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The Negative Effects of Vulgar Content in Movies and Web Series: Why They Should Be Censored

The Negative Effects of Vulgar Content in Movies and Web Series: Why They Should Be Censored

Movies and web series have always been a source of entertainment for people worldwide. However, with the advent of streaming platforms, the line between what is acceptable and what is not has become increasingly blurred. More and more movies and web series are being produced that feature vulgar content. This type of content has negative effects on society, and it must be censored. In this article, we will explore the negative effects of vulgar content and why it should be censored.

Vulgar Content in Movies and Web Series

Vulgar content in movies and web series includes explicit sexual scenes, nudity, and profanity. While some argue that this type of content is necessary for artistic expression, it is important to understand that it can have negative effects on society. Young people, in particular, are exposed to this content and can be influenced by it.

Negative Effects of Vulgar Content

One of the most significant negative effects of vulgar content is that it desensitizes people to sex and violence. Over time, people can become numb to the graphic and explicit content they see in movies and web series, making them more accepting of these behaviors in real life. This can be dangerous and contribute to a culture of violence and sexual misconduct.

Moreover, vulgar content can objectify women and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Women are often portrayed as sexual objects, which can reinforce the idea that women are only valued for their physical appearance. This can contribute to a culture of sexism and misogyny, which can have harmful effects on women's mental and physical health.

Examples of Incidents

There have been several incidents where vulgar content in movies and web series has caused harm. For instance, in 2017, a web series called "13 Reasons Why" sparked controversy for its graphic depiction of suicide. Experts argued that the show's portrayal of suicide could lead to copycat behavior among vulnerable young people.

In 2021, the Bollywood movie "Kabir Singh" was criticized for glorifying toxic masculinity and domestic violence. The movie's portrayal of the male protagonist as an abusive and controlling partner sent a dangerous message to its audience.

Why Vulgar Content Should Be Censored

It is crucial that vulgar content in movies and web series be censored to protect society from its negative effects. Censorship can help prevent the normalization of violence and sexual misconduct, and protect young people from being influenced by harmful stereotypes. It is essential to recognize that artistic expression should not come at the cost of society's well-being.

Moreover, censorship is not a new concept. It has been used for decades to protect society from harmful content. For instance, in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates what can be shown on television and radio to protect children from harmful content.

Furthermore, censorship does not necessarily mean that artistic expression will be stifled. It simply means that there will be certain boundaries that content creators must adhere to. These boundaries can be agreed upon through a collaborative effort between content creators, regulators, and the public.


In conclusion, vulgar content in movies and web series can have significant negative effects on society. It can desensitize people to sex and violence, objectify women, perpetuate harmful stereotypes, and contribute to a culture of violence and sexual misconduct. It is important that this type of content be censored to protect society from its harmful effects. It is time for us to recognize that artistic expression should not come at the cost of society's well-being.

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Admirable Services By Dr. Kalpesh Mor and Team of Rajkot During Corona Pandemic

Admirable Services By Dr. Kalpesh Mor and Team of Rajkot During Corona Pandemic

India is going through the most fearsome time of history after independence. The second wave of the Corona pandemic has turned out to be a nightmare. The oxygen and medical supplies have fallen short and resulted in a high number of deaths. The government is trying to curb the situation by all means, but the victory still seems far. In these circumstances, capable people and institutions are expected to come forward and help those suffering with the spread. And the call for support did not go unheard.

Corona warrior

When we are talking about the warriors of this pandemic, doctors are the first to be mentioned.

Gandhigram of Rajkot has been one of the worst-hit areas where the cases of mild to severe COVID-19 other seasonal viral infections reached the peak during the months of March and April 2021. On the other hand, physicians like Dr. Kalpesh Mor in this part of the city have kept their clinics open round the clock. He treated every patient without any discrimination during these hectic months.

The treatment combining conventional antivirals and new anti-covid drugs

The second half of March and the first half of April made the situation so critical that the clinics were full of patients. Gandhigram was facing the same crisis. There was no sign of relief, and people were scared of the pandemic as the COVID-19 positive cases and death rate was reaching new heights every day.

However, Dr. Mor and other doctors of the area put everything they have learned and experienced along with the latest information from ICMR and WHO into practice to give a tough fight against the Coronavirus.

