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Business and Finance

5 Simple Ways To Save More Money

There is no point in earning a lot of money if you are not doing the favour to yourself of saving a part of the money you earn each month. Knowing how to save more money can put you in a healthy financial position in the long run. A simple decision today can leave you at a much more comfortable position tomorrow, financially. Be smart, start early, start today with these simple ways to save more money.

1. Pay yourself first

Before you start to spend any of the money from your paycheck it is important to save a portion of the money first. This portion of money can be any amount that you prefer, you can start with 10% of your paycheck for starters.

This decision needs to be taken first since you might not be left with any money if you decide to pay yourself later after you have paid your rent or bills. You can also opt for an automatic transfer of money from your salary or current account to your savings account so that you do not have to think. If you are getting a high-interest on the savings then it is even better. 

2. Partner control

Let’s say you stay with your partner and your partner make better financial decisions than you. It is a good idea to give your partner control of your savings. 

What if you do not have a partner? And you are really bad at making financial decisions and always end up spending your savings. Well, you can always take help from any of your family members since they are more experienced financially and they are the reason you are here today. 

3. Cut expenses

Also, a great way to save more money is to reduce spending money unnecessarily and cut down on expenses wherever it is possible. This means you have to make decisions and set your priorities on where you want to spend your money.

Some simple ways that you can start today are avoid eating outside as much a possible, it is both a healthy choice to make plus you end up saving a lot of money. Remove luxury from your list till you have reached your set goal of why you are saving? Save energy at home by being conscious of your electricity spending. Reduce your travel to minimum and cycle or walk whenever possible.

4. Record expenses

It is a good habit to maintain a journal where you can write down your savings on a daily basis. You are keeping track of  where your money is being spent and where you can cut down your expenses.

5. Make a budget

Lastly, making a budget is essential in keeping an overall track of your finances and will help you save more money. Make a note of the major chunks of money that will be gone from your paycheck so that you can adjust your spendings to meet your set saving goals for the month. Also, it is a good idea to add the money you save each month as an expense in your budget.

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What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur in a Business?

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur in a Business?

Self-awareness is one of the most important aspects of one’s life. Be it in your college life, your work life, your business life or your creative life. It is a quality that we develop over time, with age and with wisdom. Self-awareness may be instilled into you by your peers, elders or your parents depending on how you are brought up as a child.

When we want to start our own business or become an entrepreneur, it is essential that you truly know yourself better than your peers or your family. The road to being a successful entrepreneur is not easy and we need to be aware of our self, so that whenever we fall we can pick ourselves up and move on.

DNA matters

When entrepreneurship is in your blood that is either your father, mother or somebody in the family is an entrepreneur, since the characteristics of being an entrepreneur are present in your DNA, it becomes natural for you to become an entrepreneur.

When you start on your own business it is good to have your family back up or if you have had someone in the family who is an entrepreneur you feel supported.


Do you have the quality of being a breadwinner (so that you can support your lifestyle and independent financial) for yourself and for your family? If yes then you know have the characteristic of an entrepreneur.

Your skills matter in your business

It is not how much you earn but how you earn your money is important. You need to have a skill that you are good at and you need to be self-aware of your skill and make the most of your strengths (Skill).

Got yourself fired

Have you got yourself fired from a job? If you are not able to work in a job and is changing companies in a short span of time then you might have the characteristic of an entrepreneur.

Dread going to work for someone else

You cannot take the fact of working under someone which can be due to many reasons, do you have entrepreneurial tendencies?

Live for the real thing

When you start seeing life from an entrepreneur’s point of view you will realize the there is a lot of unpleasant things and there are pleasant things too that you need to take care of if you are starting your own business.

Don’t go after the glam 

You don’t care about the short term results/achievements when you are playing the long-term game of entrepreneurship. You don’t care about the glam, you love what you do, you enjoy the journey and the climb to being a successful entrepreneur.

You know you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur when you know that you will create your own brand and business in the long run and it does not matter what you are going through right now. You know that you are having fun along the way. Be patient and I wish you success.

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8 Tips for Better Personal Finance Management

8 Tips for Better Personal Finance Management

Finance is the concern for everybody, especially for those with limited income and big dreams. But it takes well planned personal finance management to become successful in achieving financial security. I have searched on this subject and come up with some financial health tips which will help you manage your money and control your expenses. Here they are:

1. Set goals for personal finance

Decide what you want within a time frame. It can be anything like own house, starting a new business, car, foreign tour, world tour or even a bank balance. Making financial goals will help you focus on your efforts and will make it easier to achieve.

