Top 5 Ways Culture Affects The Life of An Individual

Culture is the way of life that has been passed on to us from generations. It affects our lifestyle, even if we leave our homeland and go to a new place to live. The way of life that has been passed onto us will remain with us wherever we go. As a person, we form the picture and mirror of the cultural place we belong, but we can also learn and shape ourselves from different cultures. We are the best judge of our life and it is for us to decide what do we want to make a part of our life.

1. Our Identity
When we learned to walk we fell down, in our journey of life we will fall down and we need to lift ourselves and move on. We often need a place to fall back on. Our culture and tradition forms our pillar of life and gives us a sense of security. It gives us our originality, our identity and meaning to our life. It is so important to know who we are and where do we come from. Life is more meaningful when we are attuned to our culture and tradition.

2. Lifestyle
All aspects of art, dance, food, rituals and religion, etc from the culture and tradition of an individual's life and the individual’s lifestyle is the sum total of the experiences from the culture and tradition. Our lifestyle is thus connected  and influenced by the culture that we are attuned to.

3. Learning
We have a lot to learn from our culture and tradition. Our culture has been passed on to us from generations and it is our duty to learn from our culture and apply the learning in our life. We become much better individuals into guiding our life in the direction we want to when we learn from our culture and understand and respect the value that has been taught to us by our culture.

4. Who we are
When we meet people we are remembered by our character and personality. Culture plays an essential role in shaping and moulding us into who we are as an individual, that we present ourselves to the world. For example, if you are active in social gatherings, you are perceived by people to have a high value in society.

Once you know the importance of culture and understand how it affects your life, you will be surprised to know that you can know yourself better as an individual.

5. Sense of belonging
Our culture gives us a sense of belonging to a community. It tells us where we are from and where we belong. Knowing where you belong really helps us in our journey of life, we can never get lost and we can even live and battle the worst of times.

Culture affects our life in multiple ways and mentioned above were some essential factors that affect us as an individual. We are the best judge of how we live our life, it is for us to embrace what we know about our culture and use it to live a life that we desire. Culture plays an essential role in our life and it only gives us more power to take control of our life once we truly understand our culture and tradition that we belong.

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