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Chandrayaan-3: A New Milestone in India's Space Program

Chandrayaan-3: A New Milestone in India's Space Program

India's Chandrayaan-3 mission made history and a new milestone in India's Space Program on August 23, 2023, when it successfully landed on the Moon's south pole. The landing was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its team of scientists and engineers.

The Chandrayaan-3 Mission

The Chandrayaan-3 mission is India's third lunar mission and its first attempt to soft-land on the Moon's south pole. The South Pole is a region of the Moon that is of particular interest to scientists because it is thought to be rich in water ice. Water ice is a valuable resource that could be used to support future human missions to the Moon.

The Chandrayaan-3 lander, named Vikram, touched down on the Moon's south pole at 18:04 IST. The landing was followed by the deployment of the Pragyan rover, which will explore the surrounding area. The rover is equipped with a variety of instruments that will be used to study the geology, mineralogy, and water content of the lunar south pole.

The Successful Landing

The successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 is a major achievement for India and a significant step forward in the global exploration of space. The mission is a testament to the skill and dedication of the ISRO team and it has inspired pride and excitement among Indians around the world.

The Future of India's Space Program

The future plans of ISRO and India in space are ambitious. The space agency is currently working on a number of projects, including a mission to Mars and a human lunar mission. The successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 has given ISRO a major boost and it is expected to accelerate the pace of India's space program.

Future space programs of India:


India's first human spaceflight mission is scheduled to launch in 2024. The mission will send three astronauts into orbit around the Moon.

Aditya L1

This mission will launch a space telescope to study the Sun. The telescope will be placed in a halo orbit around the Sun-Earth Lagrange point 1 (L1).


This mission will launch a joint India-US radar satellite to study the Earth's surface and subsurface. The satellite will be equipped with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) that can image the Earth's surface in detail, even at night or through clouds.


This mission will launch an orbiter to study Venus. The orbiter will be equipped with a variety of instruments to study the planet's atmosphere, surface, and interior.

Mangalyaan 2

This mission will launch a Mars orbiter to study the Red Planet. The orbiter will be equipped with a variety of instruments to study the planet's atmosphere, surface, and potential for life.

These are just a few of the many future space programs that are being planned by ISRO. The space agency is committed to continuing to push the boundaries of space exploration and to making India a major player in the global space race.


The successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 is a major milestone in India's space program and it is a source of great pride for Indians around the world. The mission has also shown the world that India is a major player in the global space race. The future plans of ISRO and India in space are ambitious and they are sure to have a significant impact on the world.

I hope this article was informative and exciting. I hope it inspired you to learn more about India's space program and to support the future of space exploration.

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Chandrayaan-3: A Historic Mission to the Lunar South Pole

Chandrayaan-3: A Historic Mission to the Lunar South Pole

Chandrayaan-3 is the third and most recent Indian lunar exploration mission. It was launched on July 14, 2023, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The mission consists of a lander named Vikram, a rover named Pragyan, and a propulsion module.

The lander is designed to soft-land on the surface of the Moon in the south-polar region. The rover will then roll out of the lander and explore the surrounding area. The mission's primary goal is to study the geology and mineralogy of the lunar south pole. It will also look for water ice and other resources that could be used in future missions.

The landing of Chandrayaan-3 is scheduled for August 23, 2023, at 18:04 IST. The lander will be traveling at a speed of 1.7 kilometers per second when it touches down on the Moon.

The live telecast of the Chandrayaan-3 landing

The live telecast of the Chandrayaan-3 landing will be available on the following channels:

Chandrayaan-3 is a major milestone in India's space program. The success of the mission would help to further India's reputation as a leading spacefaring nation. It would also pave the way for future missions to the Moon, including manned missions.

The mission is being closely watched by scientists and space enthusiasts around the world. The success of Chandrayaan-3 would be a major boost for the global exploration of space.

Key objectives of Chandrayaan-3:

  • Soft-land the Vikram lander on the Moon's south polar region.

  • Deploy the Pragyan rover to explore the surrounding area.

