Treat and Prevent the 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

Treat and Prevent the 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

No matter if you just got your first gym membership or if you’re a seasoned athlete, the possibility of an injury is always there. And the best way to battle these injuries is to learn about them and get educated on prevention and treatment. So, here are the top five most common sports injuries and ways to get in their way. 

Ankle sprains and strains

This is probably the number one most common sports injury. Sprains are injuries to the ligaments (that tough tissue that holds your bones together). Any sudden stretching to the ligament can cause pain, deformity or even tear. On the other hand, the strain is an injury to muscles or tendons that connect muscles to the bones. Both ligaments and tendons work something like springs—they stretch and return to their normal state unless they are pulled too far. 

Lower back pain

Treat and Prevent the 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

This common injury can be very painful. Sports injuries of the lower back can be triggered by many different things like constant bending, stretching, moving heavy weights or performing exercises with bad form. 


A concussion is a light or a serious injury to the brain triggered by a dull impact to the head. Most concussions go away with some rest, severe concussions can leave permanent damage to the brain. Symptoms of concussion range from confusion and memory loss to dizziness, headaches, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. 

Groin pull

Side-to-side motion can cause strain to the inner thigh muscles and cause a lot of pain. Most athletes who do hockey, soccer, football or baseball often suffer from this type of injury. 


Treat and Prevent the 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

A broken bone caused by a trauma (fall or collision) is usually called a fracture. The symptoms are very painful, so identifying a fracture is very easy. People suspecting a fracture need immediate medical attention. A specialist will take an x-ray and commence treatment that can involve immobilization or surgery to repair the damage. 

Treatment of sports injuries

Minor injuries that involve some pain, swelling and tenderness can be treated with RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). Usually, these go away in a few days. Some more serious injuries like those to the lower back that prevents you from hitting the gym or doing your job might require professional help. One of the best things you can do is see a physiotherapist. Every patient that books individualized physio in Castle Hill gets a custom-made treatment for pain and discomfort. The physiotherapist will pick the right treatment type for your condition and give you the best and quickest results for your situation. Fractures and concussions require a trip to the hospital as soon as possible. 


These five most common sports injuries can happen any time and any place, but there are a few things you can do to prevent them.  Regular exercise is a good way to keep your body used to the activity. If you have daily workouts, your weekend soccer games will go without an injury. Also, ensure you’re always properly warmed up and stretched. Overuse of your muscles can also result in an injury, so if you haven’t trained in a while, make sure to start slowly and build up your training times. Recognize when your body is telling you to slow down and don’t push it over its limits. Additionally, ensure you’re always hydrated and properly fueled.

Knowing what equipment to use and how is also very important. Keep your gear in good shape and replace it when it gets damaged. If you know you have sensitive knees or back, you can get braces for some extra support and injury prevention. Finally, don’t forget to cool down after your workout. Ten to fifteen minutes of slow activity and stretching will ensure your heart rate goes back to normal, but it also protects your muscles from injury and soreness. 

Now that you know what injuries to keep an eye on, how to treat and how to prevent them, you’ll ensure your workouts and practice sessions go smoothly and painlessly. While sports injuries happen even to the best of athletes, these prevention tips don’t guarantee you won’t get injured, but they certainly reduce the possibility.


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