10 Powerful Apps to Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

Staying at top of your energy and productivity is a challenge when things are messy and you are required to do multitasking, more in less time and still keep yourself healthy and fit. In this article, I have compiled a list of apps which will help you improve your personal effectiveness.

1. RescueTime - Time Management for Personal Effectiveness

I have been using RescueTime for a long time now and it's really a great app. It has helped me improve my productivity a lot. It gives you a clear picture of your day, week and month where you can see how much of your time was productive and how much was wasted on unproductive or useless activities online. This is useful for staying focused on your goal and control your personal effectiveness

2. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

Brain Focus application is created to help people manage their time and get things done within the set time. With its user-friendly interface, you can add tasks, their time, add/deduct time from the task, pause and resume the task, and skip a break time or the end of a work session. Start using this app to get things done.

3. Fabulous: Motivate Me!

As the name says, this is a fabulous app which has won Google’s material design award for its extraordinary user interface. This app helps you become your own coach and inculcate many good habits in your daily routine. If you want to control your personal effectiveness, this is a must-have app in your mobile.

4. To Do List

Is staying organized and productive a difficult thing for you? Then this app is for you. No matter what you do, this app will keep you organized by its amazing features like user-friendly tasks and task list management, task grouping, notifications to remind you about your tasks and synchronization with Google. Staying alive and productive becomes easy with this app.

5. Notepad & To Do List

This one more great app to keep your to-do list organized and getting things done on time. But this app helps write notes easily, and it autosaves to ensure you don’t lose it. It also provides backup and restores feature so that you can get your notes back when you move to a new phone.

6. File Manager

Managing too many files on mobile really becomes a headache, and File Manager is the solution to this problem. With this app, you can manage your files on your phone in the same way as you do on your desktop.

7. Trello

Having trouble managing a long list of tasks in a project to be done by your team and co-workers? Trello can help you. It gives you an amazing user interface where you can create boards, add lists like To Do, Doing, Done, To be checked, etc to a board, and cards (tasks) to lists. This way you can easily manage projects and tasks and ensure they are done on time.

8. Google Assistant

This app provides you a way to access the Google assistant already available on your mobile phone. With this app, you can easily do many activities like calling a person, set reminders, take a selfie, navigate places, send text messages, get the latest news and a lot more. This is a great app by Google which helps you do many activities quickly, save time, and control your personal effectiveness.

9. Autosync Google Drive

Sharing files and folders with Google Drive and with your other devices becomes very easy with this app. Its a great app for syncing, uploading, downloading, sharing, taking backups and managing your photos, music, and documents.

10. Mindly (mind mapping)

Mindly is an amazing app for staying alive and productive. It helps you organize your thoughts and inner self. You can structure your thoughts, collect ideas, brainstorm a topic or a subject, prepare a speech, plan events and projects, get ready for meetings and write quick summaries with this app easily. Isn’t it amazing?


With the emergence of smartphones and apps, making our life and businesses structured, productive and efficient has become easier than before. I hope the apps I listed above will help you in staying alive and productive and will help boost your personal effectiveness.

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