Empathetic support that kept patients’ morale high

Every single person was frightened and frustrated in this unprecedented time. But it was doctors like Dr. Mor who helped patients and their relatives stay strong. He skillfully managed the cases by being generous to patients and their relatives.

He has been treating hundreds of patients from morning to late night daily since the beginning of the second wave of Corona in March. The rush was so heavy that he and his staff were barely getting time to take care of themselves. People often called him in an emergency after the OPD hours, and he also stayed always ready to help patients so that they get timely advice and treatment.

Thus, Dr. Kalpesh Mor and his team have been of great service to the people of Gandhigram, Rajkot. The way they handled the affected people is beyond imagination and deserves appreciation.

It is also totally noteworthy that it would have been too difficult to fight the second wave of the Coronavirus without the help of NGOs like Bolbala Charitable Trust, Sadbhavna Trust, many other small organizations, and individuals. They provided great support to the patients in Rajkot by supplying Oxygen cylinders, Oxygen refilling, medicine, ambulance, and other necessary things.

Final words

Now, as the country is slowly but steadily coming out of the second wave, we would never forget the work done by doctors and front-line corona warriors, NGOs, and all philanthropists without whom the path to victory against Corona would have been very hard.

Dr. Kalpesh P Mor, Vraj Clinic Rajkot - Service during Corona Pandemic

Dr. Kalpesh P Mor

Address: Vraj clinic, Swastik Complex, Lakh no banglow, Gandhigram, Rajkot - Gujarat - India

Contact No.: +91 9687941238

People Do Good When They See Other's Acts of Goodness

People Do Good When They See Other's Acts of Goodness

This is a story of women and her 9 years old daughter named Kallie flying from Charlotte to Miami. We have heard many times in our life that kindness is contagious and good acts attract more acts of goodness. But knowing that it actually happened in the real-life of somebody is really interesting.

Back to the story, Kallie and her mother were flying to Miami to spend a week with Mike, the women's husband. It was already a long time since they had not met, and therefore they were very happy, especially Kallie who was very excited to be with her dad.

As they boarded the plane, as usual, it was full. They noticed that there was a group of Boy Scouts at the gate. Knowing the situation, women told Kallie that they would be ok with the Boy Scouts if needed due to the huge rush of passengers.

Since they were late in getting their boarding passes, they couldn't get seats together. Actually, Kallie wanted to take a window seat but had to be separated by the aisle. The girl was nervous and was looking at her mother frequently.

The women tried to convince co-passengers to exchange the seats so that she and her daughter Kallie can be together. But the passengers were not ready to do so believing that they should follow the arrangement as per their passes.

Apart from the women and her daughter, there was one more group of passengers in the same confusing and stressed situation. A mother with three of her children was seating several a few raws ahead. They were split up due to a mistake in their boarding passes and were very anxious. They also requested their co-passengers for an exchange of seats but didn't get a positive response.

The mother was in a panic that was clearly visible from the tears in her eyes because her younger boy got a seat in a separate raw and had to be with strangers.

Good Acts Attract More Acts of Goodness

The leader of Boy Scouts was watching all these things happening. He also noticed that nobody was helping her despite seeing her tears. After a while, he stood up and said the mother that he can help her. He rearranged his group to make some space. It took about five minutes for the group, but finally had enough space for the family. There was a sign of relief and thankfulness on the face of that mother.

As this even of kindness took place, it leaves a deep impact on the other passengers. Kallie was still in panic and the women were helpless as she was not in a position to do anything for her. But to their pleasant surprise, a male passenger sitting near the Scout Leader offered help to the women. He asked her if she and her daughter would like to have their seats, referring to himself and the Scout Leader.

So finally, Kallie and her mother were together enjoying the scenery from her window seat.

Probably, that man wouldn't have offered them the help if that Scout Leader hadn't done so for the mother and her family. However, one thing was clear that kindness is contagious and any good act attracts more acts of goodness.

You would love to read this interesting article: 5 Methods to Be What You Are Called: A Human

Share your thoughts and similar experience of kindness in the comment box below. Thanks!

Corona Pandemic and Lockdown: What Lessons We Learned?

