Tips for Playing and Winning in a Ludo Game

Know How to Play Ludo Game Online

Ludo is a contemporary variant of the Pachisi Royal game, a Ludo game that was once played between Indian kings and Queens in antiquity. The game has become a trendy classic board-based top free android game that is commonly played between friends and family because it adheres to conventional rules. It's a tricky game to master because it's so unpredictable. But in this post, Know How to Play Ludo Online and tricks that can help you get a higher number of dice, such as 4, 5, or 6.

Ludo Tricks: Things to Keep in Mind

Ludo is a 90s game that children loved to play in that era. This is probably a new game for you if you were born after the year 2000. You must be aware of basic things to Know How to Play Ludo Online before we get to the details of the game. These tips will help you to appreciate abstract thinking later.

  • Game Modes

You are the only human player in the game to battle three computers while playing in machine mode. As a regular event, four players play Ludo game as a board game. However, the game is now played with six players on a hexagonal board. In the servers, you'll encounter other human players in the Local Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer modes. If you want to play this game with your mates, you can make a room and invite them to enter the game by sending them the room code.

  • Game Rules

To move, each player will have four tokens of the same color. The first person to carry four tokens home wins. The houses are positioned in the middle of the Ludo board. The game only ends when one of the players is declared the winner. Continue reading to learn more Ludo winning strategies to help you win the game.

Players roll dice to drive the tokens away from the base and back home. When you roll a six, you can only take a token out. Furthermore, if you get a six, you get another chance to roll the dice. However, if you roll six three times in a row, your turn is skipped.

Ludo Game Tips and Tricks to Help You Win

This is an easy and straightforward game to play. However, you will need some tips and tricks if you want to win any game you play. Here are some fantastic Ludo winning strategies that you should remember.

  • Attempt to get every token out of the base

One of Ludo's first tricks is to extract all of the tokens from the base. Do not hesitate to move the token out if you roll a six on the dice. Many players concentrate on transferring one or two tokens and getting them home as fast as possible. It's not a good plan, though, since your soldier could be killed if other players roll the correct number to enter your position and kick you.

Furthermore, once you return to the foundation, it will take some time to roll out another six. You'll likely have to wait a long time to get the soldier back out. You should also keep all of your soldiers on the floor. As a result, you'll have more options when rolling various numbers.

  • As soon as possible, kill the enemies

The next technique for winning Ludo game is to try to destroy the rivals. You should have all of your tokens on the board to improve the odds of destroying the enemy. Then, once you've rolled out a few steps that will allow you to destroy your opponent, don't be afraid to take a risk. They may come home first and win the game if you don't kill the enemies. It's also one of the most successful Ludo tactics for winning.

  • Every day, demand all of the free coin rewards

One of the best Ludo tricks that few players know is gathering all of the regular free coins. Many players fail to claim their regular rewards and free coins. Then they must refill the coins with real money. Coins will assist you in keeping in touch with other players in this game. As a result, don't forget to take advantage of the game's free coins.

  • Spread troops all over the map

Another way to win Ludo is to spread out all of your soldiers on the board to improve your odds of advancing to a better spot. Furthermore, by placing your soldiers in various locations, you can divert the opponents' attention away from you. It's not a smart idea to put all of the tokens in one square. All of your soldiers may have to return to the enemy's base has a chance to kill you.

Know How to Play Ludo Game Online as these tips will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience and increase your odds of winning significantly.

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