2. Make savings automatic

You can opt for daily or monthly saving plans. You can also set monthly money transfer to your saving account using online fund transfer facility of net banking. Start with a small amount. This is a good way to become financially rich.

3. Create a spending plan

Make a budget for each of the three major expense categories, i.e. food, housing, and transportation. The fourth is the miscellaneous expenses i.e. entertainment, buying luxury items and other expenses. Create an annual budget for these categories and review it on a regular time interval. This will help you make adjustments when needed, find and avoid unnecessary expenses and create better personal finance plan and budget for the next year.

4. Remove unnecessary expenses

Unnecessary expenses may be taking a large chunk of your income. Evaluate your monthly expenses to find out those which can be avoided. Avoid bad habits like alcohol, smoking or anything which waste your money for no benefit in return. You may also have to spend large amounts on health issues later due to bad habits. Avoid Eating out frequently and make good and tasty foods at home. It will not only save your money but will avoid health issues and resulting costs in the future.

Resist retailers’ enticements like rewards cards, discount coupons, sale, discount on extra purchase etc. They are the tricks to get you to spend money. Spend on a thing only if you really need it. Use public transport or share the vehicle with your friend or colleague to go to your workplace and save fuel costs.

5. Avoid and eliminate debt

By avoiding the debt, you will be saving money which you would otherwise pay as the interest. If you have credit cards, personal loans, or other such debt, you need to have a personal finance plan to pay them back as soon as possible.

6. Make yourself and your family secure

You must save for an emergency fund so that if anything unexpected happens, you have the money. If you have a spouse and/or dependents, you should definitely get a life and health insurance.

7. Use expense management system

Use accounting software on your computer or use any of good personal finance apps for expense management on your mobile to keep track of your expenses easily. Such applications provide you the option to set recurring income and expenses and will save your time.

8. Increase your net worth

Reduce the debt, avoid unnecessary expenses and add extra income sources to increase your net worth. Add new skills which can be helpful in increasing your income. This will make you feel great in the long term.

Hope these tips will help you in managing your personal finance in a better way. Share your comments and thoughts in the comment box below.

11 Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

11 Marketing Ideas for Local Businesses

Building a successful business depends on marketing and presenting your products and services in front of the right audience. So, how can you get the word out about your business most affordably and effectively? To help you with these questions, here are some proven marketing ideas. These ideas will help promote your business, attracting more customers, and generating more sales.

1. Referrals, give and take

If you send customers to other businesses, they will do the same. They will keep you in mind and will send customers to you. One of the best ideas to improve the relationship with customers, get new customers, and boost revenue is to give referrals and ask for the same.

2. Help other businesses by handing out their cards and flyers.

Again, when you hand out the business cards and flyers of your relatives, colleagues, friends, and other businesses, they will return the favor. Partnerships in your local market will be beneficial. If you help connect with other merchants, you will earn a good relationship and, as a result, customers. It is one of the many proven marketing ideas and should be used to grow the customer base and business relations.

3. Posters at the front counters of local merchants

Display your posters, cards, or flyers at the front counter of the local merchants. Of course, you will need to do the same for them in return. Mutual support is the key to success.

4. Send Letters/SMS/Email

Make your customers feel important by sending letters or SMS or Emails on their special days like birthday, marriage anniversary, festivals. They will remember you and will keep coming back to you. Create a Hotmail account if you have not done it yet.

5. Use social media - This is one of the latest marketing ideas.

Be active on social media. Let your customers know whenever you launch a new product, service, and offer. Join local Facebook groups and post your product images and special offers regularly on them. Remember, people do not log in to Facebook to buy things! Social media is a place for connecting with customers, creating awareness about your brand, products, and services, and building relationships. However, posting regularly and running ads that provide value will eventually lead to sales.

6. Sponsor a local sports team, or a charity, or an annual event.

Sponsoring events, teams, or causes will attract the attention of the people. Offer discounts on a specific day or a duration after that event.

7. Make local employees your VIPs

Do you have large businesses around you employing a large number of people? Offering a discount to workers seems like a good idea. Offer VIP cards of your business to each of their employees. It is one of the best marketing techniques. This way, they will feel important, and most of them will pay attention to your card. Many of them will give you a try. For example, a restaurant might offer a percent discount or free dessert. Generally, you can offer something to the VIP cardholders repeatedly and regularly.

