Video Marketing Can Change Your Game Play

Video Marketing Can Change Your Game Play

You like to eat whatever is tasty and easy to chew. The same goes for content too. An appealing video content scores high compared to a lengthy text. Today, online presence with video is the marketing trend. Take any field, for instance, a quick video is enough to make you subscribe, save and share their content, inevitably helping them improve their conversion and sales. The product may be anything from website development to a pack of natural cow dung fertilizer, an appealing video on that will do the magic of making you their customer.

How is a video doing the trick?

Videos play with the simple logic of “what you see has more power to attract your senses”.With a smartphone in every pocket, videos can be quickly watched on the go. Lately, all the trending shares on the popular social media are all videos. The launching of Facebook live, LinkedIn lives, and YouTube live is proof enough to know that the preference is now more on videos than texts. People have become fans of YouTube TVs than television channels. The message here is People are attracted to videos and the Marketing Sectors are traversing on a full-on Video Revolution.

Below are vital statistics that will validate this point, 

  • 90% of internet users agree that watching a video on a product helps them make quick decisions
  • 95% of the saved messages in a social network is video content, compared to 10% which is text.
  • 92% of users watching videos, share them with others
  • 65% of people use YouTube every day to view “how to” and “About” videos. 

What actually makes a video impactful?

If you had seen the marketing ad campaigns of Coke, you could easily connect with the answer. Be it their “A bottle love story campaign” or “Share a Coke Campaign”, their ads are interactive and kindles audience emotion and soon becomes a trend. 

While the idea of such innovative videos impacts people, it is not the only thing that attracts the audience's attention. You can market your products in many forms of videos, such as,

  • How-to videos of your products
  • Webinars
  • Travel videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • Interviews and
  • Live-streaming 

Thanks to the blessings of the social channels. You need not always go for a high definition quality video to make it interactive and viral. Your phone video will do a pretty good job. Just make sure to have the below considerations: 

Understand your audience. It is the biggest mantra to make your product successful. Make a video for your audience after a quick research on your audience persona. You can hire a professional video creation company for that. 

Choose the right platform to share your video. Choosing the platform to share your video is as important as the video itself. It can be a blog, website, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as long as you have your customers there. 

Create your content based on the chosen platform. You can never post your Instagram content on LinkedIn. Both are way too different platforms with entirely differing outlooks. So choose your content wisely for marketing.

Appeal with the first 10 seconds. Attract the fishes on the first throw. The first 10 seconds of your video is what will give the audience a call to watch more. 

Importantly, keep it short, engaging and honest. 

Why should you turn to video marketing? 

Long product descriptions are boring so the trends are to favor the videos! Even the laziest reader engages with a video and could become your valuable customer. Videos on your landing page help to increase your conversions and sales spreads your brand name through social shares, delivers a long story in a short track and connect your product easily with the audience. And most of all you’ll be left behind if you are not following the current trend. Statistics say, 63% of businesses have already started using video content marketing (Wyzowl). 

Lastly, don’t just stop with posting videos but make it interactive. The winning video is one with lots of customer comments. Make the audience comment by asking a simple question like what do you think about our video, or ideas to make it better or something easy for the audience to answer. It is just not about likes and shares today, it is about the comments that you receive that will help you move ahead.

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