  • Study the geology and mineralogy of the lunar south pole.

  • Look for water ice and other resources that could be used in future missions.

  • Conduct experiments to study the lunar environment.

Chandrayaan-3 is a challenging mission, but it has the potential to make significant advances in our understanding of the Moon. The mission is expected to last for one year.

The success of Chandrayaan-3 would be a major achievement for India and a significant step forward in the global exploration of space. I hope this article was helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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The Definitive Guide To Tracking Your SEO Success

The Definitive Guide To Tracking Your SEO Success

You need to know whether your SEO strategy is working, or what you can improve on to drive more traffic to your website. The only way to do this is by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). This article will help you understand the basics of how KPIs work and how they're used in the context of digital marketing and tracking your SEO Success.

The Difference Between SEO and SEM

SEO and SEM are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different things. SEO is short for “search engine optimization” and refers to the process of optimizing a website for organic search results. SEM, on the other hand, is short for “search engine marketing” and refers to the process of paying for placement in search results.

While both SEO and SEM can be effective ways to improve visibility and traffic to your website, they are different approaches with different goals. SEO focuses on improving your website so that it ranks higher in organic search results, while SEM focuses on paying for placement in search results.

SEO is generally considered to be a more long-term strategy, while SEM is more of a short-term approach. SEO can take months or even years to see results, while SEM can provide immediate visibility and traffic.

If you’re just starting out with online marketing, you may want to focus on SEO first and then add SEM once you’ve built up some organic visibility. However, if you need quick results or have a limited budget, SEM may be a better option. Ultimately, the best approach is to use both SEO and SEM together to get the most visibility and traffic possible.

How to Track Your SEO Success

There are a number of ways to track your SEO success. Here are some of the most important methods:

1. Set up Google Analytics and check your website traffic regularly.

2. Check your rankings in Google using the "site:" operator.

3. Check your backlink profile using a tool like Majestic or Moz Open Site Explorer.

4. Use social media monitoring tools to track mentions of your brand and website.

5. Use webmaster tools to track any errors or issues with your website.

6. Regularly review your site content and make sure it is optimised for your target keywords.

7. Keep an eye on your competitors and see how they are performing in comparison to you.

By tracking all of these metrics, you will get a good overall picture of how well your SEO efforts are paying off.

Measuring the Success of Your SEO Campaigns

One of the most important aspects of any SEO campaign is tracking and measuring its success. Without this data, it’s impossible to know what’s working and what isn’t, and you can’t adjust your strategy accordingly.

Fortunately, there are a number of different metrics you can use to track the success of your SEO campaigns. Here are some of the most important ones:

Search engine ranking: This is perhaps the most obvious metric to track, and it simply refers to where your website appears in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for certain keywords. Use a tool like Google Search Console or Moz Pro to track your rankings over time.

Traffic levels: Another key metric is traffic levels, which refers to the number of visitors coming to your website from organic search. Again, you can use Google Search Console or Moz Pro to track this data.

Click-through rate (CTR): The click-through rate is a measure of how often people who see your website in the SERPs click through to visit it. A higher CTR indicates that your website is more relevant and appealing for the keywords you’re targeting. You can track your CTR in Google Search Console or Moz Pro.

Conversions: Finally, one of the most important things to track is conversions, which refer to the number of visitors who take a desired action on your website (such as making a purchase). You can use Google Analytics or

How to Use Data to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

If you want to use data to optimize your website for search engines, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to track your website's SEO progress. You can do this by using an SEO tracking tool like Google Analytics. Second, you need to analyze your website's traffic data.

This will help you understand how people are finding your website and what they're doing once they get there. Finally, you need to use this information to improve your website's SEO.

This might mean making changes to your website's structure or content, or it could mean changing the way you promote your site. Whatever you do, make sure you're constantly monitoring your progress so that you can see the results of your efforts.


Tracking your SEO success is essential if you want to ensure that your efforts are paying off. By using the right tools and tracking the right metrics, you can stay on top of your SEO progress and make sure that you are heading in the right direction.