Corona Pandemic and Lockdown: What Lessons We Learned?

This is the toughest time the world is going through after the second world war. It can also be said that Corona pandemic currently prevailing is crueler than any disaster human being has ever seen in this century. Citizens of most countries are in lockdown and going through experience never imagined or expected before.

The rapidly increasing numbers of people getting infected and deaths show how outrageous Corona or COVID19 is. As a result, countries are locked down and the world economy is at a halt. But, in the middle of all these events, we have seen many positive changes taking place. We can say that this time has taught us, the humans, some lessons. Read on.

1. We can avoid many activities

We can happily live without many activities like parties and celebrations that cause harm to nature. We eat for pleasure, that’s ok, but we eat animals, and it’s quite not good. We invade nature for our fun causing disturbance to animals and creatures living in the forests and is not acceptable.

Apart from this, we use motor vehicles to commute from one place to another. It’s acceptable when the distance is significant, but we can surely use a bicycle or mass-transportation. This can be helpful in reducing air pollution, but are we willing to do so? No, because we want to reach fast and that too on our vehicle. We want comfort and not the exercise of paddling.

Many of us avoid using cycle or mass transportation facility under the shadow of our status and satisfy our ego stating ourselves that we are capable enough to possess comfortable vehicles and spend on fuels.

Corona pandemic and lockdown have made it clear that all these things are meaningless and we can live without harming nature and the environment.

2. Family and not money that matters

The rapid spread of the virus and resulting panic has taken over the minds of the people. News coming from different parts of the world regarding deaths leaving emotional people in shock. What if one of your family members gets an infection? Fear of isolation and losing life can make anybody paralyzed.

All these things lead to the conclusion that everything is useless if we don’t have our loved ones safe and with us. Corona pandemic and lockdown has shown us the reality that our rat race after the material things and money is meaningless. COVID19 outbreak took just a couple of months for the pandemic to separate people from the use of money and other facilities.

3. Business runs and survive on people

Your customers and your employees are living human beings in the last. And any business survives on these two types of people. Consumption of your products or services is not possible without customers. Same way, you can’t produce things or render services and sell them without your employees. So take care of them and offer them help during tough times.

Remember, any difficult time will pass, but your treatment and behavior towards your employees during that time will stay on their minds forever. You can always help them as well as your customers. So don’t just talk about the business and think about the survival of your living assets, i.e. your employees and customers.

4. We, humans, are actually careless

Uncontrolled spread of COVID19 in Italy and other European countries and the USA has made it clear that we are careless. We don’t stop breaking rules unless we face tough consequences or find ourselves in an extremely difficult condition.

Reports are coming from every affected country showing how people are roaming on the roads and public places despite the lockdown. Governments, police, and doctors are constantly requesting through all possible mediums to stay inside homes to be safe from the Corona pandemic.

Restrictions are also made strict so that nobody goes outside without a strong reason. However, there seems no effect and people are going out and increasing the chances of community transmission of the Coronavirus. People going for shopping and banking activities as well as roaming without any reason in India clearly shows that we don’t care unless we are in trouble.

Amidst all these events happening around the world, one thing is crystal clear that discipline and obeying rules are important for our own interest, especially in the times of pandemics like the one prevailing at this time.


No doubt that humanity will win the fight against the Corona pandemic, but we shouldn’t ignore the lessons it has taught us. Also, this is the time of introspection so that we can understand our weaknesses both as a person and as a community. The extent of life and economic loss that occurred to the world is equally due to our carelessness and ignorance as it is due to COVID19.

However, it’s also certain that we will recover and thrive again. Let’s hope the world, governments, and we, the people will take these lessons seriously and start building a society where coexistence exists in a true sense.

Check out the Different Items That Can Be Donated

Check out the Different Items That Can Be given as Donation

With climate change causing natural disasters in different parts of the world, donating has become a way for people to give back to the community and help others when they need it the most. Although the donation is a wonderful way to help people, canned pineapple and piles of old t-shirts are not good.

If you are not sure what to donate, this list will help you out:

Toilet paper

The one item that is the topmost essential thing on everybody’s grocery list, yet not many people think about donating it. So on your next trip to the donation center, grab a couple of toilet paper rolls, they are always in high demand.

