What Makes Wooden Glasses the Best Alternative in Eyewear?

What Makes Wooden Glasses the Best Alternative in Eyewear?

Not the wooden style, but actual glasses made out of wood! Chances are, you are missing out on the best eyewear material in frames. Not many eyewear enthusiasts are familiar with wooden glasses. But if you are in need of new prescription glasses online, then investing in wooden frames will give you a whole lot of benefits.  

Why wooden glasses though? Why not go with a plastic or metal frame? Well, to answer such a question, you must understand the importance of eyewear. Glasses are an essential fashion item, often identified with people's identity, fashion preference, and personality. Eyeglasses are very intimate, whereas we mostly associate with the style. 

Wooden glasses, to a large extent, excel in expressing individualism, unconventional choices, and a stance of natural and earthy selection that’s safe for the environment.

4 reasons why wooden glasses are the best material to flaunt?

Here are four main reasons why wooden glasses are an ideal choice in a wide spectrum of eyewear materials. 

1. Wooden glasses are eco-friendly

As we already know, wood is a naturally renewable material, due to recent advancement in manufacturing techniques which requires very little processing and energy to produce. When you buy prescription glasses online, millions of injection molded frames are all over the high-end brands. Wooden glasses are an alternative that we must seriously consider and get rid of plastic frames used on a large number. Plastic frames are produced using humongous amounts of energy, constituting toxic chemicals, heat, and fossil fuels. While wood, on the other hand, does not require such an extent of energy in manufacturing compared to metals and plastic. 

On top of that, industrial waste from wooden glasses production is comparatively less environmentally impactful than plastics. The by-product of wooden frames is just sawdust, while metals result in enormous production of petro-chemical waste, micro-plastics, and their chemical toxic waste unknown to all the end-consumers.

Wooden glasses eco-friendliness makes them a winner when compared with other glasses material, even before it reaches the customers.

2. Wooden glasses are hypoallergenic

Whether you want reading glasses online or blue light, wooden glasses are undoubtedly the best one. When you are looking for glasses that you’ll be using every day and 24 hours of your day, from morning to night, choose the right one. You’d want a frame that not only gives excellent visual performance but also feels comfortable to wear. It shouldn’t press against your temples as it can lead to severe headaches and eye problems. Which is quite commonly felt while wearing plastic glasses. 

Wooden glasses are completely natural and made out of 100& natural wood. These frames undergo a plant-based treatment that keeps them waterproof and thereby these are sweat-resistant and less slippery. 

Fortunately, many consumers are shifting from plastic to wooden glasses for their hypoallergenic properties. If you experience skin conditions behind your ears and nose from wearing metal or plastic frames for extended hours, then it can be a mild allergy. There are numerous people with sensitive skin and allergic to plastic and metals. The symptoms of coming into contacts with these frames can cause the following condition:

  • Bumps or skin rash

  • Itchiness

  • Dry patches

  • Burning sensation

  • Redness or other skin color change

  • Extreme cases of blistering

Wooden glasses don’t cause such symptoms even after prolonged hours of use. For its non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and easy to wipe clean features, wooden glasses are mostly recommended to children. 

3. Wooden glasses are super lightweight

No one is a fan of overweight glasses as it results in pain in the nose area and on the ears. While wooden glasses are super lightweight. You can feel the difference between heavier plastic or metal glasses for their utmost comfort and ease of wearing them at all times. With very little pressure on the temples, nose, and ears, wooden frames are super comfortable and light as a feather. If you are in need of cheap glasses online that are made out of premium quality, renders comfort, and allows clarity in vision then look no further. Perfect for men, women, and children, wooden glasses give a sartorial look on either causal or formals attires.

4. Unique and stylish

If you really want to stand out from the rest, then wooden glasses are the material that’s rare, unique, and out of the ordinary. From a chic finish and a laid back look, wooden glasses are entirely reliable. It’s subtly in colors and natural appeal completes every look. You don’t have to go the same road when it comes to glasses, choose something that’s out of the norm and interesting to wear. Frames are, after all, statement accessories that don’t have to be boring. Wooden glasses are unique, expressive, and effortlessly blend with your outfit choices while improving comfort and environment. 


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