Integrating Instagram & Email Marketing Strategies for Increased Sales and Revenue

Integrating Instagram & Email Marketing Strategies for Increased Sales and Revenue

Businesses that have conventionally only utilized email marketing have become envious of the reach and volume of social media. It is pretty easy to be bowled over by the fast-growing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. but still nobody could deny the massive potential that email marketing has thanks to a whopping 3.7 billion users of email across the world. So once you consider using the two of them together, one could easily imagine the mind-blowing outcomes. Supercharging all your email marketing endeavors with social media does not appear to be technically difficult. However, it necessitates a switchover from chiefly a channel-centric mindset to the one that is concentrating more effectively on the content.

Consider Using Social Media for Generating More Leads & Boosting Engagement

Platforms such as Instagram which enjoys over 800 million MAUs are particularly enticing to all the active email marketers. Brands could be showcasing their products on Instagram and boosting engagement with consumers who are interested in their products. It is actually the core responsibility of Instagram to boost brand visibility and nurturing the leads effectively to sales. 

Optimize At Once, the Instagram Profile

The most important thing to do as an initial step toward obtaining email leads is to effectively incorporate an uncomplicated and easy signup form. You must incorporate the signup form into your bio section that could easily include an URL. Keep in mind that these signup forms could prove to be exceptionally useful when it comes to creating high-quality leads meant for your specific email marketing campaign.

You do not need to even worry about generating signup forms because you could have easy access to a broad spectrum of email marketing services which could be utilized effectively for creating custom-tailored signup forms for perfect integration into your social media accounts like the Instagram.

You must make sure that the signup form is quite easy to fill and has adequate fields for flaunting the lead’s profile. Moreover, remember to steer clear of making your form unnecessarily lengthy and extensive. Subscribers must not get tired and bored of filling the form.  Motivate Instagram users to consider signing up or saying yes to subscription. If you wish to encourage more and more Instagram users to willingly subscribe to your emails, you must offer suitable incentives that are of great worth to all your Instagram followers. You could consider offering free downloads, discounts, promo codes, contests including product samples that could be just fine for the purpose. You may buy real Instagram likes to grow your overall brand presence and boost website traffic.

Time to Think Actively about Visuals

One reason why some social media platforms are successful in driving immense engagement is simply their amazing visual nature. You must keep in mind that pictures are capable of provoking effectively the visceral reactions. This could prove to be an immensely useful marketing tool. You may consider integrating your email with live Instagram feeds for boosting sales revenue for your business ventures.


So by now, you must have realized that Instagram is integral to your email marketing success. Moreover, you must appreciate that social media and email marketing share a sort of a relationship that is just like the relationship between the right cheese and a good wine. Remember social media sharing is supposed to be the core of several content initiatives.

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