Mini containers of bath essentials

Bath essentials like shower gel, shampoo, container, deodorant and so are easily available in tiny bottles in supermarkets and retail stores. These supplies can help people staying at shelters to stay clean while using public restrooms. You will need to make sure that the seals are intact before donating the products. There is scientific evidence that donating goods will leave you with a warm feeling. So go ahead and donate to feel good about yourself.


Baby diapers are in constant demand at donation centers. You can stock up during sales seasons and drop them off the next time there is a donation drive.

Dental hygiene essentials

Toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste are other essential items that you can donate. You can also give toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste that are developed for sensitive teeth.  As long as you donate sealed items that have not been used, the staff at will make sure that the items you donated will reach the needy. In fact, dental hygiene essentials are often in high demand at donation centers.

First-aid items

During the aftermath of natural disasters and similar situations, first-aid supplies are always in high demand. Jeffrey Levine from BluePrint Wealth Alliance in New York says that you can claim tax deductions for charitable giving as long as you bunch your donations rather than spreading them out.  You can help people at the shelter care for their wounds properly by donating band-aids, medicated wipes, ointments, ace bandages, etc.

Pads and tampons

The next time there is a sale at your local supermarket, buy a few extra boxes of tampons and pads and drop them off at your donation center. These feminine products are always useful to the women on their monthly cycle at shelters.


Blankets are a must-have for people living without access to heat or those sleeping on the street. Donating blankets can help them get through cold nights. You can donate blankets made of wool or fleece or all-weather blankets.

School Supplies

Donation centers often receive plenty of school supplies from kind donors at the beginning of every school, but these supplies often run out by the middle of the year. You can help out by donating stationery, backpacks, notebooks, etc.

Rather than donating things that will get tossed aside, it is important to realize what items will actually come in handy. Besides old clothes and canned food, there are several other necessities like batteries, flashlights, blankets, etc.that could come in handy for people who have just survived a hurricane.

Spreading Happiness, One Small Gesture at a Time

Spreading Happiness, One Small Gesture at a Time

As a worker in an open office, we have lots of random discussions around all sorts of topics. One that comes up frequently in offices and roles across a vast majority of industries is always “what annoys or displeases you most?”. This is an interesting question and often gets a varied range of answers, everything from the unexpected, such as “other people” to normal daily occurrences such as “traffic jams”. More interestingly, however, is the question is rarely asked in the opposite fashion – “what makes you happy?”. While I’m sure there are plenty of obvious answers for happiness such as being with friends, cooking for family, relaxing with beloved pets and enjoying keen hobbies, we don’t stop to think of the little things that can give us a joyful boost and leave us on an emotional high for the rest of the day.

Rather than telling you to keep watch for these daily highlights, instead we are asking you to consider being someone who endeavours to make others smile, improving their day just one small gesture at a time. How to achieve this? Let us inspire you;

Giving to Others

Got time and/or resource available? Consider giving to charity or volunteering your time for a local cause. There are plenty of causes available, from women’s aid to water donation, both abroad and in your immediate area. Where a group of you would like to give back, organise a fundraising event, whether it’s a sponsored activity such as skydiving, walking or silence or a sales event including jumble sales, bring and buy sales or homemade cake stalls.

Spreading Happiness, One Small Gesture at a Time

Helping Others

Simply looking out for your fellow human can turn someone’s entire day around and will bring happiness in the moment. Hold the door open for the person behind you, offer to help someone with their bags as they get on or off public transport, allow someone you looks like they are having a bad day to go ahead of you in the queue or simply ask those around you how they are. Too often are servers such as retail staff, waitresses and baristas considered ‘scenery’ there to serve a purpose rather than being seen as an individual, ask them how their day is going, start a friendly chat and see how their entire demeanour changes.

Smile for Happiness

While it has never been acceptable to accost a stranger on the street for not smiling (yes, this is still inappropriate, even if you think you are doing good) there is no harm in ensuring you keep a smile on your face. Not only do you feel the benefits of your brain releasing the ‘feel-good’ chemicals, but you will feel more relaxed and happier, even if you didn’t before you started smiling. In addition, happiness is contagious and by walking around with a smile on your face, you’ll soon see those around you perking up as well.

