What to Expect from Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medication

Erectile Dysfunction

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There are many drugs available in the market that are used to treat erectile Dysfunction nowadays.

The list of these drugs has increased since the advent of Generic drugs. Some of these medicines are given below:

  1. Viagra - Sildenafil
  2. Cialis - Tadalafil
  3. Levitra - Vardenafil

These medicines are the most used drugs in the market when it comes to curing Erectile Dysfunction.

All these medicines are well studied upon and a lot of studies have been done on all these drugs regarding the efficacy,  effectiveness, side effects, onset time if the drug etc.

All these characteristics are known to be an important factor that can help us all draw some clear lines between these drugs.

The studies done on these drugs is based on real-life scenarios, after trying these drugs out.

Before trying this medicine, it is very important to understand what a person should expect from these drugs and how these drugs react in a body.

Apart from that, there are things such as onset time of the drug which is the time taken by this medicine to react in a human body and the side effects experienced by a man while taking this drug.

It is important to acquaint yourself with the properties and after-effects of these drugs before trying one out.

Onset action mechanism of Erectile Dysfunction

By default, these drugs take some time before showing their effect on the body. A person cannot have this medicine right before expecting a sexual confrontation. There has to be a minimum time gap of about 30 minutes before expecting results from this medicine. In some cases, medicine can even take as long as an hour to show its effect on the person.

The onset time of these medicines can slightly differ. For Cialis, an average onset time can be said to be 120 minutes while as it is 70 minutes for Viagra.

Cialis cannot be said to be affected by food while as for Viagra, the effectiveness of the drug can differ if taken post a fatty meal.

This is one of the major reason why Viagra is taken on an empty stomach. All these drugs contain PDE5 inhibitor and almost acts in the same way when it comes to the effectiveness of this drug.

The effectiveness of Viagra is rated to be 84% while the effectiveness rate of Cialis is around 81.7%.

Both these drugs are known for their different traits. Cialis is usually preferred for men who want a longer duration of effect.

Half-lives of these medicines

The half-life of the drug is referred to as the amount of time required for the drug to reach half of its concentration.

For Viagra, 50mg of the dosage is reduced to 25mg for a half-life effect.

This helps in determining the life of the medicine in the human body. All these drugs are known to show some effect post-half-life which keeps on decreasing as the drug moves out of the body.

Given below is the list of some of the most common erectile dysfunction drug with their list of half-lives and onset time.

  1. Viagra or Sildenafil is known to have a half-life of about 4 hours and remains effective in the body of a man ranging from 3 to 5 hours after it is taken.
  2. Cialis or Tadalafil has a half-life of about 17.5 hours and can stay active in the body for about 36 hours after it is taken.
  3. Levitra or Vardenafil has a half-life ranging   4 to 5 hours and stays active for about 6 hours.

It should be noted that the drug Tadalafil has the longest effect in the list of these medications. For best ED treatment you can see Vidalista (Tadalafil) 60 mg Price in USA.

Using this drug is good when a person needs to be treated from ED constantly. On the other hand, Vardenafil and Sildenafil are used for incidental use when a man needs it for specific circumstances. These drugs also have an additional benefit of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The usage of this drug for different diseases should be discussed with the doctor before starting consuming the medicine

Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Since the working mechanism and composition of these drugs are similar, the side effects caused by this drug is almost the same. The side effects of these drugs occur when the drug is still active in the body. Sometimes the side effects can last longer than the effect of the drug especially if the side effect is a major one

Drugs such as Tadalafil which stays effective in the system of a man for a longer period of time can show elaborate side effects.

Some of the side effects faced by people because these drugs are listed below:

  1. Severe Headache: Headaches are the most common side effects faced by this drug. This is caused because of the increased level of nitric oxide which is necessary for the increased flow of blood. This results in temporary headaches which can sometimes be very severe.
  2. Drowsiness: The feeling of dizziness is very common and is again the result of an increased level of Nitric oxide. The dizziness caused by this medicine is not severe and in some cases can cause fainting if other health conditions prevail in the person at the same time.
  3. Muscle Pain: This is caused because of the increased flow of blood and is one of the most common symptoms.
  4. Stuffy Nose: This side effect is usually caused when the concentration of these medicines are at a peak. This effect is usually reversed as the concentration of the drug decreases.
  5. Flushing of the face or skin: It's a reverse side effect caused by this drug and is sidelined as the drug flushed out of the body.
  6. Decreased vision: this condition is known as cyanopsia and is caused due to the decrease in the activity of the enzyme. The result of which can be a blurry vision.
  7. Issues related to Digestion: Digestive issues such as diarrhoea, bloating, indigestion etc can be caused because of these drugs.

All the side effects faced by these drugs are temporary and should be reported to the doctor as soon as they are encountered. However, these side effects can be made worse proper precautions are not taken.

Like drinking a lot of coffee, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, consuming dairy products etc. can aggravate the side effects caused by these drugs. It is important to stay under control before taking this drug.

Doctor’s consultation is necessary as this drug can be termed fatal for people who are vulnerable to a heart attack.

Cost of Erectile Dysfunction medicine:

There are many factors on which the cost of these drugs depend upon.

One of the factors that determine the cost of this medicine is the dosage. Different dosages are taken by different people depending on the seriousness of the condition. Consulting a doctor helps a person in getting clarity about the dosage taken by a patient. If you want to get full detail about erectile dysfunction treatment medication price and review? Then Click Here.

The other factor that determines the cost of medicine is the frequency of the drug. If a person takes this drug on a daily basis the cost of the medicine increases significantly.

The brand of medicine also plays a vital role in determining the cost involved with these drugs.

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