Success and Career

Success and Career

Writing Businesses You Can Start As a Side Hustle

Writing Businesses You Can Start As a Side Hustle

If you have always loved writing or if it sparks joy in you while writing informative articles or compelling stories, starting your own writing business as a side hustle is a great idea. This article lists some writing businesses and will serve as a handy guide to set up your own business. Stay tuned till the end.

By writing as a side hustle, you not only make money but also earn the satisfaction of doing what you love.

Now let us look at some well-known writing businesses.

Email marketer

If you have persuasive writing skills, you can write email marketing content for businesses. Howbeit, you need certain other skills such as brand & product knowledge, email list building & management, strategic thinking, copywriting, prospects segmentation, etc., to be successful as an email marketer.

For example, if you are writing email content for a business whose target audience is doctors, then you may have to build a prospect list with the doctors email addresses.

Finding doctors email addresses - How do you do that?

Well, here is a simple solution. Use email finder tools such as to find doctor email addresses quickly. This tool is greatly recommended to find the business email address of a person in no time.

Freelance journalist

If writing articles for newspapers and magazines excites you, then this is one of the direct routes to making money.

To be successful as a freelance journalist, you need to develop your skill to deliver a story. Have a good sense of controlling suspense and then write stories in a way that sustains the reader’s interest.

Blogging - one of the most popular writing businesses

You could create your own blogging website and write about things that others may find insightful. Once you start getting a decent number of visitors every month, you can then monetize your website and earn through multiple ways such as affiliate marketing, ad networks, sponsored posts, etc.


If you don’t mind or love spending time days in the library and on the web, you could help writers' fact check their work, help novel writers or authors to develop their books.


All writers and most businesses require a proofreader. It demands a quality of attention to detail. The amount of money you can earn depends on how fast you could work per hour and how good you are at proofreading.

So, these are some good options to earn through writing. An important factor to successfully earn your writing skill is to establish a good rapport with multiple long-term clients.

When you build a healthy relationship with multiple long-term clients, you can be assured of uninterrupted earnings opportunities and the flow of money. This will also help in spending a vast amount of your time writing, instead of spending time on marketing your services as a writer.

Final thoughts

Figure out what you like to write about – is it something informative/insightful, or just a random life experience or creative story. Once you get this clarity, you can use the guidelines shared in this article to kick start your side hustle.

12 Successful Business Ideas for Making Money in 2021

12 Successful Business Ideas for Making Money in 2021

Corona pandemic has turned the business and income plans of almost everybody upside down in the year 2020. But it has also opened the doors for many opportunities in the year 2021. Activities like shopping, learning, work-from-home, banking, and financial transactions are being done online more than ever before in history. And it has lead to the emergence of many opportunities and business ideas for entrepreneurs.

Starting their own business is a dream of many people, and they look for great ideas that they can convert into profitable businesses with low investment. If you have a skill and a determination to develop something useful for people, you are close to successfully starting your business. Sometimes, people have skills and investments but need motivation and good ideas. On that note, we have compiled a list of 12 successful business ideas, and one of them could be your next venture. Here you go.

1. Gym or Fitness Center

People are becoming more aware of and careful about their health. That means there is more demand than ever before for the right people and places they can go and get help in maintaining their fitness. So, if you have space and can invest some amount for buying equipment, starting a gym is the first of the top business ideas. If you do not know much about exercise and diet, you can hire a trainer.


You can create your own YouTube videos teaching exercises for different goals, i.e., weight-loss, weight-gain, abs, and arms, etc. Health and fitness-related videos are popular, and you could earn a good income by monetizing your videos using Google AdSense.

2. Tuition Class or Personal Tutor

Education is an essential part of life and society. Furthermore, the internet has made it easy to connect with your potential students if you are good at any subject. You can start a location-based tuition class or provide a personal tuition service online. If you have a specialization, you will find many people willing to pay high fees for your tuition service.


People search on YouTube for the solution to their study-related problems. So, make videos and upload them to YouTube. You will make a good ad revenue once you cross a required viewership.

3. Yoga Centre

Apart from making healthy in the gym, people are also turning to yoga to gain health benefits. It makes you healthy and relieves stress. So starting a yoga center is an idea with which you can earn and help people improve health. You need to be a trained and experienced yoga teacher, but if not, you can hire someone who is.