We hope that this guide has given you a good overview of how to track your SEO success and which metrics you should be focused on. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

Cyber Security: Why It Is Crucial for Every Organization

cyber security education

There was a time when most of the information was in material form, so protecting it from theft was easier with on-site security setups. But now, everything is online, and we can access it from any corner of the world with the help of the internet and software programs. And this is the reason why businesses are concerned about cyber security more than anything else.

They do most of their business activities like accounting, marketing, communication, and administrative and clerical tasks digitally. As a result, they become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. By taking advantage of this situation, cybercriminals often break their systems or networks. And they steal sensitive information leaving organizations in a shameful position.

Businesses and enterprises have increased their productivity and revenue. But to ensure cyber security, they have to increase the efficiency of their IT infrastructure. When it comes to data management, you can not ignore the risk as a business.

When hackers steal away a company's sensitive information and customer data, it not only suffers from financial loss but also gets into a trust crisis.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a mix of methods and techniques that help detect and prevent illegal access to data in devices, systems, and networks. Some examples are antispyware and antivirus software, encryption, multi-layer or multi-factor authentication, firewall, among others.

In this context, cyber security education plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive data and information of users stored in industrial and government information systems from theft, misuse, and damage attempted by criminals or hackers.

Why do we need Cyber Security?


  • Unwanted access and cyber-attacks can bring a huge loss to a company.
  • Cyber security prevents attackers from getting any information related to your company or customers from the system or server.
  • It helps in identifying any possible attacks and threats in advance so that you can prevent and take significant steps before any damage occurs.
  • Coming off with the latest version of cyber security will help in keeping your system protected. The hackers frequently adopt the new and updated versions, so getting the updated version can help protect your system.

There has been a steep increase in the number of cyberattacks these days. Any security breach can damage your company's reputation in the market, leading to loss of customers and sales. Hence cyber security is becoming so much demanding and popular these days. Proper cybersecurity management is essential as it can help keep unwanted threats away from your system.

Different Cyber Security Threats

Cybersecurity is becoming one of the essential parts of systems in companies. So they can ensure the protection of sensitive data, personal info, intellectual property, health data, and others.

Below are some examples of threats that make cyber security a must in large corporate and government organizations.


No organization, whether it is private or government, and individual is safe from cyberattacks. These attacks include;

  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Drive-by attack
  • Denial-of-Service (DOS) Attack
  • Crypto-jacking

There are many other ways cyber attackers can compromise your security and gain access to your sensitive files.

If these hackers get into your system, they can steal your customer data that they can make available anywhere. It can bring gruesome consequences for both your users and your company. Hence cyber security becomes inevitable and can help you in safeguarding your systems.


With the advancement of technology, we are becoming more dependent on the internet for doing our day-to-day transactions and communication.

We do activities like shopping and ordering food and finance to store our crucial files online. And all these things are possible these days with just a few clicks. It means most of our important information is stored online.

All of this is even increasing the number of opportunities for cybercriminals. And cyber security is more important than ever to prevent hackers from breaking through it. Cyber security education thus plays an important role in informing risk management programs.

The dark web

As there is rapid growth and development in technology, the dark web is not behind. It is mainly a secret collaboration of internet sites that is accessible through to some specialized web browsers. Hackers and cybercriminals use it for hiding their internet activities, and the event keeps them private and anonymous.

Such people use the dark web to hide while executing numerous illegal operations. As technology is developing, the strength of the dark web is also taking its height. Proper cyber security education can help in keeping all the personal documents of your customers and industry safe.


Cyber security is the need of the hour because it protects your computer and data from any potential cyber threats. Technology is helping people do their daily activities comfortably. But at the same time, it has increased cybercriminal activities such as data theft and damage, hacking, and industrial espionage. In this scenario, knowledge and implementation of cybersecurity plays a crucial role in protecting them.

