Lawn Care: 4 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Lawn Care: 4 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

If you overlook the importance of spring lawn care, you could end up incurring a huge cost for it throughout the year. The chores you need to do in spring does not entail the work that you will have to put in mowing throughout the months of summer. If you work well through the months of spring, you will be able to enjoy the green and a healthy lawn for the rest of the year. Here are some tips to help you prepare the lawn for Spring.

1. Raking for lawn care

This is your first step to take care for your lawn in spring. Raking is actually a lot more than simply removing the leaves, it is about controlling the thatch too. When you rake leaves during the fall, you also try to rake very deeply. By simply skimming the surface to get rid of the leaves, you will not get the job done. A process of deep raking will help remove the thatch and will allow you to achieve two goals in one process. You can begin raking when you are sure that winters are gone.

2. Look for compaction

A lawn that faces a high level of traffic every year will eventually show signs of decline. This is because the lawn is suffering due to compacted soil. The presence of moss shows compaction and you can easily eliminate it although, the eradication will begin with the recognition that the moss is not just another weed in your lawn. The best remedy is lawn aeration. You need to postpone the aeration of your lawn until fall as part of your lawn care plan.

3. Liming

The presence of any type of moss plants means acidity. You can easily solve the problem by liming the soil. However, you need to remain patient as the effects of liming will be slow. You can apply the lime with a fertilizer spreader. If the lawn is fine and there are no signs of acidity, you need not apply lime. It is not a preventive measure but a corrective measure. A lot of alkaline in the soil can cause lawn problems but a lot of lime is not bad enough.

4. Fertilize

You can easily fertilize lawns through compost or mulching mowers. However, if you like chemical fertilizers, you will have to follow a schedule as part of the lawn care plan. It is advisable to invest in mowers to maintain your lawn in the best shape. Alan Lander from Hydro Dynamics Corporation ( explains that a professional lawn irrigation system is a highly cost effective way to care for your lawn. You need to identify the type of grass you have and then use the appropriate fertilizers on it. Excess fertilizer can lead to more weed problems and diseases.


Spring grass maintenance is a lot about the prevention of weed and about fostering a healthy lawn growth. Depending on the season and the type of grass you have, you can plan lawn care activities to ensure a lush green and healthy lawn in your house.

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