Ways of Fighting Leukemia

Ways of Fighting Leukemia

Diagnosis of cancer or suspicion of cancer usually causes a great deal of fear. Hospitals and doctors do their best while sometimes it may not be enough.  When doctors haven’t seen success in the treatments, they understand what they offer is not going to work. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t survive the disease. You can supplement what the doctors offer you and add other ways that will help you in fighting leukemia.

If you are suffering from leukemia or taking care of a wife, husband or another family member with leukemia, chances are that you have questions. You may wonder if you know everything about the disease.

Living with leukemia or taking care of someone with the disease can feel daunting. You need to learn ways of fighting against the disease. Here are some of the ideas of fighting against the Leukemia.

Aim for vegetables and fruits every day

The minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants in vegetables and fruits are known to fight cancer cells. You can sprinkle berries on top of whole-grain or cereal pancakes. You can also top frozen yogurt or ice cream with blackberries and peaches. Another idea is baking apples and then sprinkle with cinnamon. Also, consider making fruit smoothies with yogurt and strawberries. Finally, have a banana or apple as a snack at daytime.

Steam your vegetables

By doing this way, you can benefit from the most nutrients. You can also add more to your plate. Consider trying a stir-fry from different mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, and carrots. Add cauliflower, zucchini and sweet peas to a salad. Top a baked potato with tomatoes and broccoli. Drink low-sodium vegetable juice and make a soup with kale, spinach, chard, collard greens, and mustard greens. It will help your immune system in fighting leukemia.

Consider taking whole grain

Every bite taken should be nutritious as possible. You can choose a 100% whole-wheat bread, but remember to check the ingredients. Take things like quinoa and brown rice.

Make protein your priority

Chemotherapy side effects can include vomiting and nausea and to some people, their appetite for meat might be taken away. However, it’s crucial for patients with the disease to get protein since it will keep them strong. If you don’t find hamburger appealing, consider cooking something blander like chicken or fish with less seasoning. You can also eat fish or chicken in the soup.  For vegetarian, they can get good protein from seeds, nuts, soy products like soy milk or tofu, oat or wheat cereals and eggs.

Soothe your stomach

When side effects of chemotherapy like nausea wreak havoc your diet, consider taking foods like sipping ginger and crackers. You can also eat popsicles if it’s hard to eat solid foods. You recommended that you pass up caffeine and spicy foods to avoid upsetting your stomach.

Fill up on healthy bacteria

A stomach has healthy bacteria that assist in better handling of food. These are called probiotics. Consider feeding those healthy bacteria by drinking kefir and eating yogurt with healthy bacteria. There are bars and cereals with probiotics that will help you in fighting leukemia.

Eat after about every 3 hours

Leukemia patients tend to lose weight as a result of nausea and loss of appetite. You should maintain the weight if you are to stay strong. If you find it hard to eat big meals, eat meals and small snacks every three hours.

Learn everything you can about the disease

Having a thorough understanding of the treatment plan and illness is the best way to fight it. Develop a rapport with a doctor and attend all appointments. Listen carefully, ask questions and take notes.

Learn on infection risk when fighting leukemia

Patients living with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy are at great risk for infections like the flu or pneumonia. The reason is that chemotherapy kills off white blood cells along with the cancer cells.

Some of the common symptoms of the infection include sour throat, fever or abdominal pain. Some people also experience confusion. Consider washing hands thoroughly and get a vaccine for the flu every year.

Manage chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy treatment can be more tolerable with strategies that manage and anticipate side effects. For instance, a lack of appetite is a side effect that can be managed by getting enough drinks and food. Dehydration can make nausea worse and can set off a downward cycle which can be hard to stop. Also, diarrhea can get out of hand without proper management.

Stay hydrated by sipping water or eating ice throughout the day. You can check with your doctor about adding protein or high-calorie milkshakes.

Find creative ways of staying motivated

Exercise might not top your head, but it’s crucial that you stay physically strong by staying active and walking.

Finding a creative way to be motivated can help in maintaining endurance and strength. This will boost your mood and make you mentally stronger when you are fighting leukemia. You can create a routing around your daily activities such as taking a dog outside or walking to the mailbox. Identify those ways that keep in daily routine as it will help in capturing consistent expectations. Obviously, some days will be hard but sticking to a routine will help in staying on course.

Consider setting simple goals like walking for about 10 minutes three times a day. You can start from there. You can also try music and yoga. They can be helping in taking care of things like your house when you are in the hospital. They can also serve as emotional support during the times when you will feel overwhelmed.

Keep friends and family members close

Having strong relationships with them will assist in dealing with leukemia. They can offer practical support that you need.


These ways will help a lot in fighting leukemia. Learn them and it will be easy to manage the side effects of the disease. These are just some of the common ways to fight the disease, but there are others out there. In general, managing your diet helps a lot in fighting the disease. Eat the foods mentioned about and you will be on the right track in fighting against leukemia.

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