How to Fix Printer Error HP oxc19a0020?

fix printer error HP oxc19a0020

Are you facing the printer error HP oxc19a0020? Yes, it is one of the most common problems HP printer users face, which is extremely easy to overcome. The HP brand has been well known for its quality and customer experience since its establishment. It has launched several products and services to cope with day-to-day life and technical necessities. The entire world is working with the assistance of technology, and its advancements and HP has best held the users with the same.

The HP printers have made it easier to print fantastic quality documents with a single click. However, one must not forget that even HP printers and products are machines, and machines do face problems at times. It is not always the HP brand or services to blame but several conditions that the product might have gone through. The oxc19a0020 priner error could also exist due to mishandling or internal issues.

How to solve the printer error HP oxc19a0020?

Let us know how to get rid of the  HP Printer Error Code oxc19a0020 and start working back usually. Such errors could hamper the work incredibly and thus, should be solved within time.

The methods that are explained below to solve the oxc19a0020 problem with printhead are extremely easy. To be specific, they can also be carried out by people who are not well-versed with technology and printers.

  • As the very first step, you need to unplug the connecting wire from the power supply.
  • Disconnect the HP printer entirely but keep it switched on.
  • Now open the cartridge installation access cover and remove the ink cartridges that you've installed in the HP printer.
  • Once you do so, close the access cover. Wait for a few minutes until the printer displays a notification mentioning or instructing to insert the ink cartridges back.
  • Now switch off the power supply entirely and disconnect the power cable from the printing machine.
  • Wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect the power cord with the printer.
  • If in case the printer is not switched ON automatically, you may turn it ON manually.
  • Now insert the ink cartridges in the printer carefully and avoid any displacement.
  • Then, put back the access cover to lock the ink cartridges.
  • Start the printer and confirm the proper working by printing a sample page.
  • You may connect the USB cable with the device to ensure the printing process.

If the above method could not solve the printer error HP oxc19a0020, you may proceed with the next one in line. The instructions are as mentioned below.

  • Switch off the printer entirely and cut off the power supply.
  • Now remove the ink cartridges that are installed in your printer carefully and avoid any damage. Ensure that the ink cartridges do not consist of the breather tape and remove if any.
  • You may wear gloves and clean the ink cartridges if any ink or dust is spilt on the same. You may use cotton pads and avoid any stiff material.
  • Keep up with the cleaning process until the cotton pads come out clean to ensure the proper removal of any residue ink.
  • Now, you may check the existing condition of the ink cartridges. In case they have low status, the possibility of them bleeding more ink is excellent and hence not favourable for the printing process.
  • If the leakage problem exists for a long time, you should consider replacing them with new ones. Make sure the new ink cartridges are original to avoid any future issues.
  • Now unplug the HP printer from the power supply.
  • Let it stay by itself for a minute or so, and then reinsert the ink cartridges.
  • Try restarting the HP printer and print a sample document to confirm the normal functioning.

How can I download the printer drivers easily?

Further, the printer error HP oxc19a0020 or HP Photosmart issue could also exist due to the absence of updated printer drivers or original ink cartridges. You may cope up with the false ink cartridges issue by replacing them with new ones that are original and compatible with your printer. However, you may install the new ones or update the existing ones to solve the printer driver issue. It is essential to keep the printer drivers updated for proper working and effective processing.

  • You may visit the HP official website and search for the software and drivers option to do the same.
  • Next, find the most updated versions of the printer drivers for your specific printer by entering the model number.
  • You may now download and install the same by following the on-screen instructions carefully.

There are high chances that your printer error HP oxc19a0020, that is printhead error is now solved if you follow the above instructions carefully. However, if you still face the same issue or have queries related to HP printers, you may connect with the executives through the HP official website.

Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK

The fundamental motto of the Libra is to arrive at the unbanked and how Facebook's Libra will be a distinct advantage. Prior to examining this let us talk about the consumption issue on the planet at the present time.

Libra is a straightforward worldwide cryptographic money created on Blockchain innovation with a dream to enable a great many individuals all throughout the planet by giving them a stage to encounter the universe of advanced exchanges.