Hide Something Fun

An activity that is growing in popularity although is likely to have been around since the dawn of time – hiding something unusual or fun in your local area for people to accidentally discover or stumble on by chance. The idea isn’t to destroy or cause damage to anybody’s property or natural surroundings but leave something that will remain or can be relocated without too much trouble. Painted rocks, hidden geocaches and app-based scavenger hunts make good use of this quaint activity and it’s sure to bring a smile to many faces, whether young or old.

Life is short, too short to hold on to things that make us unhappy, fight for your right to smile and feel joy and take every day as another opportunity to learn something new, make someone happy and embrace something that brings you delight and happiness.

Why Donating to Charity Is Important for Life

Why Donating to Charity Is Important for Life

You need to note that donating to charities is not only beneficial to the charities and the community but also you. While there might be existing external factors that might make a donation to charities almost impossible. The following benefits of donation to charities should motivate you to still give despite the challenges.

1. Strengthen your values

If you commit yourself to a specific charity group, you have an obligation towards it. Personal values reflect on the things we care about most in life. Through donating, you will develop a feeling of social conscience, which significantly impacts individual principles. It is also an opportunity for you to share your values and what you believe in.

2. Makes you feel fulfilled

Have you been feeling empty lately? You should try donating. Knowing that you have made a positive impact on someone or a good course will make you feel good. Giving will give you the same feeling that you get after you accomplish something. Additionally, science has discovered that giving activates the part of the brain that registers pleasure.

What does that mean? If you make it a habit to give, you are likely to become happier.

3. By donating, you will set an excellent example to your kids

Remember that for your children to become generous members of society, it is a habit that they need to develop from a very young age. The donation will be an effective way of teaching your kids the importance of giving. Giving will go a long way in making your children naturally love helping others.

Also, they will be more appreciative of what they have and understanding of others. You can do that by simply creating a donation box on which you can involve your children and allow them to make their contribution.

4. Improving the life of other people

You need to acknowledge that by donating, you are impacting the life of another person somewhere in many ways. By giving, you will be playing a very significant contribution towards making the world a better place. Therefore, you should not take your donation for granted. Together with the input of other charitable souls, you will be providing food for people who cannot fend for themselves, or help orphaned and less privileged kids access education to mention a few.

If you have never donated, you need to start today. If you have been doing it, keep up the excellent job.

Do You Have the Right Self-belief?

Do You Have the Right Self-belief?

The belief a person has for himself and life are fundamental in shaping their life better or worse. Self-belief is important in shaping your personality, impacting our perception towards life, success, happiness and the love we have for our life.

If a person believes he is not good enough and he doesn’t deserve to anything good. For example, if a person had something bad experience then it reflects his belief and personality.

Negative self-belief leads towards self-image and the dark clouds are spread on your personality. It omits the true and loving nature a person has. Low self-confidence leads to low self-esteem and a habit of self-negating. These indications are not good for healthy life. Below I am mentioning the reasons behind low self-confidence. If you can recognize these reasons in your life than it is time for the revaluation of your belief and self-esteem. If you see these indications in your life then banish them to lead a happy life. I am sure this analysis and revaluation will change your life for the better.

Having self-belief is not an exaggerated thing but it is your right to realize your dream and happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy and successful whether he believes in himself or not. Stay positive always because the more you believe in yourself the better chances you have for success.

Scan your mind and write what you think about yourself. If you think that you are capable enough to take your dreams towards reality than you have self-confidence.

Think about yourself and write your thoughts. If there are more negative points than positive that means you are suffering from low self-belief. You are not sure about yourself. This is the card played by the devil to make you a loser. Don’t take it and start thinking positive for you.

If you hear a person saying that you are not good enough, nobody loves you and your mind believes it that means you are taking yourself esteem to new low level. Don’t let others guide your thoughts.

Control your mind to filter negative thoughts. Negative thoughts will lead to nothing except failure.

How to improve self-belief

The most important aspect of improving self - belief is acceptance about you. Accept yourself as you are who are and where you are. Once you will accept yourself then you will not need the acceptance of others.

