Writing Businesses You Can Start As a Side Hustle

Writing Businesses You Can Start As a Side Hustle

If you have always loved writing or if it sparks joy in you while writing informative articles or compelling stories, starting your own writing business as a side hustle is a great idea. This article lists some writing businesses and will serve as a handy guide to set up your own business. Stay tuned till the end.

By writing as a side hustle, you not only make money but also earn the satisfaction of doing what you love.

Now let us look at some well-known writing businesses.

Email marketer

If you have persuasive writing skills, you can write email marketing content for businesses. Howbeit, you need certain other skills such as brand & product knowledge, email list building & management, strategic thinking, copywriting, prospects segmentation, etc., to be successful as an email marketer.

For example, if you are writing email content for a business whose target audience is doctors, then you may have to build a prospect list with the doctors email addresses.

Finding doctors email addresses - How do you do that?

Well, here is a simple solution. Use email finder tools such as GetEmail.io to find doctor email addresses quickly. This tool is greatly recommended to find the business email address of a person in no time.

Freelance journalist

If writing articles for newspapers and magazines excites you, then this is one of the direct routes to making money.

To be successful as a freelance journalist, you need to develop your skill to deliver a story. Have a good sense of controlling suspense and then write stories in a way that sustains the reader’s interest.

Blogging - one of the most popular writing businesses

You could create your own blogging website and write about things that others may find insightful. Once you start getting a decent number of visitors every month, you can then monetize your website and earn through multiple ways such as affiliate marketing, ad networks, sponsored posts, etc.


If you don’t mind or love spending time days in the library and on the web, you could help writers' fact check their work, help novel writers or authors to develop their books.


All writers and most businesses require a proofreader. It demands a quality of attention to detail. The amount of money you can earn depends on how fast you could work per hour and how good you are at proofreading.

So, these are some good options to earn through writing. An important factor to successfully earn your writing skill is to establish a good rapport with multiple long-term clients.

When you build a healthy relationship with multiple long-term clients, you can be assured of uninterrupted earnings opportunities and the flow of money. This will also help in spending a vast amount of your time writing, instead of spending time on marketing your services as a writer.

Final thoughts

Figure out what you like to write about – is it something informative/insightful, or just a random life experience or creative story. Once you get this clarity, you can use the guidelines shared in this article to kick start your side hustle.

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