Top Reasons to Use Hand Sanitizers

Top Reasons to Use Hand Sanitizers

Indeed, the use of sanitizers has become inevitable to prevent the spread of Novel CoronaVirus. And if you want to know about the prominent reasons for the usage of hygienic products like hand sanitizers, you have probably landed on the right page. Here, we will make you aware of the pros and urgency of the hand sanitizers.  

Although, a year ago, we used to have different types of techniques to make our hands sanitized. Like a fast wipe with a cloth or just washing our hands with water made sense. These techniques were effective until the virus came that has changed the entire concept of sanitization. Today, if someone asks you to choose the most valuable things while stepping out of your home, you will surely say “face mask” and "hand sanitizer."

How does a Hand sanitizer work?

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer helped medical personnel because sanitization was paramount for such folks to protect patients from bacterial and viruses spread. These were handy enough to kill the viruses and germs in seconds. 

While using soap and water, you can kill the germs on your hand comprehensively, but an adequate supply of water is necessary. But on the other hand, hand sanitizers kill the germs even when you do not have a water source. In terms of viruses, you need to have at least 60 percent or above alcohol in your sanitizer to make it effective for killing viruses

According to the Center for Drugs and Control, USA, when you apply alcohol-based sanitizer on your hand, it kills viruses by an evaporation process orchestrated by its prime components. 

Concerns overusing hand sanitizers  

Although it is not going to hurt your skin if you are using it occasionally, a hand sanitizer can be hard enough on your skin if you use it several times a day. However, it is understandable that today's situation is volatile enough to make you use it repetitively; that is why people are flocking medical stores to purchase the sanitizers. But you must know that the excessive use of hand sanitizers can turn your hand skin unhealthy.

 Hence, you need healthy alternatives that kill the virus but do not damage your skin. Hand sanitizers have reasons to prove that they are effective because of; 

1) Portability

The feasibility and portability of a hand sanitizer are among the most significant plus points. They come in small or pocket-size bottles. And this quality makes them more convenient to use. It means if you are going outside and want to sanitize your hands, then a small drop of watery gel can do wonders without water.

2) Hygiene 

Some best-quality hand sanitizers from credible brands offer 99.9 percent of protection. It means more hygienic routines by a pocket-size bottle.

3) A solution for dry skin 

Although some alcohol-based hand sanitizers are quite unhealthy for the skin, plundering away its essential oils, there are some natural hand sanitizers also in the market with natural ingredients that can make your skin soft and healthy.

4) Best in a crowded place 

Hand sanitizers can be a great solution for you, especially in a crowded place. In a crowded place, germs and bacteria spread through contact or air-borne medium. It would be great for you to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer and a mask to protect you.  

5) Cheap  

They come at a very reasonable price affordable by many. You can purchase them by spending less than half a $.


Though there is an immense need for sanitizers and masks during this tough time, at the same time, we need to find out some great alternatives to replace the excessive use of hygienic yet unhealthy products. If you want to buy some good and natural hand sanitizers, you can visit Here, you will find varieties of hand sanitizers at a very affordable price. 

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