Using Local SEO Services to Rank Your Local Business

Using Local SEO Services to Rank Your Local Business

While large multinational corporations understand really well how to use the Internet to boost their brand image, many local businesses, which rely mostly on customers in their region, are still struggling to make the most of the opportunities provided by digital advertising and the World Wide Web. A lot of such companies realise the importance of their digital presence, but don’t know what they should do to attract new clients. Their campaigns often fail to produce the desired effect, which leads to the owners feeling frustrated and ready to abandon investing in digital marketing, which we all know is not the way to go. To help you boost the ranking of your local business by using local SEO services, we’ve prepared the following tips.

Getting featured on local directories

Among many great ways in which you can get better exposure in local search, local directories used by people from your community is definitely one worth exploring and exploiting.

Local SEO

Sites like Yelp will help you generate more relevant traffic to your site or bring customers to your store. People like local directories, because they provide information about the offer and reviews of people who have already dealt with a certain company. Being present across relevant directories is, thus, vital for small businesses, which want to attract more clients. However, you need to be careful and select only the sites that are credible. You don’t want to be associated with “spammy” domains while doing local SEO since it would seriously damage the brand’s reputation.


Many people believed that search engine optimisation was a “one-season wonder”, but it has not only proved them wrong but also established itself as the most popular and lucrative strategy for reaching online audiences. While banner advertising can easily be intrusive and, thus, ineffective, studies have shown that most people ignore paid advertisements and rather opt for organic results. So, if relevant and smart keywords are selected, your business can find itself on the first page of Google results. However, you need to understand that SEO is constantly changing and that new elements get introduced every now and then, which means strategies need to be adapted over and over again. That’s why most shrewd businesspeople hire specialised agencies to do the SEO-related work. Such agencies use, among other things, latest digital marketing reporting tools to monitor the progress of campaigns and provide valuable information for future strategies.

Google My Business

You should definitely claim your Google My Business page and set it up appropriately as part of your local SEO strategy. This means you need to include a long, unique description that’s formatted correctly and features links and choose the correct categories for your business.

Google My Business

Make sure you upload as many photos as possible and don’t forget to add a local phone number, as well as your e-mail. Opening times/days are also useful, but what can really set your business apart from the competitors are customer reviews.

Generate as much feedback as possible

In general, people are much more likely to trust recommendations from friends, family members, neighbors, etc. than advertisements. They expect promotional material to try to persuade them into spending money, but before they do that, they’d love to hear whether those who’ve already spent their money regret that decision. Customers want to make informed decisions and one of the best things you can do to help them is to provide feedback from existing and previous customers. The more favourable reviews your business has, the more likely people will be to turn to you as they positively affect your local SEO. Small local businesses especially rely on such comments by local people.

Consistent on-site details

Your customers might be able to differentiate between a typo and an actual different address, but search engines don’t appreciate inconsistency, regardless of how small it may be. That’s why you should ensure that listing your NAP (name, address, phone number) is in the same format all over the Internet, across all directories and all mentions of your business on other websites, even without a link back to your site. If there are some inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your NAP listings, you need to correct them as soon as possible, since such mistakes are a damaging factor, which makes your rankings plummet. So, keep your listings up-to-date at all times across the Web.

These are some tips for local SEO that can help you boost your rankings and make the most of the internet when it comes to promoting your local business. No matter how small it may be, there is still competition to deal with and these tips will help you stand out.

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