Do I need to mention YouTube now? Go and make some videos, upload them to the platform to make some revenue Google AdSense.

4. Freelancing

Working from home as a freelancer is one of the best business ideas for people looking to get rid of a job. If you have a skill that you can use to serve customers online, working as a freelancer can be the best idea. You can even start your agency online by hiring other freelancers. There are many categories in which you can work. I.e., programming, web development, web designing, digital marketing, content writing, audio-video creation, voice recording, photo/video editing, and many others.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork .com and are the best options. There are some gig-based platforms too, but they take 20% as commission, and most buyers look for services for just five bucks. So better to work on large platforms where you can search and bid on the projects suitable to your skills and experience.

5. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate is a popular field and has always been there on the list of top business ideas. Since the trend of buying and selling properties will never stop, and now the internet has made it easier than before, you can turn your tables with this idea. If you know this field, you can start a consultancy and help people find suitable properties that best match their needs and budget.

6. Advertisement Agency

Every business needs to promote its products and services. So, advertising is one of the ever-green and ever-going requirements. You can do it online and offline. You can start an online agency if you know about digital marketing. It can earn you big money, but you should be creative to get success in this business.

7. SEO Consultant

A website can not have a good rank on search engines without using proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, this skill is in high demand online. If you know SEO and the latest techniques, you can offer your services to website owners. There is a lot of work for SEO experts, and starting an SEO agency is one of the best business ideas in this digital world.

8. Blogging

Blogging is not a new trend but is gaining popularity in recent years. If you are good at writing and have significant knowledge in any niche, this is the option for you. But note that this is not like other businesses and takes a lot of hard work and patience. There are several ways you can earn through your blog. For example, affiliate marketing, monetizing through Google AdSense, etc. It also helps in getting traffic to your/client's eCommerce site. Reading this article would be helpful if you are looking to make your first online store.

9. Data Entry services

If you can type at high speed, you may start providing online and offline data entry services. You can work as a freelancer and find work on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and many others.

10. Virtual Assistant

The internet has changed the way people used to hire talents for their short and long-term requirements. The virtual assistant is one of the high-demanding jobs that pay well. Owners of established companies to new startups need assistance in keeping their time and business organized. Sometimes they need instant help for temporary projects. In any case, they look for an online virtual assistant and would pay a high hourly rate to the right person.

So, if you think you can handle multiple tasks, use different tools and help people manage their routine, you are the best fit to become a virtual assistant.

11. Vlogging (Video blogging)

There has been a considerable shift in people's preferences while choosing the mode of information. They would love to watch a video rather than reading if they can get a solution from both. It is because the video will save time and would convey the message more effectively.

With this in mind, professionals and youth are turning towards Vlogging. They make videos and upload them to YouTube, and in return, they get income from advertising.

If you have special knowledge or craft, you can make videos to share with the world. It is called vlogging and has been one of the most popular business ideas for making money online in recent years.

12. Social Media Marketing

Are you are a social media geek? Then you can use your expertise for clients in return for a service fee. Yes, every business needs a social media presence. But most of them don't have the setup or knowledge about how to do it. So there is a good scope for the people who can manage business pages, social engagement, and help bring more customers.

If you have large followership, you can monetize it as a social influencer. There are lots of successful social influencers who are earning huge income by promoting and selling products online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms are used to make sales, and businesses are more than willing to pay high commissions if they can sell their products and services.

Wrap up

If you have a skill or experience, some people and businesses are willing to pay you. Figure out your interest and turn it into a business. Spend some time learning the art of making a service package that you can offer with pride. If you have patience and determination, the sky is the limit.

Apart from the above, there can be many business ideas. If you have one in mind, do not hesitate to mention it in the comment here. You would also find reading about a career that does not require a degree.

Best wishes!

How Self-employment Could Be the Answer to Your Money Problems

How Self-employment Could Be the Answer to Your Money Problems

In today’s competitive economy, many families are struggling to make ends meet. Traditional employment may not have the answers when it comes to supporting a family and enjoying the profits from your hard work. Self-employment or freelancing can mean more money in your pocket, increasing your chances of financial success. This guide on how to be self-employed will describe how it is possible to make more money on your own than when working for a traditional employer.