Prioritize your life- to improve self - confidence and self-belief one has to prioritize your life according to your will. Make a plan of things you want to do, work on them with making a plan. Don’t let others decide what is to be done by you or for you.

Don’t let others decide your image - it feels good when others say that you are good, beautiful and organized but you don’t need others to decide how good you are in certain things. Have belief in you and decide who you are, how good you are,

What are your drawbacks?
You are an individual with some gifts, personality traits, talents, and characteristics. You know who you are and you must decide what you want to do, what you can do? Not others. No matter you win or lose but the reigns of your life must be in your hands.

MeToo Movement and Its Dark Side

MeToo Movement and Its Dark Side

MeToo Movement has become a trend in recent times in India, and many names are coming out as accused. Big names from the entertainment industry, media, politics, and corporate houses have raised questions on civilization and society.

When powerful women were not able to speak about the inappropriate behavior against them, what would be the situation of an average woman in Indian society? This is a clear evidence that the law and social system has failed in ensuring the respect and safety of women in this modern age as well.

Can MeToo Movement harm innocents?

While it is true that this movement has raised an awareness regarding women safety and dignity, it is also true that many are taking advantage of the situation to achieve their villainous intentions.

Many are facing the accusations these days, and more are in line, but are all they really guilty for the sexual misconduct or harassing behavior or are they being targeted for other purposes? This is a critical question.

Everything has a dark side or negative part and MeToo Movement is no different. It’s just the beginning of the movement, so we can’t see the truth of everybody now, but there will be more shocking news in the future.

Opportunity for publicity or revenge?

It can be used as an opportunity of earning publicity or taking revenge against the boss, seniors or those in stronger positions. It can also be used as a tool to achieve the financial gain or political agenda.

There may also be a question on the genuineness of the person accusing another person of his/her misconduct. Events, at one point of time, taken as the mutual understanding and for mutual benefits are highlighted as sexual harassment and misbehavior after MeToo Movement got its limelight.

Some are reported after 10 or 15 years of the happening of events. So there can be no real proof and the accused person can’t easily prove himself innocent. Fake allegations can ruin an innocent person’s entire career.

It doesn’t mean that all accusations are fake. It is also possible that all of them are true. But even one fake allegation will kill the purpose of the movement. We just have to take enough time to observe and think if a person accusing others is telling the truth or just misguiding others and trying to harm innocents.

Let’s hope that the MeToo Movement brings a big positive change in the society and make women safer and respected more than before.

MeToo Movement for Justice and Dignity of Women in India

MeToo Movement for Justice and Dignity of Women in India

Since its start a year ago, MeToo movement has created a turmoil in the society. It has particularly targetted the celebrities and politicians in the United States and recently in India.

The first among them was the accusations from Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar, a veteran actor for the sexual harassment 10 years ago. She accused Nana of his misbehavior on the set of Horn OK movie.

This accusation accelerated the movement in recent days and has brought other events into the light. Many from Bollywood, writers, top politicians, corporate world, and people from the entertainment industry are being accused of using their positions wrongly and behaving improperly with women.

There are famous names like Alok Nath, Gaurang Doshi, Rajat Kapoor, Chetan Bhagat, Vikas Bahl, Kailash Kehr, Raghu Dixit, and many others apart from Nana Patekar who have been in the media these days for their inappropriate behavior towards women in their recent to very old past.

On the other hand, many companies and celebrities have supported MeToo movement and have announced that they and their companies will not tolerate the misbehavior with women and will take strict actions.

Ajay Devgn twitted on Oct 12, 2018, that it is disturbing for him and will not allow such incidents in his company. He further mentioned that he believes in respecting women. He will ensure the safety of women within his company.

In another event, Tata Motors Ltd has taken a quick action and asked its chief of corporate communications to go on leave. It was in response to the allegations against the executive by a journalist. In support of her allegations, she had posted some screenshots on her Twitter account.

Though this is just the tip of an iceberg, it will create an awareness among other women. It will also give a strong message to people believing that they would never be held guilty for sexually harassing women.

However, like every coin, MeToo Movement also has two sides. So the society and law have to see that no innocent person is accused and punished due to the fake allegations being done with the greed for fame and sympathy or a false sense of achievement.


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