Your Body Language in Business may Determine the Fate of Your Enterprise & Career!

There are many factors that determine or at least influence the chances of business success. From your body language to how you talk and how you present yourself, everything has a bearing on others and subsequently on the prospects you are working on.

You need to develop the perfect body language for optimum effectiveness. Else, people will not take you seriously, they might question your abilities and confidence, you may not have the kind of impact you would like to have in a meeting or on others and you may end up losing opportunities that can lead to business success.Body Language for Business Success

Here are a few ways you can work on your body language for optimum effectiveness and that can determine the fate of your enterprise and career.

Stand and Sit Straight

Always sit straight, upright and stand tall. Your physical presence should take as much space as is humanly possible. Such a presence is of confidence, power and one makes a statement that nothing around her or him is intimidating. Slouching or lowering your head, fidgeting and any kind of posture that is not one of authority will impair your influence.

Voice Tone for Business Success

You must control your vocal pitch. Raising your voice and speaking loudly are counterproductive. Those who indeed have the power, possess the authority and are confident need not raise their voice. They know they would be listened to and thus they can speak softly and slowly to make their presence felt.

Eye Contact During Conversation

You must always have positive and direct eye contact. Do not look at someone in an inhibited manner. Don’t look at someone indirectly and certainly don’t lower your eyes or allow your gaze to wander when you are with others and when you are talking or listening to others. Positive and direct eye contact are the hallmarks of confidence, intent and others feel that you are in complete control. Flickering eyes or uncertain gazes are proof of stress, lack of confidence and ill intent.

Firm Body Language

Always be flexible but firm when you stand, sit, walk and talk or listen to others. Use your hands, move your body in a professional manner and use gestures to communicate. The moment you become stiff, people will notice that you are stressed for some reason.

Handshake - Body Language

Smile and perfect the handshake. Don’t exert too much pressure and certainly don’t have the dead fish handshake. Make it firm but not bone crushing.

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