Set Your Own Hours

When you are working for a traditional employer, you are limited in the number of hours you can work each week. Salaried employees get paid the same amount of money no matter how many hours they work, and many employers are not willing to pay for overtime. Self-employed people and freelancers are limited only by the amount of time they are willing to put into their jobs. For example, a self-employed person who owns a restaurant can work there as much as they wish, helping the company increase its profits and bringing more profits directly to the owner.

Very Little Overhead

When you are having self-employment, you will not have to pay for expenses like commuting and child care. Depending on the nature of your work, parents may find it necessary to have a babysitter come to your home, but this is less expensive than an out-of-home daycare or children’s center.

Commuting is a huge drain on people’s finances, causing people to lose money as they sit in traffic. Gas prices are on the rise, and wear and tear on vehicles can be expensive. Self-employed people and freelancers can get right to work without wasting hours sitting in their cars. They are far more efficient with their daily activities.

Self-employed people do have expenses that a traditionally employed person may not have, including paying for health insurance. In some cases, a self-employed person can use a spouse’s or family member’s health insurance so this is not a problem. It is possible to buy individual and family plans in the insurance marketplace.

Less Customer Turnover

Customer churn, or turnover, can cost businesses a great deal of money. Onboarding a new customer is expensive. Clients will be more satisfied when their needs are met by a person with self-employment or a freelancer. They will be less likely to go elsewhere for their services.

Set Your Own Rates

Freelancers can set their own rates for payment, carefully considering the client’s willingness to pay and beating local competitors. With the power of individual negotiation, a freelancer or self-employed person has the ability to receive a greater hourly rate than they would if a middleman like a traditional employer were involved in the process. This can be a huge help to freelancers and self-employed people when they are trying to make ends meet for their families.

Freelancers and other self-employed people have greater job satisfaction, meaning that they can put in extra hours more easily than those who work for a traditional employer.

Self-Employment: Is It For You?

Choosing to be self-employed or to work as a freelancer can be freeing. Being your own boss gives a great deal of satisfaction. When freelancers and self-employed people are able to set their own hours and their own rates, they will find that they are better able to meet their family’s financial obligations.

Author Bio: Douglas Pitassi is a self-employed freelance writer and business blogger.

Lady Entrepreneur: Small Secrets for Big Success

Lady Entrepreneur: Small Secrets for Big Success

In this day and age, many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur due to all the benefits of being your own boss and not working eight hours every day. However, becoming an entrepreneur – and being a successful one – is much easier said than done, especially if you’re a woman. After all, the world is still dominated by men, which is why women will always face more challenges on the path of success. That being said, nothing is impossible if you set your mind on it. So, here are a few small tips and secrets that should help you succeed.

ladies business - Lady Entrepreneur: Small Secrets for Big Success

Don’t compare yourself to others

The easiest way to destroy your own confidence and motivation is to compare yourself to others. The truth is, there will always be somebody better and more successful entrepreneur than you – but they are not you. Everybody has a different path to success, and everybody has a different definition of success. So, learn how to silence the self-doubt, and focus on your goal alone. The only comparison you should ever make is with yourself in the past.

Find your own balance as an entrepreneur

People always talk about finding the balance between professional and private life. However, the truth is that the conventional idea of balance just doesn’t cut it if you want to become successful. You will need to spend more time on your professional life in order to advance in it. That doesn’t mean your private life has to suffer, though. It just means that you’ll have to learn how to be more present at the moment in order to maximize the quality of the free time you have.

Don’t take things personally

In the world of business, it’s never good to take things personally. If you do, you will always have a hard time accepting constructive criticism and other ideas that require some kind of change. Plus, there will always be people who will try to hinder your progress, for one reason or another. In short, having a thick skin is a must in order to succeed as an entrepreneur. So, always listen, but learn how to differentiate constructive suggestions from the harmful ones. Plus, even if you don’t always follow the given suggestions, just by listening to them and by asking for opinions, you will make yourself appear more approachable to your colleagues.

Organize your workplace

workplace - Lady Entrepreneur: Small Secrets for Big Success
Your environment can greatly affect your productivity, which is why you need to be mindful of your workplace. It has to be clean, organized, and well-suited to your profession and needs. For example, if you work from home, you can create a home office in a quieter corner of your house. It should have plenty of storage options so nothing unnecessary is left in the open, and it should be properly lit. Finally, don’t hesitate to decorate it with the things that motivate you, whether we’re talking about family photos or your favorite books.

