Trendy Cushion Cover Sets and Designs

Trendy Cushion Cover Sets and Designs

Cushion cover sets are a quick fix for revamping home decor in minutes. They instantly elevate the appearance of your living space or bedroom and accentuate the home furnishings too. It is super simple and effective. Also, they add a nice luxurious touch to the sofa and bed. 

Apart from that, a perfect pillow cover is one of the ingredients for a good night’s sleep. And the designs play an important role in the ideal pillow cover criteria. 

Below are top trendy pillow cover designs right from the bedding closet that will help you upgrade the interior of your house. 

Floral Up 

One of the all-time trending designs is the floral pattern. It adds a new lease of life to your living room or bedrooms and brightens up the space. For example, if your bed is wrapped in a solid-colored bed sheet, go with a bold floral print to complement the bedding set.  

Whereas, if you have a printed bed sheet, you can add a touch with a minimal floral print pillow cover set. Florals are the perfect way to add a summer vibe to your rooms. Moreover, it fills the room with liveliness and joy. Therefore, a chic floral cotton pillow cover is the best option for summers. 

Go Geometric 

A cohesive geometric print in vibrant colors gives the room a purpose. They accentuate the focal point of the space and are a magnet to the eyes. There is a wide range of patterns you can choose from or customize in order to create your preferred geometric pillow cover design. 

An abstract-geometric printed pillow cover would be a perfect way to spruce up the sofa. It is simple yet elegant and adds a visual depth to the design. 

Ethnic Prints 

Ethnic print is the route towards a luxurious and chic look. They have a vintage vibe to them, which instills a sense of culture in the room. Furthermore, they are full of mixed patterns with history, making them so unique from other designs. There are various ethnic prints, which makes it easy to find a match to the house decor. 

Solid Fill

You can never go wrong with solid colors. Moreover, with so many options you will definitely find a match for your rooms. To spruce it up a little, you could consider buying a textured solid color cushion cover. This way, without any effort, you can add a pleasant refresh to the room. 

If you want to buy pillow covers online, you must check out Portico. They have a collection of pillow covers with the most trendy and versatile designs. They also have some of the best bedding accessories apart from the cushion cover sets.

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