Top 5 Things You Must Include in a Baby Hamper

Top 5 Things You Must Include in a Baby Hamper

Your friend has been pregnant for a while now and has finally decided to throw a baby shower. Naturally, you would want to pamper her. Giving her a baby hamper is, no doubt, the best idea to celebrate this occasion.

However, the idea of adding baby items inside the hamper can be a bit daunting, especially if you have no experience with baby showers.

Since most baby hampers are filled with the usual items, it can be hard picking out the one that is sure to stand out from the rest of the gifts. You want to leave a lasting impression on your pregnant friend so that she remembers you as that one friend who was thoughtful with their gift.

To do that, you need to come up with the best hamper, which will have everything that will come in handy when the newborn finally arrives. And if that is what you are aiming for, then you are in for a treat!

After looking through a variety of baby hampers, we have come up with a few items that are the most functional when it comes to raising a child. If you can add these items to your baby hamper, your gift is going to be the best.

1. Comfort Toys

Every kid loves toys, and having it as a part of your baby hamper is a great idea for any baby shower that you are planning to attend.

Fortunately, you can choose any toy for the child and even more than one if you wish to do so. Since babies are toothless, you can get them a pacifier. There are unique designs of pacifiers available in the market; the colorful objects attached to them further makes it fascinating for the babies.

Besides pacifiers, you can also pick out other comfort toys like animal plushies. Babies would love to cuddle with them. There are endless possibilities as to what you can give to a newborn baby. You can also get an idea by taking a trip down memory lane and identifying your favorite childhood toy.

2. Handmade Items

You can get different kinds of baby hampers at different stores such as baby hampers from Kaiby Baby Box –they work hard to make baby hampers, the perfect combination of every baby’s needs. Or you can also go the extra mile and customize the baby hamper with the items of your choice.

Most children have that one special toy or blanket that continues to be their favorite as they grow older. So if you add something unique in the baby hamper, your gift has the chance of becoming that unique item for the child.

To make it special, you can hand stitch a blanket, clothes, pillows, or any item that you feel you have the skills to pull off. This way of adding a personal touch to your gifts will have much more meaning than any other gift that you might buy at a store.

3. A Touch of Luxury

Just because you can make a custom baby hamper doesn’t mean you can’t add some luxurious items to the package.

Making something for the newborn by yourself will be amazing- but with a luxurious bonus item, you will surely make an impact.

The luxury item can be something special for the baby. You can buy a cradle, a fancy baby bathrobe from a famous brand, or even a deluxe bath time baby set can be an excellent investment for the baby hamper.

4. The Essentials

When it comes to making a baby hamper, it’s great to go all out of your way to come up with fancy items. But don’t forget about the practical stuff that can serve as a lifesaver for the parents.

Adding in some essential baby items to your baby hamper should not be overlooked. Items such as socks, muslin squares, bibs, towels, and blankets will come in handy.

5. Love for the Mom

A baby hamper does sound like it’s all about the baby, but that should not stop you from adding in some goodies for the mom.

The mother deserves a treat for her hard work as a pregnant woman. That's why you must make her feel appreciated. You can sneak in something fancy for the mother, such as delicious chocolates or some other delicacies that she might have cravings for.

You can also get her a unique gift that can help them relax and enjoy their pregnancy period. Another way of spoiling the moms could be by getting a nice pair of jewelry that they can cherish all their life.

Final word

Motherhood is special. Therefore the gifts you pick for the hamper should be thoughtful rather than valuable. For example, getting an insulated mug with some meaningful words printed on it is an excellent choice. The mug will help keep the tea or coffee warm as the mother runs around, taking care of the newborn needs. The minute she finally gets to take the sip, that warm flow of fluid will be like a sweet embrace. It will help her remember your thoughtfulness behind the present. And at that moment, she will feel special.

Since you have decided to go all out and are already channeling your inner Santa, you can go ahead and add in a bath gift set for the mom. This special bath gift set consisting of a bath soak, anti-nausea teas, and lotions can help rejuvenate her skin. It’s all about giving her the most thoughtful gifts that can somehow make her feel better when she is feeling overwhelmed and you have done that!

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