Leave your comfort zone

The comfort zone is often called the biggest enemy of success for an entrepreneur, and it does make sense when you think about it. Not being afraid to take risks is one of the most important qualities that can set you apart. Plus, the more you leave your comfort zone, the wider that zone will get. The only thing you need to learn, though, is calculating those risks – not every risk will pay off, but if you know how to analyze them, you’re more likely to take those that’ll lead you to success. That being said, don’t be afraid to start small. For example, if you aren’t completely sure about starting your own business, there are many good low-cost franchise opportunities you can take. This way, you would get familiar with the field while working on the skills you need to, one day, when you’re ready, take over the reins.

Don’t give up

like a boss - Lady Entrepreneur: Small Secrets for Big Success
No matter how many obstacles you find in your way, one of the most important traits for success is perseverance. So, stay focused, don’t take negative comments personally, and never give up on your goal no matter how many walls you hit. It might take you longer than imagined or expected, but you will get there eventually. If you stay confident and motivated, your business is bound to grow, and you, as a person, will grow with it.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a challenging but very rewarding path. If you choose to follow it, there will be many sacrifices you’ll need to make, as well are skills you’ll need to gain. However, once you reach that goal, have no doubt that it will all be worth it – and you’ll be able to serve as an inspiration to many other ladies who want to become entrepreneurs as well.

Freelancing: The Job of the Future

Freelancing: The Job of the Future

Freelancing is a kind of job where a person is self-employed and provides services to different companies and clients. Being a freelancer, the work can be done from home for part-time or like any other full-time job with a specific company. There are many types of freelance jobs to get started with. Among all other options writing is the trendiest and popular form of job prospects in this field. There are many freelance writing jobs online at different sites. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of a freelance career.

Pros of Freelancing

  1. Flexible Work Schedule: Opting for a career as a freelancer can help people to enjoy their lives with freedom for its flexible work schedule. People can work from any corner of the world just with a laptop and internet connectivity.

  1. Selective: Freelancers can choose or select the clients according to their own likings. It’s unlike those typical jobs where employees have to be frightened to work with clients, they don’t want to for the sake of surviving in their job.

  1. Ample opportunities: Freelancing can help people earn much higher than those 9-5 jobs with less income and more work pressure. Depending on the ability and potential, freelancers get ample opportunities to grow their career.

  1. Be your own boss: Employees get exploited by their moody boss almost in every company. But in the freelance world, people can be their own boss and doesn’t have to pay heed to anyone except the clients they are working with.

Cons of Freelancing

  1. Inconsistent work and income: Unlike any other regular job, freelancers suffer from consistent work availability as most of the projects are based on short term contract. This often leads to a financial crisis of the freelancers.

  1. Lack of benefits: Freelance career doesn’t provide any job benefits like pensions, health insurance, any kind of compensation, etc. People don’t get paid for the days they don’t work which doesn’t happen in a normal 9-5 job.

  1. Fraud clients: In this field, it becomes harder to trust the clients especially in case of payments. Often the beginners get trapped with the scam employer. These fraud agencies or clients make people do their work and don’t give them payments for their part of work. This is quite commonly seen in the world of freelancing.

  1. No specific work schedule: Though people get rid of their strict bosses, freelance career doesn’t have a definite work schedule. The work may come up at midnight or even at early morning irrespective of any time hours. Somedays the freelancers have to work over the whole night. This inconsistency of time makes it difficult for a person to distinguish between their working hours and personal life.

Unlike any other career, freelancing also has both its positive and negative sides. It’s up to people whether they are going to choose a career in this field. Freelancing on one side gives freedom in work, and at the same time, there’s a risk of getting failed. There are many people who are unhappy with their 9-5 cubicle jobs and living a life full of pressure. But still, they are unable to quit their jobs in fear of financial insecurities. Honestly speaking, while I was researching on this topic to do my essay, I personally felt that it needs the courage to choose a full-time career in a freelancer.

12 Performance Tips to Get Noticed in Your Workplace

12 Performance Tips to Get Noticed in Your Workplace

Everybody wants to get noticed and it’s natural. Even a child would do everything possible to seek attention. So if you are after this in your workplace, there is nothing wrong. In fact, you should grab all chances and do all fair things that can highlight your abilities.

Maybe you are waiting for the moment when your contribution gets recognized and you get a pay raise or promotion in your company.

