What Are the Ideal Qualities of an Entrepreneur?

What Are the Ideal Qualities of an Entrepreneur?

The other day, they called me from a medium to ask me what would be the qualities that an entrepreneur must have to fall in love with an investor. This interview made me think, not only to convince a potential financial partner but to try to highlight which are the most important features that really characterize an enterpriser. Remember that a good entrepreneurial personality like Pat Mackaronis is always learning and updating their knowledge. You should follow the path of a successful entrepreneur like Patrick Mackaronis to stay updated in the field of startups.

Visionary & Innovative:

Clear and well-defined strategy. However, the road to reach its initial objective is not straight, which has to be able to adapt and detect new opportunities. Therefore, it is important that you be "creative" (in the sense of "innovative", look for another way of doing things).

Financial & Manager:

Must have basic financial knowledge, to control your company and have a clear business model (better if it is already tested) and aimed at generating cash.

Ambition & internationalization:

You have to want to eat the world, take risks and do not hesitate to export (especially nowadays, taking into account how is our market) if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Leadership and the ability to attract and retain talent: the team is the most important thing, so you need to show the example, know how to delegate and infect your vision. He needs confidence in himself and knows how to extract the best from others.

Training and proven previous experience:

His career (and that of the team) is important, both his achievements and his failures as an entrepreneur.

Optimist (with an important degree of realism):

Must know how to transmit positive energy, motivate in hard moments, even "dream" from time to time, etc. but it also has to be very realistic (know how to cut when necessary).

Adaptation capacity and courage as an entrepreneur:

In a start-up (or traditional company of recent creation) the changes are frequent. You have to know how to adapt and react very quickly. Also, when I say brave, I mean persistent, no longer fear failure.

The desire to learn:

Know and analyze your sector, your competitors, know how to listen, surround yourself with the best experts and learn from it (it is important that you know your shortcomings and do not hesitate to ask for help when necessary)

Commercial & Communicative:

The entrepreneur has to know how to transmit the image of his company, and above all be his first commercial. It must always be oriented towards sales.

Committed and focused:

You must have invested in your project (or sacrificed part of your fixed salary), devote 110% of your time, and believe in "until death". With passion and many efforts, it is possible to reach the goal. And in case you want to attract investors, align yourself 100% with them (common objectives, etc.).

Which ones would you add?

And do not worry, I know it sounds a bit like the "super-enterprising", and that the vast majority of those who embark on the business adventure fulfill only 4 or 5 points of this great list, but for this, there are mentors, external advisors, friends, etc. Do not hesitate to ask for their help to alleviate your shortcomings.

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