The Libra Blockchain is anything but a standard customary Blockchain. The Facebook group has concocted a plan to code their chain without any preparation so it could meet each security prerequisite.

This affiliation is constrained by the Libra affiliation chamber which incorporates one delegate for each one validator hub. Choices are made based on the lion's share delivered by the committee.

Libra is based on another programming language called Move. It executes the custom exchanges and keen agreements. The fundamental target of Move is to give high security to keen agreements. partnership with Acmarket has come up with an interesting and innovative infographic on Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by FACEBOOK.

Definitive Guide on Advantags of VOIP Phone Systems in 2021

Definitive Guide on Advantags of VOIP Phone Systems in 2021

In recent years, companies have realized the advantages and disadvantages of switching to the VoIP route through traditional telecommunication operators.

As a result, VoIP has become the basis of most modern business telephone systems and is now the best telephony solution for many industries.

What is a VOIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In general, you can use VoIP to make cheap calls (VoIP calls) anywhere in the world, simply over the Internet. That's why we want to see VoIP as an evolution from the "wall-mounted" telephone. The next step.

How VOIP Works?

In essence, VoIP is replacing cables and telephone lines with the Internet. So, when you talk on a VoIP phone, your voice will be converted into data and transmitted over the Internet, just like email. But more important than how it works is knowing that it will always work. Fortunately, most VoIP problems you can resolve remotely within minutes. No need to turn off or call a technician. It means you can get back to work as usual.

What are The Advantages of VOIP Phone Services?

VOIP helps noisy office environments where it is difficult to hear someone in the same room, let alone someone in another country. However, Skype uses this technology for the consumer market. It means that you only get access to a few basic features that are subsidized by advertising. Your company needs something more substantial.

Whether you are a design studio, recruiting agency, or a small or medium-sized business, Business Class VoIP gives you more than just cheaper calls.

VoIP phone system for small business, you have probably done some research and found a large amount of information.

From analyzing the VoIP system's features and benefits to choosing a desktop phone, finding the right phone system for your specific business needs can be difficult.


Adding new phone numbers and newlines is very easy with VoIP. Unlike traditional telecommunications (where new phone numbers and new users require new cables to install, VoIP only requires setting up an additional line via an online account dashboard. It only takes a few clicks or clicks to add a new line.

The same is true for VoIP telephone systems that connect branch offices. Instead of installing and setting up separate telephone systems at each location, you can group each of your offices around the world in one telecommunication system without installing any hardware.


VoIP gives companies more flexibility where and when their employees work. With a cloud-based solution, companies can combine multiple locations into one system and implement operational options that are not available using traditional fixed and local networks.

It includes remote work and other arrangements for working outside the office. With VoIP, they can still use official business phone numbers to make calls without using cell phone credit. You can even use other communication tools like video conferencing to stay in touch with the company when their service provider is stable enough.


Using VoIP services as a user communicates with other users either for free or at much lower call rates than regular providers, provided they connect to the Internet.

With VoIP services, your business phone connects to the Internet to make unlimited calls at a lower cost than the telephone company's per-minute charges. The service providers offer many packages to choose from, many of which will suit your company size, business needs, and your budget.

Do Multiple Task

You can usually only talk to one person at a time over regular phone lines. With VOIP phones, you can make multiple calls. For example, you can have group calls, conference calls, etc. Having these numerous calling features makes it significantly easier for employees, business partners, and management to coordinate.

Also, customers connect much faster with customer support. As a result, their issues and problems were solved quickly.  Thus, it improves the customer experience and strengthens your business relationship with them.

Good Customer Service

VoIP helps to seamlessly move calls between users and offices and connects specialist advisors. Remote workers can use the app to reconnect to their work phone and transfer calls to cell phones or colleagues - or both. VoIP can also provide Voicemail messages as email attachments.

Offers Unified Communications

It's not just voice - integration of email, browser, instant messaging, and call recording make VoIP an attractive choice for businesses and remote workers.