If this is true, you need to be practicing certain professional virtues. They are, but not limited to, going extra miles in your job, being ready to take responsibilities and even stretching your limits to make a project successful.

There are some other areas as well that you should consider for getting noticed in your workplace. Read ahead.

1. Be focused to be productive

Multi-tasking is really self-amazing. Those who can do it without compromising the quality are the best performers. But those who can focus on one task at a time are really great as they can do their job outstandingly and bring excellent results.

Multi-tasking people sometimes end up doing productive and non-productive tasks simultaneously and end up with an inferior result.

If you want to achieve great results and get noticed in your job, learn to focus on one task at a time. This habit will improve your overall performance and productivity and it will be appreciated by your employer.

2. Avoid distractions and reduce errors

Socializing is a good thing, but not good if it’s interfering in your work. This type of distractions affect your productivity negatively and damage your image in your workplace.

So if you have a habit of socializing during office hours, stop it immediately. Replying messages and attending unofficial phone calls at your workplace are non-productive activities and you should avoid them at all cost.

One good way to overcome this issue is setting some time aside for socializing. It can be half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Be strict with it and avoid it during the working hours. You will see the improvement in your performance and your upper line will notice it positively.

3. Help your colleagues and subordinates

Everybody loves help, especially co-workers in the workplace. Newly joined team members and subordinates will often need your help. So adjust your schedule and be ready to help them. It’s the best way to show your team-spirit and co-operative nature, and your boss will appreciate it.

Apart from this, it will also strengthen your relationship with others in the workplace. And a good relationship will pay off in the form of support when you move up in your career in the same company.

4. View your projects with a broad sense

Rather than just aiming at finishing your tasks, try to see the project as a whole. Put yourself in the shoes of your boss and see the project with his/her perspective. It will give you a broad sense. You will be able to see things where you can contribute to improving. Ultimately, you will be able to do your task more effectively.

You may also come up with suggestions to simplify and speed up other processes. You can help reduce process time and cost. Your willingness to help run the project smoothly would be seen as a great help by your seniors and you will be appreciated for this.

5. Contribute or involve in meetings and presentations

Meetings and presentations are your chance to get involved. Even if you are not participating in a meeting, you can involve yourself by offering help with preparing documents and presentations. Do the research and provide valuable inputs for meetings and presentations.

You may have to work extra hours for this, but it will not go unnoticed.

6. Come up with quicker and cost-effective solutions to the problems

Problems are opportunities. Especially when your company or team is struggling with a project deadline and budget. This is your opportunity to get noticed at your work. You can research and come up with quick solutions that can save time and cost in that project.

If you can contribute to completing a project in a more profitable way, your contribution will be appreciated by the leadership line of the company. You may see the results immediately or in your appraisal.

7. Motivate others to give their best by setting examples

Leadership by example is a term in management and is a way to set yourself as a trustworthy leader in your company. Any team under trustworthy leadership will perform outstandingly and bring excellent results.

You can be the one by setting examples of the best performance and high work ethics even if you are not having any formal leadership position in your company. This will certainly pay off.

8. Learn to say no to non-productive activities in the workplace

Avoid long breaks and gossiping. Refrain from wasting watching match scores and commenting on player’s strokes. Condemning government decisions would also not yield any result for you. Beware of these non-productive and time-wasting activities. They help in no way but prevents you from progressing in your career.

So be disciplined and learn to say no to such things. Avoid giving in when somebody in your workplace drags you in any such activity.

Being sincere towards your job and avoiding time-wasting activities will certainly improve your productivity. Those who perform well and go above the productivity marks easily get noticed by the management. And they are rewarded in the form of promotion or raise in the salary.

9. Respect company rules and motivate others for the same

Manpower, money, and machinery, when organized in a productive and profitable manner form an organization. They are managed by rules and policies. Though some companies allow maximum freedom in the workplace, they have certain norms and everybody is expected to follow them.

Needless to say that those who follow the guidelines and rules will have a safe place and those who don’t will see the exit doors sooner or later. So adhere to the rules of your organization, be it timings, office discipline or official way of communication. It will keep you on the list of good employees.

10. Take responsibility for your project/process

Taking responsibility for any failure in your project shows your professionalism. Take responsibility, analyze reasons and take corrective actions to avoid issues in the future. I don’t mean you should put yourself in a bad light even when it’s not your fault. But you are supposed to learn lessons from the failure and overcome the shortcomings by taking actions.

