Will AI and Machines Make You Jobless?

Will AI and Machines Make You Jobless?

I watched a video by Nas Daily today. What's shown in it was shocking and thought-provoking. It's about the Useless Class that the world will be having in the coming years. This class will not be having any job, and therefore no money to pay the bills for living. Scary and chaotic, isn't it?

But who is going to create this class?

The combination of Machines and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You might have some idea about this since we often hear or read that AI will kill millions of jobs in the near future. So, yes, what you are thinking is correct, and is depressing as well!

If you have some special skills like coding and video making or if you are in a good position like management, leadership, or scientific or engineering research, the future is safe for you.

But if you are doing an ordinary job or labor, there is a risk of losing it when AI and machines will take up the work.

For example, if you are a help desk operator, AI will be handling this job in the coming years. And you will be jobless. If you are a driver, there will be self-driving cars, and you will be out of a job. If you are a delivery man, you will be free as the deliveries will be done by drones.

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Delivery by drones - Are You Going to Be a Part of the Useless Class?

What people with ordinary skills will do when smart robots will be doing most of the tasks?

Nobody knows at this time. Not easy to predict. And therefore, there will be millions of jobless people in the coming years.

In this video, Nas says, these jobless people will be paid by the governments under the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). So the useless class will be enjoying life by traveling, fulfilling hobbies, and spending time with family.

But do you think that UBI will be enough? Do you think governments will be paying for your luxury lifestyle? Obviously not!

UBI, if there will be any, will hardly be enough to pay for your basic needs, i.e. food, clothes, and shelter. What about the other facilities and their bills?

So, in a nutshell, we have some questions here.

What can we as a person and society do to neutralize the adverse effects of AI and Machines that are sure to come in the near future?

How would we ensure that nobody becomes a part of the useless class and have a fulfilling life?

Which fields will be the most and least affected by AI and Robots?

I expect you, the thoughtful and intellectual class reading this article, to give some suggestions on how can people and governments handle the chaotic situation that is inevitable in the future. Your comments and inputs will be highly valuable.

Here is the link to the video by Nas: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=312102293341724

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