If you want to gain or maintain a competitive advantage over your competitors, Internet-based services can be the answer. The ability to communicate cheaply and on the go while avoiding the risk of disruption will set your business apart. With this service's quick adoption, you can take advantage of these benefits in the next few days.

Top 5 Emerging Trends Transforming the Automotive Industry

Top 5 Emerging Trends Transforming the Automotive Industry

From artificial intelligence to blockchain, new technologies have been transforming the automotive industry. They deliver improved connectivity, enhanced safety, reduced pollution, and highly personalized user experiences. 

In this article, you will learn more about the hottest trends that are transforming the automotive industry.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Statistics say that the global AV market currently sits at $60 billion. Autonomous vehicles, also called self-driving cars, aim to reduce the need for human intervention. They optimize everyday transportation in multiple ways. 

First, autonomous vehicles can reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers’ fatigue and dangerous behaviors. One of their most significant promises is the reduction of speeding, distractions, drugged driving, and impaired driving.

Second, highly automated technologies ensure there is a safe and consistent distance between vehicles and, as such, contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion.

Third, they can also offer numerous environmental gains. By minimizing traffic jams, autonomous vehicles reduce harmful emissions.

2. Connectivity

In the era of the Internet of Things, the digital transformation of the automotive industry is finally happening.  Advanced vehicle-to-everything technologies allow drivers to stay connected with other vehicles and devices via a digital cockpit platform. Sophisticated sensors in cars provide better safety, navigation, and diagnostic features.

Over the past few years, V2X technologies have been paving the way to autonomous driving. They represent an umbrella term for advanced car communicating systems, including:

  • Vehicle-to-network (V2N)

  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I)

  • Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V)

  • Vehicle-to-cloud (V2C)

  • Vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P)

  • Vehicle-to- device (V2D)

  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G)

3. Electric Cars

Electric vehicles can transform the global automotive industry in multiple ways. For starters, they are practical and efficient. They also provide better connectivity options. By connecting your car with your smartphone, you can start your engine or run diagnostics via an app.

Sure, the most obvious benefit of electric vehicles is their eco-friendliness. The depleting fossil fuel reserves and enhanced pollution have led to the faster adoption of electric cars.

However, the growth of electric cars is still slow-paced. The manufacturers of electric vehicles still need to address multiple issues such as high vehicle prices, fleet electrification, weak battery, the charging infrastructure, etc. 

4. Blockchain

Blockchain is a digital, decentralized, and distributed ledger that improves data sharing and maintenance. It offers multiple benefits for users, from improved transaction transparency to enhanced data safety. 

Now, blockchain transforms the automotive industry in multiple ways, including:

  • Financing: The automotive industry uses cryptocurrencies for payments.

  • Data security: Autonomous and connected vehicles are more susceptible to sophisticated cyberattacks. Blockchain enables data encryption and prevents hackers from decrypting them. 

  • Identification and tracking: RFID tags allow you to track inventory and assets. For example, if you are looking for Chevy truck parts for sale, these technologies help you track and verify them for authenticity in a few simple steps. 

  • Car maintenance: Vehicles using blockchain are equipped with on-board computers, such as EDU. They have error logs, allowing service providers to easily diagnose errors and repair the vehicle. 

  • Faster ownership transfer: Blockchain provides the utmost transparency during the process of changing car ownership. It also uses smart contracts, where a seller and a buyer can carry out the transaction without hiring a middleman.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing the automotive industry for good. Its subsets, such as machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, enable the evolution of self-driving technologies. They improve the overall safety of the vehicle, as well as allow for more efficient vehicle inspection and maintenance

AI-powered cars are becoming our virtual assistants and deliver personalized user experiences. Mercedes-Benz rolled out the MBUX, a driver assistance package, which is equipped with AI technologies like natural speech recognition. With the help of AI, the system memorizes a driver’s needs, preferences, and driving patterns. For example, it can automatically turn the radio to their favorite station or provide driving instructions.

However, the use of AI in the automotive industry is not restricted to autonomous driving. It also finds applications in the automotive manufacturing sector, allowing brands to optimize the production rate, reduce human error, and minimize costs.

