Types of Wood for Furniture and How to Choose

Types of Wood for Furniture and How to Choose

Wood is the essential raw material in making furniture. That’s why it's very important to select the right type of wood in making furniture pieces. Usually, the carpenter uses three types of different wood for furniture. For example, softwood, hardwood and engineered wood.

Are you confused with these wood terminologies? Let’s see if we can clarify your doubts.

Firstly, there are many opinions regarding the quality of the wood. Some say that “Solid wood is superior,”  others say “Veneer lasts longer and does not deform like solid wood,” hence “Solid wood is better for the outside.” All these ideas make it unclear what wood to use or choose to decorate our home. So, what is the best wood for furniture? The quick answer is: None is better or worse than others.

Apart from wood, we should also know where we are going to put the furniture, how to combine coordinate it with other furniture in the living space, how to highlight and give more strength to this furniture, appearance and how to get a greater value for our budget. Only knowing this we can ensure which are the best woods.

Main Types of Wood for Furniture


There are many types of plywood. We have to take into account that not all these woods are the same. Therefore, we must choose the High-Density plywood made with hardwoods. This type of wood can be easily differentiated by hitting on it, producing a Sound closer to MDF and solid wood.

High-density plywood is very strong and can generally withstand higher loads than solid or MDF. This type of wood is commonly used in interiors of chairs and sofas that are in sight and that may have more fortuitous blows. This type of wood for furniture can be easily shaped without losing structural strength. Therefore, it is commonly used for curved structures in furniture. 

Hard plywood furniture can be purchased safely. Like MDF, its shape and shape will last.


Keeps fit much better than solid and MDF. A basic material to make interesting designs that will last.


If laminated or veneered, it cannot be reformed, unlike solid wood.

Solid wood

Most solid wood furniture is made of hardwoods such as Suar, Teak, and Mango and with nice grain patterns, such as Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut.

Most of this furniture is irregularly shaped and made with Indonesian, Bali and other South American wood.

Hardwoods that do not have attractive patterns such as birch and rubber are normally used to make chairs or sofa frames.


More water-resistant since there is nothing to peel off and detach. They are the best and ideal for use on terraces and gardens. It can also be refurbished and made to look new again. Good solid wood furniture will last for generations. The shape and color are given by the nature of the tree, originality is the greatest gift that this type of wood can give.


Limited designs as it can deform or crack if it becomes too thin or without properly designed brackets. The designs cannot be very creative. They are simply those that the tree itself can give us, including its shape.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

The MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) are designed from wood processed at high temperature and pressure. This wood is heavy and solid, just like solid wood for furniture.

Due to its manufacturing, it does not have wood grain. It is usually covered with a thin sheet of wood. The sheet once sanded can create sheets to give a more natural look. This type of wood is used for high-quality furniture using thick sheets and scratch and water-resistant. This type of wood is the most used in kitchens, gardens, and terraces.


This wood is used primarily for design purposes. The MDF can be made of different thicknesses. Therefore, it is suitable for minimalist designs and decoration and modern furniture. It is also cheaper than solid wood and more resistant to strain deformation.


Unlike solid wood, they cannot be easily restored when scratched. Although the shape and shape will last, its outer appearance will not last as long. That said, a good piece can withstand external wear and tear for years if handled properly.

Laminates and Boards

We begin this section by saying that we recommend not using this type of wood.

Laminate is not really a type of wood material, the technique for making this type of wood is the bonding of layers of wood material, most commonly through a particle or plywood. Laminates should be avoided unless it is out of budget.


It is cheap and affordable.


Usually, it cannot be made to appear natural. It is common for the laminate layer that breaks or deflates when exposed to water. Boards deform easily and cannot support any weight.

Types of Wood Used in Making Furniture

When we talk about the different types of wood for furniture that you can use to decorate your home, we also have to refer to the type of project you are planning. The type of wood we are going to use will depend on various factors such as durability, cost, weight, color, stability, and strength of the material. We can include them all in two general groups: Softwoods and hardwoods.


This hardwood varies from a pale yellowish color to brown and olive green. It has a medium-fine texture and straight grain. It is used in light construction, furniture, interior joinery, kitchen cabinets, doors, panels, moldings, glued edge panels, plywood, turning and engraving.

Red Encino

It is hardwood. The color ranges from light brown to reddish pink coffee, straight streaks, and rough texture. It is used in construction, furniture, stave, architectural interiors, cabinetry, and interior moldings, doors, kitchen cabinets, panels, caskets, and chests.

Pine Tree

It is a softwood wood that is easy to work with, has resistance, and is lightweight. It comes in light colors and is used for furniture in general. It is the most commercialized wood for its low cost. It is used in the manufacture of indoor furniture of medium quality. Normally rustic appearance, interior carpentry: doors, windows, pallets, friezes, etc.

Golden Teak

Hardwood and high weight, orange-brown to reddish-brown. Wood very resistant to the attack of fungi and termites, as well as outdoors. It allows it to be used in bodies, bridges, heavy construction, parquet, balustrade, stairs, and enlisted board, for indoor and outdoor use.


Hopefully, with the help of the above information, you can easily decide on the best type of wood for furniture. Additionally, you also have to consider your budget as well, since hardwood is more expensive than engineered wood. With the quality of wood and budget in mind, you can now easily shop for suitable furniture for your home.

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