Taking responsibility means taking ownership. And this way you can show your willingness and readiness to improve results.

11. Emphasize on clear communication

If you want to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes in your job, you have to be clear on what you are supposed to do. Make sure to have clear communication and ask whenever you have a doubt. Ensure that your team or subordinates are clear about what you are expecting from them or what are their responsibilities.

By ensuring clear communication in your workplace and role clarification in your team, you are ensuring better performance and better results. It can’t go unnoticed and will help you progress towards your higher career goals.

12. Get ready to take out-of-scope responsibilities

Rigid job structures are out of date now. Employees are expected to contribute whenever and wherever they can in modern companies. In this case, you should be ready for out-of-scope tasks in your job. So you should keep yourself updated with multiple skills and stay informed about different projects of your organization.

Being ready to take responsibilities that are out-of-scope of your project will give you an opportunity to highlight your skills and get noticed in your workplace.

Top Three Benefits of Enrolling in an Electronic Music Production Course

Top Three Benefits of Enrolling in an Electronic Music Production Course

There is no denying the fact that electronic music has taken the world by storm. Today music producers and DJs are creating a buzz more than ever. They are famous and popular globally. With the help of the internet, modern technology, and smart equipment and devices, you could reach out to people you could never have done before. With the drop of a hat, your SoundCloud upload can get in touch with billions of people all over the world. Yes, that is how you could make your mark in the world as an electronic music composer provided you enroll in the best electronic music production course and learn how to compose awesome music. So before you pursue a promising musical career, let us acquaint you with the top three benefits of such courses:

1. Earn Money Online

When you become a successful electronic music producer or composer, you can earn money online. Be it sponsorship money, advertisement cash, contractual deal money, or song sales money; you can have your musical work help you earn some cool bucks round the clock. In fact, your work will keep the cash rolling in as long as it works, even when you are asleep. When you enroll in an electronic music production course and pass with flying colors, you learn to add value to your clients and delight them with your music composition. In return, your clients will pay you handsomely.

2. Have a Fan Following Loving Your Work

When you enroll in an electronic music production course and acquire the required skills, you express yourself through your music. The people all over the world will love your creation, i.e., the beautiful sound you create and present it before the world. You will gain niche fans that would love and understand your music, be it an emotional composition or a foot-tapping number. According to an article published on, electronic music, representing the lights, sound, drums, and the new urban beat help in bringing the whole music experience full circle. Therefore, when you compose a thriving club beat number, you will have your kind of fan following who appreciates your music.

3. Constructive Criticism Helps You Improve

When your work receives criticism, you learn where to improve your skills and understand where you have gone wrong. Every constructive criticism is a new learning experience for you. You need to understand that growing your influence, as an electronic music composer is more important than what you have achieved now. Pay heed to feedback from five credible individuals in the industry than from 200 random people. As a music professional, you have a goal, and it is your responsibility to work on your goals to turn them into reality. Therefore, your influence as an electronic music producer is what matters when it comes to your career goals. Never negatively take constructive feedback if you want to succeed.


Looking at these benefits of music production course, it's worth spending your time and money for it. As a music composer, you not only woo your audience by creating something unique but also use electronic music to convey your message to your fans. 

Uncommon Traits of Highly Successful People

Uncommon Traits of Highly Successful People

There are some common and known traits highly successful people have, but they also have some uncommon traits which help them achieving excellence in their life in a subtle manner. They are simple but useful to know and cultivate. Here are four of them:

1. Having RIGHT people around - the No.1 trait of highly successful people

This plays a significant role in a person’s success. By RIGHT people, I mean those people in your friend circle who can help you move faster towards your goal by inspiring you, by giving you tips and ideas, by telling the truth if you are not on the track even if you don’t like it.

Apart from this, if you are a businessman and a leader, you need to have the RIGHT people on your team who can do what is required without wasting time and resources. Highly successful people know this very well.

If you are not having the right people around you and in your team, success will be a very hard thing for you to achieve.

2. Say NO when it should be No

Successful people can’t be the people pleaser. They gently say No when they can’t do something. They don’t take everything on their own just to make everybody happy. This habit keeps them away from unnecessary stress. And it will save your time and energy to be used for your own success.

