Tips to Take Care of Skin After Laser Hair Removal Procedure

laser hair removal procedure

Laser hair removal procedure has now become a common solution to get rid of unwanted body hair. The majority of men and women are using this technique to get a hair-free body. It allows you to remove hair from any part of the body including private parts. However, there are certain instructions that you need to follow after getting the treatment in order to preserve your skin condition and achieve the desired results. Every dermatologist focuses on the aftercare phase once you are done with the laser treatment. Simply because following those guidelines helps you avoid discomfort and complications after the laser treatment.

So, what are those tips?

You will find out the answer to this question below.

Aftercare Tips for Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Here we will enlist some important tips for skin that you must follow after getting laser hair removal in Dubai

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure 
  • Refrain from other hair removal methods 
  • Do not use topical products 
  • Exfoliate the skin 
  • Take cool showers

Avoid Excessive Skin Exposure

It is very crucial to protect your skin from the sun after getting laser hair removal procedure because sunlight can irritate your skin. Also, excessive exposure to the sun can cause severe burns. Therefore, use sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun and avoid sunbathing. 

Refrain from Other Hair Removal Methods 

Once you have started your laser hair removal sessions, avoid other hair removal methods like waxing, threading, and plucking. The reason is that waxing and plucking destroy the hair follicles and damage the skin. The only thing you are allowed to do is shaving that too 24 hours before getting the treatment. 

Do not Use Topical Products

It is forbidden to use topical beauty products during the initial few days after the treatment. The skin gets very sensitive after laser hair removal treatment and beauty products can irritate it. This can interfere with the healing process. Therefore, you should not use makeup, body wash, or deodorants for at least 24 hours after the laser treatment. 

Exfoliate the Skin 

Once you get the laser treatment, your body hair will start shedding and within 4 weeks all hair follicles will be destroyed. Therefore, it is important to protect the skin by exfoliating it after the treatment. For this purpose, you can use a washcloth and a mild scrub wash. Wipe the treated area with mild scrub and cloth in a circular motion. Repeat the process several times a week to speed up the shedding. 

Take Cool Showers 

Using hot water for showers after getting the laser hair removal procedure is not a good idea. Hot water can cause burns and blisters. Therefore, take cool showers and avoid hot water for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Similarly, refrain from hot tubs, saunas, and heating pads because they can cause redness and irritation. Cool showers are also proven to be helpful in improving blod-flow in the body that leads to better skin and faster recovery to any damage caused by any medical procedure.

Some Other Instructions 

  • You should not exercise for at least 48 hours after the treatment. 
  • Avoid swimming for at least 2 days after the procedure. 
  • Do not scratch the treatment area when crusting begins because it can lead to scarring.
  • You must avoid bleaching creams for 48 hours. 
  • Do not shave for at least 72 hours. 


Laser hair removal treatment in Dubai will be only effective if you follow the aftercare tips such as those discussed in this article. You have to protect your skin after the procedure to ensure that you get the required results without any complications. The dermatologists provide a detailed set of instructions after performing the treatment. It is your responsibility to strictly follow them. Consult with an expert laser therapist who can guide you about the post-treatment phase thoroughly.

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