What Makes Apple Chargers a High Tech Art

What Makes Apple Chargers a High Tech Art

Apple is always renowned around the world for obsessing over some of the tiniest details and making the items as beautiful as it can be, inside and outside. The major multi-billion company maintains design policy for all the items it creates, which can be a MacBook Pro of $1200 or even an Apple charger, costing not more than $30. To be honest, Apple has worked really hard to take their chargers to the next level of safe and efficient services. The Apple chargers might look small, but the power remains impeccable as always.  Apple uses some of the modern states of the art technology for creating those changes in tiny chargers. That’s why the items are a bit expensive. 

Some discoveries to blow your mind

Some people have already torn out the parts and by parts of an Apple charger and that proves to be a worthy decision. First of all, the Apple chargers are quite different to similar items from other Samsung likes. This company has a heavy duty force on safety and quality, which is a bit weird when you are talking about a brand named Apple!

  • The apple charger comprises a switching power supply, which helps in turning the input power on and off for at least 70,000 times every second for procuring the right output voltage.
  • The charger comprises two circuit boards. These boards are a bit under the one-inch square. The board located at the top is known as primary board and handles higher voltage input circuitry. The one located right at the bottom handles lower voltage output circuitry.

If you ever check a picture, you will understand how small the boards might look in reality but those hold immense power. The charger will cram all complexity within that one-inch size.

What else is special in Apple chargers?

Apart from the charger’s tiny size, this charger is clearly a high-quality power supply, solely designed for producing some of the carefully filtered power. Apple has worked quite a lot in reducing the EMI interference. This step will likely prevent any interference with the touchscreen of the iPhone. It can further introduce various components, which are not found in some of the similar charges.

  • It has an input AC, which is filtered through a tiny ferrite ring on the plastic case. It has a diode bridge output, which is then filtered by two of the larger capacitors and inductor.
  • There are two other R C snubbers, designed to filter Diode Bridge. It helps in enhancing the iTunes based listening experience.  It is hard to find that ferrite ring in any other charger of other manufacturing units.

Apart from these points, the iPhone Charger comprises of a primary circuit board made out of a grounded metallic shield over high-frequency parts. Even the transformer comprises a shield winding, used for absorbing EMI. All these major points are enough to prove the importance of Apple charger and why it is actually known as the high tech work of art.

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