8. Get some bounce-back action.

Sometimes you provide your products or services to a group of people who are not your customers. But they can become your customers. For example, if you are catering 200 guests at a birthday party, provide each of the guests with a certificate or discount coupon offering them each a % discount on their next meal at your restaurant. Even if 20% of the guests come to your restaurant, you will get 40 customers from it, and maybe many of them are first-time customers. You can impress these new customers who might turn into regulars.

9. Host marketing forums and seminars

Marketing forums and seminars are useful for sharing the knowledge and ideas of marketing. Host forums and invite the marketing experts and small business owners to share their ideas that have worked in their area. It will not only allow you to learn new techniques but also get new clients as one business can be a customer of others. Such forums and seminars can become a bridge between a seller and new clients.

10. Participate in trade fairs and shows

Trade fairs and shows are great ways to meet other business owners and potential customers. Collect the contact information of your stall visitors and approach them later with your offer. You can offer a discount for on the spot purchase or order/booking of your product or service. You can also give away discount coupons and certificates to motivate them for the purchase later, within a specific time, like within 30 or 60 days.

11. Creatively support charity events.

Do you have a charity event in your business area? You can offer a special certificate to each person that attends the event. Each certificate promises a donation of some % or a fixed amount to the charity when the person spends at least a minimum set amount. Your business will not only achieve exposure and goodwill but, more importantly, will get new people in the front door spending money on your products or services.

I hope these marketing ideas will be useful in growing your customers and revenue. Share your thoughts in the comment box given at the bottom.

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Body Language Can Determine Your Success in Enterprise & Career

Body Language Can Determine Your Success in Enterprise & Career

There are many factors that determine or at least influence the chances of business success. From your body language to how you talk and how you present yourself, everything has a bearing on others and subsequently, on the prospects, you are working on.

You need to develop the perfect body language for optimum effectiveness. Else, people will not take you seriously, they might question your abilities and confidence, you may not have the kind of impact you would like to have in a meeting or on others and you may end up losing opportunities that can lead to business success.Body Language for Business Success

How to improve your body language?

Here are a few ways you can work on your body language for optimum effectiveness and that can determine the fate of your enterprise and career.

Stand and Sit Straight

Always sit straight, upright, and stand tall. Your physical presence should take as much space as is humanly possible. Such a presence is of confidence, power and one makes a statement that nothing around her or him is intimidating. Slouching or lowering your head, fidgeting and any kind of posture that is not one of authority will impair your influence.

Voice Tone for Business Success

You must control your vocal pitch. Raising your voice and speaking loudly are counterproductive. Those who indeed have the power, possess the authority, and are confident need not raise their voice. They know they would be listened to and thus they can speak softly and slowly to make their presence felt.

Eye Contact During Conversation

You must always have positive and direct eye contact. This is crucial while you are working on improving your body language. Do not look at someone in an inhibited manner. Don’t look at someone indirectly and certainly don’t lower your eyes or allow your gaze to wander when you are with others and when you are talking or listening to others. Positive and direct eye contact are the hallmarks of confidence, intent, and others feel that you are in complete control. Flickering eyes or uncertain gazes are proof of stress, lack of confidence, and ill intent.

Firm Body Language

Always be flexible but firm when you stand, sit, walk, and talk or listen to others. Note that these are subtle signs that an opposite person would notice consciously or unconsciously. Use your hands appropriately, move your body in a professional manner, and use gestures while communicating your thoughts. The moment you become stiff, people will notice that you are stressed for some reason. Practice this and you will see the change.

Handshake - Body Language

Smile and perfect handshake. This has a subtle but powerful effect on your mental outlook. Remember not to exert too much pressure. On the other hand, don’t have the dead fish handshake either. A soft and gripless handshake makes an impression of a dead fish. Stay aware of this while meeting an important person in your office or field and make neither too soft nor too crushing handshake.


Body language is often the most ignored aspect but is essential to master to become successful in your life and career. People always catch the signs and if you are not spread positive signs, you are not going to have the desired result in whatever you do. Carefully watch your moves, postures, and your appearance. It may not come immediately, but will surely get integrated within your personality and will make a huge effect on your success in your career as well as your social life.

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