Why Your Customer Experience Must Include Empathy

Why Your Customer Experience Must Include Empathy

Despite many businesses continue to think that empathy plays little role in any business, empathy plays an influential role in creating a bond between a business and its customers. You need to understand that customers have plenty of options before them when they decide to purchase a product. Therefore the relationship that you foster with your customer is the element that will keep your customers loyal. Responding to queries is actually easier when you use modern technologies, automation and so on. But the less of human touch is what it all takes for your customers to go to another seller. Considering all these, your customer engagement and customer experience must include empathy and here is why:

Understanding Motivation:

In order to enhance your customer experience, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the motivations and aspirations of your customers. Satisfying customer intent should be your prime aim. While it can be a daunting task to provide your customer with the best offer, you should always be able to understand customer motivation in order to deliver the best experience. Successful businesses have started using predictive analytics along with AI-based tools in order to have an in-depth understanding of the customers’ motivations. You need to ensure that your customers are served in the most effective manner possible. Timely service during the moments of exigency is the key to customer experience success.

The Emotional Context:

You will know the emotions of your customers better when you are well aware of their current attitudes. Performing techniques such as sentiment analysis pave the path for you to understand their real needs. Emotion is what drives customers to purchase products or avail services along with other needs. Many businesses tend to capitalize on the emotional quotient of the customers as well. You should refrain yourself from offering a new deal or discount to your customer when they have just launched a complaint or had an issue with the customer support. Ignoring such contexts might lead to having a negative customer experience.

Knowing the Behavior:

It seems a daunting task for businesses to know the behavior of their customer up until now. But what you can do is have data related to their behavior for a given period of time. Now it is your duty to make the best out of since you have access to this data. The mistake that many businesses do is trying to find isolated data across different channels. This can be dealt with as you integrate data available across channels in a seamless manner. Connecting the dots is what you need to when you live data coming from your customers.

Keep a Watch on the Environment:

Brands around the world have started considering the environmental context as an important one. A close look at the physical as well as the digital environment will help you to stay aware of the ongoing issues. When you get to know that your customer is close to your competitor’s store, you can send messages with an even more appealing offer. However, offers based on location can often fall out of the context as well. You can offer the best customer experience by combining their behavioral data and purchasing patterns along with the environmental context.

Situational Communication:

Empathy is the key element of any situational communication that you make with your customer. You need to understand where the customers stand with your brand. This will help you to understand the overall decision process and purchase journeys of your customers. You can only take your customer through the journey when he or she is provided with information and awareness. Understanding the intent of the customer is the key to success. Effective situational communication can help you to have the necessary insight about customers so that you can craft a roadmap following which your customers can achieve their goals.

Going Beyond Journey Mapping:

Having empathy will help you to go beyond journey mapping which will in turn award your business with a better amount of engagement and better customer experience. You need to put yourself into the shoes of your customers in order to understand what kind of experience they get to have. It is crucial for you to know more about your customers’ fear, motivations, joyous moments, feelings and so on. Having empathy in your approach will help your customer to know that you care for them to a great extent. And, it is absolutely important they realize it. That is why successful businesses say that today it is not enough to simply do the journey mapping and rather it is significantly important to do empathy mapping.

Ability to Listen:

With greater empathy comes the ability to learn more about the situation that your customer is facing that ultimately results in better customer experience. There are times when customer representatives listen to a problem and start replying with ‘yes but’. This is the worst approach you can ever have while offering a solution to a customer. Having empathy will facilitate you with the capacity to learn more about the situation of the customer who is actually suffering from an issue. You should start with an attempt to learn more about the issue so that you can solve it and that attempt requires empathy.

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