What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

You may be considering investing in an explainer video this year and you are probably aware that these videos explain what your product is all about in 60-90 seconds. These type of videos are an awesome way of engaging with potential customers and getting them familiar with your business. However, it may be difficult getting these videos done in the right way.

Explainer videos may be found on your company’s homepage and may even be the first thing that your visitors will experience. It is important to get it right the first time but if you don’t have a professional onboard you should go to a specialist company like Wow How Studio to help with your video.

Tips to create a great explainer video

1. Ensure that it is scripted

You should have a script and this script must be well-written. This is vital to the success of the brand. This is the foundation on which everything else is built. In many cases, it is a better idea to get an outsider to write the script for you as this will give your company a fresh look and explain it in layman’s terms. When enlisting the help of a professional company, you often have to fill in a creative brief first which helps you to think about what really matters. You should have a creative brief and refer to your creative brief when writing as it will ensure that you remain focused.

2. The Shorter the video the better

The less you say, the more likely people will remember what you had to say. The video is meant to be an overview and the thing that gets people interesting in committing to the product or service that you are offering. It is advised that you say 150 words per minute. Even though you can probably say more than 150 words in a minute, it is important to allow your words to sink in and let people have some time to think about what you have said. People also have a tendency to not pay attention to longer videos. This is why your explainer video must be short. Don’t mention everything about your product, be very concise and deliberate.

3. Keep it simple

In order for your video to be short, it must be simple. You must include:

  • A problem

  • A solution

  • How it works

  • Call to action

4. Outline the benefits and not the features

Whether you are selling a new product, service, or app, you may be tempted to outline all the features, but it is the benefits that are key to the consumer. They need to know how your service or product is going to improve your life.

5. Use a professional voice

The last thing you want is clear audio accompanying a great explainer video. You must think about investing in a professional to get this done.

6. Have fun

It is important to develop a video that leaves a lasting impression with your audience. One of the things that people love is entertainment so try to add something extra to your video whether it is humour, a surprise, or some other element. This will help people connect with you and your brand.


There are numerous online sites providing video creation feature, but you need knowledge or a skilled resource for creating effective media. If you are new, you should approach an expert to get it done right the first time. Additionally, you can use the above tips to ensure that you create great explainer videos. A well-crafted video will yield good results and a good response from prospective clients.

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