What Indians Think about Virginity and Sex These Days?

What Indians Think about Virginity and Sex These Days?

People don’t like to discuss virginity and sex in public in many countries and religions. It, in fact, is even considered as a symbol of purity in some societies and cultures. On the other hand, premarital or extramarital sex is seen as a sin in many cultures. And that’s the reason why girls are kept under restrictions. Even girls themselves consider being a virgin to be the most important thing in their life.

However, the concept of virginity and sex has been changed a lot with time. In today’s context, to have sex before marriage is totally a personal choice.

Virginity in Indian Context

A virgin girl is called “Kumari” and is seen as pure from ancient times in India. The importance of virginity can be seen in some rituals which can be done by a Kumarika (a virgin) only.

On the other hand, those who have lost their virginity before marriage have to face tough criticism. Worst of all are the incidents where men abandon his wife just because he thinks or finds that she is not a virgin. This is why girls in India are afraid of having sex before marriage.

According to modern youth, especially girls, being a virgin is not that important these days. However, they also don’t take it too lightly and consider something that shouldn’t be lost just for pleasure with a random guy. To many girls, it is something precious that’s to be lost to only her husband. Some girls even say that they would like to lose their virginity to the best man who truly loves her, care for her, stay loyal to her and that she would love to be with her entire life.

Sex as per youth in India

This is still something untouchable in Indian society except some highly developed areas and cities. Girls and even married women feel shy when it comes to the discussion about sex. Thankfully, with the development of communication technologies like smartphones and the internet, this is not a much secret subject anymore and everybody can read and see it.

Apart from this, the internet has also enabled people to buy sexy Indian lingerie and sexy accessories online and privately. Previously, buying something like this from stores in public was a huge matter of hesitation.

Same as virginity, sex is also losing its special status in the Indian society in modern times. It’s not something special and precious thing that has to be kept secret. Young people are speaking about it openly. This has also played a big role in changing the mindset about clothing, especially women clothing in the last couple of decades. Girls feel proud of being bold and wearing whatever they want and the society has also started accepting this.

Marriage v/s live-in relationship – a new trend in India

Live-in relationship is not a new thing in western countries and is also taking its share in the Indian society now. A large population of young people is of opinion that being in a restrictive relationship like marriage is an old fashion and is not in line with personal freedom. Girls are no more hesitant in being in a live-in relationship these days. This shift of mindset is more prevalent in large cities these days.

On the other hand, there is still a large portion of the society who emphasize on and insist for marriage as a systematic and legal way of having man and women as the life partner of each other. Marriage is also seen as a true bond that strengthens the love between two persons.

Also, marriage is a special occasion to celebrate the beginning of a new life as a married couple. People plan a lot for the wedding and honeymoon. They consider everything from the suit and dress for the wedding day to the lingerie on the first night. Newlywed couples are also highly concerned about their honeymoon, and that’s why they look for beautiful and sexy honeymoon dresses for Indian bride while planning and packing for a trip.

And there is no wrong thing in this. Marriage is, after all, a relationship bond that is accepted and considered very important in almost all countries in the world.

In conclusion, no matter you are a boy or a girl, to have sex before marriage or not, and to whom you want to lose your virginity are obviously your personal decisions. But keeping this special moment to have only after your marriage gives you a true sense of loyalty and love towards your partner.

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