Over to You

What you can conclude from these examples is that most automotive trends are interrelated. For instance, with the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the IoT, the adoption of electric and self-driving vehicles has grown exponentially.

The leading players in the automotive industry will need to stay on top of the latest tech trends and team with tech startups that have the potential to improve the industry.

Huawei's Future in India Depends on its Role in 5G

Huawei's Future in India Depends on its Role in 5G

Huawei has entered rough waters. After almost 20 years here, the company will find it challenging to participate in the upcoming BSNL 4G tender if sources close to the firm understand the signs from the government right.

It is not expected to get approval to commence trial runs with operators for 5G, for which it has already applied.

Huawei has invested almost $2 billion and spent nearly $200 million on its R & D center in Bengaluru, the biggest center outside China, where some core technologies are under development.

Supporting these expenses are 6,000 employees, out of which 4,000 are stationed in R & D alone, and 1,200 in India's global service center.

It sells mobile devices in India via two brands: the premium Huawei, which starts from over Rs 60,000, and the mass premium Honor, starting from Rs 10,000.

These phones were launched in India five years ago and have not set customers on fire. They are not even among the top five in terms of market share.

Notably, Huawei has been extremely successful in the 4G equipment space. With Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel as clients that are major telecom players in India, the company has rolled out pre-5G networks.

Before the entry of Jio, experts stated Huawei had about one-third of the 4G gear market. The rest was with Nokia and Ericsson.

But with the spectrum of 5G being blocked off to Huawei - as in the UK, US, and Japan - its scope for developing the telecom gear business in India will be critically hit.

Analysts mention Huawei will definitely stay because of its substantial R&D investment. It could also grow its mobile device business. But the deciding factor which will settle its future strategy and influence in India is whether it will have a role in 5G.

Will AI and Machines Make You Jobless?

Will AI and Machines Make You Jobless?

I watched a video by Nas Daily today. What's shown in it was shocking and thought-provoking. It's about the Useless Class that the world will be having in the coming years. This class will not be having any job, and therefore no money to pay the bills for living. Scary and chaotic, isn't it?

But who is going to create this class?

The combination of Machines and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You might have some idea about this since we often hear or read that AI will kill millions of jobs in the near future. So, yes, what you are thinking is correct, and is depressing as well!

If you have some special skills like coding and video making or if you are in a good position like management, leadership, or scientific or engineering research, the future is safe for you.

But if you are doing an ordinary job or labor, there is a risk of losing it when AI and machines will take up the work.

For example, if you are a help desk operator, AI will be handling this job in the coming years. And you will be jobless. If you are a driver, there will be self-driving cars, and you will be out of a job. If you are a delivery man, you will be free as the deliveries will be done by drones.

Additional read: 10 Astonishing Technologies Inspired by ML & AI

Delivery by drones - Are You Going to Be a Part of the Useless Class?

What people with ordinary skills will do when smart robots will be doing most of the tasks?

Nobody knows at this time. Not easy to predict. And therefore, there will be millions of jobless people in the coming years.

In this video, Nas says, these jobless people will be paid by the governments under the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). So the useless class will be enjoying life by traveling, fulfilling hobbies, and spending time with family.

But do you think that UBI will be enough? Do you think governments will be paying for your luxury lifestyle? Obviously not!

UBI, if there will be any, will hardly be enough to pay for your basic needs, i.e. food, clothes, and shelter. What about the other facilities and their bills?

So, in a nutshell, we have some questions here.

What can we as a person and society do to neutralize the adverse effects of AI and Machines that are sure to come in the near future?

How would we ensure that nobody becomes a part of the useless class and have a fulfilling life?

Which fields will be the most and least affected by AI and Robots?

I expect you, the thoughtful and intellectual class reading this article, to give some suggestions on how can people and governments handle the chaotic situation that is inevitable in the future. Your comments and inputs will be highly valuable.

Here is the link to the video by Nas:

Don't forget to comment here!


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