Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends this Season

Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends this Season

The wedding is supposed to be a special day in one’s life and so we would want everything to be up to the mark and the same holds true for even wedding dress. If you are contemplating on getting married this season here is a look at the wide range of wedding dress styles that are in vogue.

To make things easy for you we pick up the top five wedding dress trends in this article. If you like online shopping have a look at DressFirst – a leading supplier of wedding dresses and special-occasion dresses, supplying a wide range of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, evening dresses and more.

Wedding dress trends

Lace adorned dressed tops the list when we talk about bridal dresses. Lace is the “in” thing and it has been anticipated that more and more wedding gowns will be made with lace and lace fabrics. They are sure to give you a more classic as well as feminine look, which is apt for the occasion of a wedding. However, this all does not imply that you need to be lace obsessed. Instead, you could choose a dress which has hints of lace around the neckline or one in which the hemline accentuated with lace. In short, the trick is to play around with lace in such a way that it gives your bridal dress a soft look without going overboard.  It has also been predicted that most of the bridal gowns will be with intricate detailing

Gone are the days when wedding dresses had to be plain and boring now brides are ditching the myth of white dress and wearing beautiful color with the touch of pinks, blues, and even black. This is one of the top trends going on the runway and is sure to catch up with the brides to be. If you are not too sure wearing a colored wedding dress then you could add embellishments or overlays of your favorite color.  With a colored wedding dress, you are sure to turn heads and is apt for someone who is ready for a new revolution. Remember to wear a wedding dress color that suits your tone well.

Most of us think that getting a wedding dress with long selves in the warm season might not be appropriate when you need to think again.  In fact, wedding gowns with the long-sleeved look in delicate lace and sheer embroidery are the predicted hot trend for spring 2014. The best part is that such sleeves don’t feel heavy but give a very dainty appeal to your wedding dress.

Yet another trend, hot this season is the minimalist look but that doesn’t mean boring. To make an impact the bride doesn’t have to go over the top so wedding dresses that have clean lines, crisp whites, A-line silhouettes and no fuss are big time in.

Last but not sure the least is the floral trend where full-on embroidered, lace flowers and appliqué flowers designs have to be selected rather than choosing a full-on floral print. Floral wedding dresses are fresh, fun and at the same time look pretty and girly. No matter which designer you choose all have this wedding dress trend in common.

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