Why are we afraid of getting old?

The fear of getting old lurks so many of us today. People say a lot of things about age, age is just a number, who cares about age, we never get old if we are young in the heart, it is the body that gets old and so and so forth. We can go along with numerous debates about getting old and yet we might not come to a common conclusion that why are so many of us are so afraid of getting old.

So you can already see that the reasons may be numerous and we will have many direct and indirect reasons for why we are so afraid of getting old. However, we will discuss one main reason that is neglected, underrated and abused by so many of us and yet it remains hidden from us from our day to day life and we wish we could go back and set things right. 

The reason

OK, you might be getting an idea of the reason why we are so afraid of getting old. The real reason why we are so afraid of getting old is because we do not make the most use of the time we have in our hands. 

Yes, not able to make proper use of our time is the main reason why we are so afraid of getting old. Stop whatever you are doing right now and think about, are you making the most of the time given to you to exist in this beautiful world.  

Welcoming change

If you know that you are not making the most of your time, you will be afraid of getting old. However, if you are making the most use of your time then you will welcome the years. As time progresses the seeds that you have sowed will bear its fruit. So why won’t you welcome the years and look forward to the inevitable fact that we all will die one day but first we got to live a life with no fear?  

Making the most

Coming back to the point of how to make the most use of our time if we are not already making the most of the most precious gift of life, time. Then we need to know our purpose in life, set our priorities and double down on what we have decided do with our time.  

Now you see that whatever it is that you have decided to do, is totally your decision and once you do that to the fullest, it will not matter whether you failed or you won in your game, you know that you followed your heart and made the most use of your time.

Final thought

Each and every one of us has got limited amount of time with us on earth. It is our duty to know what is our purpose of life and do that to the fullest. At the same time make the most of our time and do what we love, so much, that we are satisfied, bored and no more afraid of getting old.  

So let us not be afraid of getting old and live the life we want to.

Image source:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2947718/We-scared-getting-dementia-old-age-disease.html

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