 100 words. This is very important for SEO.


Make sure to mention the name of the sources and their links for the image as well as the information/facts and statistics at the bottom of the article. This is to give due credits to original producers of the images, facts/information, and statistics, and avoid copyright violations.

Author info and links:

Guest blogs are allowed to have a maximum of 1 link per 250 words. So, an article of 700+ words can include a maximum of 2 links.

If you post your article and don't see it published on the site within 48 hours, it means there is an issue with your article or you have not followed the guest posting guidelines. So please ensure you check and follow all the guidelines to get your article published.

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