Are you a people pleaser? Try and learn to say NO when you can’t do something, and you will see its effect. It may hurt people around you as they don’t expect No from you. But ultimately it will bring peace of mind. Highly successful people consider this as an important trait to become happy and successful in life.

3. Knowing that you don’t and can’t know everything

This trait can become your main strength for achieving success. For many people, it becomes very difficult to accept when they don’t know something. This keeps them away from taking right steps which can make their success easier.

Highly successful people know it and they either find the ways to know what they should or accept it and leave it to the right people with the right knowledge. This makes their job easy. They get what they want without wasting time.

4. Knowing own role at present

Successful people know their role in current place and time. They do what they should be doing in the workplace. They spend quality time while with family. They play their role with excellence when they are a part of a team. They become a student while studying something. They become a mentor while leading people towards a common goal.

In short, to be successful in any area, you should be knowing your role. This way you will be doing what you should be doing to get the expected results at that time.

These four traits can become the game changer if you cultivate them in your life. If you find this article useful or have any question or suggestion, please share your comments in the comment box below.

Enemies of Your Success and How to Defeat Them: Powerful Success Tips

Enemies of Your Success and How to Defeat Them

You have a goal, and you desperately want to achieve it. But like most people, you find it difficult to keep even your finances in line with your expenses, forget about progressing towards your goal and achieving success. You may find many reasons for this, but one thing you may be missing is the lack of FOCUS.

Isn't it so?

If not, and if you are FOCUSED on what you should be doing, you do not need to read further.

But as you are reading this, you are looking for help in overcoming the lack of FOCUS. So who are the actual enemies of your SUCCESS? The answer is DISTRACTIONS and TIME KILLERS. Stay on to know who they are.


Make a list of social media and apps and classify them into USEFUL and USELESS. You will notice that almost 90% of them will be adding no value to your daily work and business.

Marketing emails and newsletters

These are just the stuff you can not actually get benefits from. Newsletters for new articles, videos, or webinars may add but very little value to your overall growth and success.

If you think that emails and mobile notifications are helpful, you may be right. But most of them are time-wasting unless they are related to your business and profession. Not all of them are useful. Ask yourself these questions while looking at a notification or an email.

  1. Is it going to help you save time while doing a task?

  2. Is it going to increase your income?

  3. Is it going to help you achieve your goal faster?

There can be more questions, but these are the questions related to the core things in your life, for example, your career, business, your profession, or job. These things decide your financial as well as personal conditions and success.

Chat apps and games.

If your first action as soon as you get free time is playing a game or chatting with your friends, you may be progressing towards its addiction as time pass. You would not even notice when it will make way into your working hours from free minutes and will start making you forget your daily, crucial tasks.

So what are the best ways to defeat these enemies?

Attack your enemy and its supply before it can make its way into your territory.

1. Remove useless apps and games on your mobile.

I know it is difficult to convince our mind about what is useful and what is not since it chooses the easy and amusing things over difficult but essential ones.

2. Unsubscribe from the newsletters.

You can stay subscribed to those newsletters that actually help you in your efforts in achieving your goal. I.e., if your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur in eCommerce, a newsletter about eCommerce trends and tips will be helpful for you.

3. Stop wasting time chatting with friends.

They are not helping you move towards your goal. It is good to stay connected, but gossip is just a useless thing and does nothing more than killing your time.

By doing this, you will close ways from where they can enter into your routine, preventing them from attacking your efforts towards achieving your goal.

Make your fort stronger and safer

1. Make a schedule

Schedule your tasks of the day, week, and month. And let nothing distract you from doing it on time.

But still, you need to be flexible for change when needed. Sometimes you have to accept an unavoidable task that is not on your list. You may also have to ignore other work for that, but you can allow a little more time for the affected tasks. The best thing is to avoid the distraction as far as possible.

2. Meditate and exercise daily

These activities are crucial to improve your physical and mental health and help you stay focused on your goal and achieve success.

Successful people take mental and physical fitness very seriously since these are the factors that keep you calm and motivated during personal and business challenges.

An unhealthy mind and body can't focus on complex tasks. It will start finding ways to avoid work and looking for comfort and enjoyment. Eventually, chat and games will get their way as an answer to these needs. So stay fit to stay focused.

Creating a schedule and sticking to it will help you keep distractions and time killers away from your routine. On the other hand, being physically and mentally fit will help you stay focused on your goal.


