What Are the Industrial Applications and Benefits of Laser Cutting?

What Are the Industrial Applications and Benefits of Laser Cutting? - laser cutting melbourne

Laser cutting is a method in which laser cuts materials that are meant for industrial manufacturing. This technology directs high-power laser light onto the desired object through CNC (computer numerical control) and laser optics. Typical machines available for industrial applications include a motion control system that follows the specified CNC pattern for cutting the materials. The laser beam gets directed to the material that vaporizes, burns or melts, leaving behind a premium surface finish. The industrial cutters are meant for dealing with piping materials and flat-sheet metals too. 

The production and manufacturing processes across the world have been evolving and expanding at an impeccable pace. As advanced industries emerge, so do their innovation, revamping the essence of processes that provide them with a competitive edge from the rest. Laser cutting undoubtedly remains a popular solution, enabling people to work in an effective way and that too for a long period of time. This is the reason why the various components do more while losing unnecessary dimension constraints. 

The Industrial Applications of Laser Cutting Machines 

Today, laser cutting has become one of the most preferred methods of manufacturing used in countless industries such as automotive, semiconductors, aerospace, medical and mechanical, this itself speaks volumes about the benefits that it has to offer. 

The machines that are being utilized in the present times have significantly different cutting processes compared to their earlier models, featuring the next level of reliability and quality to the users. To let you know more about how diverse these processes can be, here are a few industrial applications of this technology: 

  • Cutting Metals: A common use of this technology is cutting metals like tungsten, aluminum, brass, and nickel. No matter what the industry might be, it is more likely to be using metal in some of the other ways. In fact, laser cutters are able to provide a smooth finish and clean cuts for every kind of thickness. You will always find laser cuts for the structural shapes and components of a mobile or a car.
  • Laser Engraving: Other potential applications of laser cutters are: engraving and marking. This is usually added to objects for enhancing their aesthetics and providing them with practical functions like a barcode. The process remains useful for jewelry industry too, meant for engraving various types of ornaments.
  • Laser Surgery: Including wood, metal, and other related materials, the process is beneficial for human tissue too. In the medical sector, laser cutting machines are the core for several medical devices, such as test tubes and stents.
  • Refractive Metal Cutting: Laser beams are the answer for cutting through refractive metals as well. With this, the laser can be used on silver and gold for creating intricate and complex shapes that would be beneficial for the industries.

The Benefits of Laser Cutting Machines for Industries 

What makes laser cutting more popular than before is the benefits that they have in store and some of them are: 

  • The power consumption of these machines is relatively lower than the traditional methods. On an average, a machine would use about 10kW, while other machines consume over 50kW.
  • Another major benefit is that laser cutting is a non-contact process, meaning the beams don't practically touch the material, instead cause it to cut or melt. This minimizes damage and reduces the need for maintenance and unavoidable repairs too.
  • Laser cutters are a much safer alternative to other alternatives, as the entire process occurs in a sealed box. Plus, this can be used on various types of materials like diamonds, metals, glasses, and plastics.

There you have it. By reading about industrial applications and benefits above, you must have discovered innumerable reasons to choose laser cutters, but in order to make the most of them never forget to go for a well-built and quality laser cutting machine.

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