Types of Backlinks You Need to Start Building Today

Types of Backlinks You Need to Start Building Today

Getting good backlinks is tremendously beneficial for boosting your SEO ranking and website's visibility on the internet. And since Google stepped into the market, it is now essential to have links for your website if you want to rank higher on the search results page and be more visible on the internet. They make your content appealing, resourceful, reliable, and deserving of the top rank by Google's algorithm and search engine.

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You can consider several examples, like kayaking resorts in Florida, mystery rooms Bangalore, and restaurants in Kyoto that use links to influence the local search engine ranking and promote their franchise to the audience. And while you can also create various links for yourself, it is always better to understand their categories and how you can get the best out of them for your business. So let us look at the 8-types of backlinks that you should start building today if you want to make your website popular: 

1. Editorial Backlinks 

Editorial backlinking refers to the process when another website wishes to link or reference your website's content or blogs. When your articles are informative and beneficial to the audience, many authoritative web page owners want to link your content to their page to get more support for their work and share valuable information with their users. It is a great way that helps you increase traffic to your website and attract more customers.  

2. Free Tool Backlinks 

Free tools are a fantastic way to gain more links back to your website. To get a free tool for backlinks, you can begin by making a simple tool that allows you to identify the websites you can approach for guest blogging and interacting with authoritative web owners to promote your content. You can even include a compelling CTA that helps create awareness about your web page and make your links valuable or add a loan calculator to analyze the links.  

3. Guest Blogging Backlinks 

One of the simple ways to get new and reliable do-follow links is via guest blogging. It allows you to gain an editorial backlink whenever you post content on a high-quality and renowned website. You also get an opportunity to build authority and gain the trust and appreciation of other influential bloggers and content publications. You can begin by improving your SEO techniques and then outreaching different guest blogging websites.  

4. Badge Backlinks 

Several authoritative websites award badges to posts and articles that they find informative and valuable from different aspects. And by linking to the pages that have received an award, you can gain badge links. It not only attracts more audience to your content but also establishes you as a dedicated website host whose links and posts are helpful in the eyes of the customers. You can take the help of many SEO tools and look for similar websites or even create your award badge for this purpose.   

5. Press Release Backlinks 

You can also gain excellent links from press releases. They are a great way to increase your website's authority and attract more customers. The backlinks from press marketing and media releases can benefit you to develop a good marketing strategy for your post and gain the audience's trust. Seek out and communicate with different local media and relevant press outlets and find out if you can persuade them to get a link to your articles.  

6. Acknowledgment Backlinks 

Acknowledgment backlinks increase your SEO ranking and help you brand your services. When your company or brand sponsors some industrial occasion and gets representative speaking, these links get published in the process. You can implement various SEO tools that help you identify and locate your competitors and how they get their links. You can also draft a detailed analysis and create strategies for more acknowledgment links.

7. Comment Backlinks 

Comment backlinks are a clever way to gain strategic links for your website. When you publish a comment on an authoritative website, you can include a link to one of your valuable posts to back your assertions. It helps increase your website's visibility and boost traffic. Remember to not overdo this process, as many users flair it as spam, and it hampers your link-building tools. And while using this method, approach the high-quality and more popular websites as they are more prominent in the market.  

8. Relationship-based Backlinks 

It is similar to editorial backlinks, but you can create them after developing a confident and trustworthy relationship with another blogger or journalist. In these links, the other party or webmaster with whom you have established a respective relationship refers to your content page and suitable links in their work. You can easily convert the editorial links into relationship-based do-follow links by displaying high-quality and information-rich content on your page and approaching a source website for the same.  

Some beneficial tips for building backlinks 

Now that you know about the types of backlinks you should start building for your website, here are some quick as well as easy tips that will come in handy for you while creating them:  

  1. Always use top referral sources for building your backlink opportunities. You should check and verify the nature of any such web pages that you will rely on for creating links to your website, as a disbalance of topics and content quality will hamper your site and link's performance. 

  2. Use guest blogging, podcast appearances, interviews, and infographics to get more do-follow links. These methods are an excellent way to draw the customers' attention to your website through a wide variety of engaging content. 

  3. Always find the broken links and fix them to make backlinks. And outbound links are also a reliable method for creating links back to your site through partnership. 

  4. Stay alert and updated on what your competitors are doing. It will help you get an idea of the current influx of the market and how you can use it to draw attention and traffic to your website through backlinks. 

  5. You can also use platforms like Google Search Console Reports and Help A Reporter Out to gain more and better whitehat backlinks. 

  6. Focus on your content. Try to make it worth getting great do-follow links. The higher the quality of your content, the higher the chances of it getting backlinks from other referral sites. Also, try to publish skyscraper content as they are the most reliable form of articles and report formats. 


And always remember to consider the authority of the source site before creating backlinks. To benefit from these links and gain visibility on the internet and a higher ranking on the SERPs, it is vital to understand the good and bad backlinks. The ones we have suggested above are all suitable backlinks and come in handy for any website.  

Links come in different levels of value and importance, so you should take your time to research as much as you can before making one for yourself. And once you are ready, you can even build your plans and acquire plenty of top-tier backlinks for improving your website's marketing and prosperity.

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