Staying focused is the number one requirement to achieve a goal and is a prime concern for most people as they can't stay focused. But it's not impossible if you can remove distractions and time killers from your routine, cultivate a habit of creating and sticking to a schedule and stay mentally and physically healthy.

7 Warnings Before You Make a Decision

Do I have something to motivate you?


Am I trying to preach you something here?

No again.

Should I teach you how to make decisions?

A big NO here. Because you make more than a hundred decisions every day in your life. Even your morning starts with a decision. i.e. Should I sleep for extra 20 minutes? Of course, you always say yes to this one. Your life, your time.

Then why you are reading this article?

Because you need some important warnings to make the decisions which have the power to create or destroy your life before you even realize what happened.

Which decisions am I talking about?

The decisions of your relationships, your career, and your life.

If you believe you need these warning (I know you do) then keep reading this article.

Don’t forget to learn how to make quick decisions here.

Counseling is required

I will not suggest you follow the advice of your friends, family, and mentors blindly. But it does not mean you should not discuss it with them. Go to them, tell them what you have decided for your career or any other decision of your life. And ask for their opinion on your decision. Here comes an important part which is to listen to them. Discuss every doubt they have or you have about it. There will be some problems or challenges. Find out as many as solutions for these hurdles and choose what you think is best for you.

Find out the All Available Options You have

It is never easy to make a big decision in our lives. When people talk about the mistakes they made. We regret one thing most. The option they did not choose. And the problem is that we do not think about all possible choices before selecting one.

You don’t go this way. Right? So get a white page, write down all the options you have and it’s time to choose the best one for you.

Get out of your secure zone

You know why most of us think that our mornings are monotonous and evenings are not interesting enough. Because we choose to do the same thing every day, we listen to the same music, we hang out with some people and never try something new in our lives.

But I dare you today.

Say no to this secure life. Nobody is going to do bombardment on you if you take a vacation to travel the places you always dream. While making a decision ask yourself this question. Will it make your life more amusing or not?

Calculate true value of your decision

Let me share you one useful truth of this process of decision making. Our instant emotions affect our decisions.  How? We will understand this as an example.

I went for a Three days trip with my friends some years ago. On the second day of our trip, I got into a rude conversation with one of my friends. I felt so humiliated that I decided to leave that trip right away and came back to home. I did not even think about it once and that caused me a good loss of relationship with all of those friends who got my back for a long time in my life.

This incident taught me a good lesson for my life. I believe it can also help you with your decisions.

Fear of failure is not worth to even consider

I used to wonder why people take so much time to make a valuable decision. Sometimes they never make them. When I got failed with the most critical decision of my life, I found the answer.

What is that answer?

The fear of failure is the biggest and most powerful enemy of our lives. If you are going to change your career, start your own business or anything else. When you see this monster, kill it with your courage and go for what you have chosen for you.

Don’t value what others think

My parents wanted me to become an engineer. So I enrolled in an engineering college and tried to live my parent’s dream. But I failed there. I failed there badly.

Today I am thankful to God for that failure. Because I am living my dreams today. I write, I travel and do what I love. The path suggested by others is the path they couldn’t dare to follow. There is no way that path will take you to your destination. May you ask? You have no idea what to do in your life. Then try anything you want, make mistakes and you will find your way to your true life.

Envision where it will lead You (True meaning of success) 

This is the most important warning for you. The outcomes of our actions are not in our hands. Right? But you don’t want to face a situation like you have climbed a mountain and you realize the fact that it’s a wrong mountain. Give this thought a minute here. Thousands of people are living such a life where they feel that they should not be there for one single moment. And it's too late for them to make it right. So make it sure that you are going for such a decision which will give your desired results. You can be after adventures, happiness, or something else. But you have to find out what is the true meaning of success for you.

Bonus Warning: Make it or leave it, Don’t hold it

These all warnings will help you make a better decision in your life. But you will need to follow one more advice here. The advice is to make your decision quickly. Give yourself enough time before making any choice.

Follow all the above warning to get some help. But if you are not able to make your decision, leaving it will be a nice choice for you. Because it will disturb your present life and happiness so keep it in mind. 

Final Conclusion

I hope this article will improve your decision-making ability. This is the ability which affects your life more than anything. If you have any doubt or suggestion please leave it in the comment section.

Thank you!


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