Tile Designs to Perk Up Your Home Creatively This Year!

Tile Designs to Perk Up Your Home Creatively This Year!

Home décor can be as versatile as the bounties of nature! But most of the time, while revamping our home, we tend to go on a repetition mode with tile designs! Some patterns and ideas about home decor are always monotonous and continue to be used similarly by everyone in almost every part of the world. Sometimes you try diving into too dark colours and turn the entire home gloomy, while other times you opt for wood and almost have a pine forest built at your place! But today, let’s think out of the box! Let’s try some creative home décor ideas by using only tiles.

Creative Usage of Tile Designs for Exotic Looking Home Décor!

We know the word “tiles” is also repetition and you hear it almost every time the word “home décor” gets pronounced. But the concept of using it can always change. Let’s go beyond the traditional tiling and think of having a glamorous home décor with designer tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports. They are available in lush patterns and in rich colours to beautify your haven impressively. Now, read about the ways to use the same tiles in your home décor but with a twist!

1. Risk the Floor Pattern — Tiles for the floor are eternal – nothing new in this! They are safe, easy to clean, long-lasting and so much more. But why limit them to only the plain or geometrically designed ones? Use unique designs of them in different colours and place them together to create a nice pattern. Two different designed tiles will always make a better picture than the same ones creating a subtle line on your floors. You may mix n match materials – create a border of dark timber and inlay bright blue pottery styled tiles in the middle – would stun all visitors.

2. Give Backsplash Some Importance — We know tiles are used for a backsplash, but it’s generally always the same plain ones matching the colour of your cabinets. Why don’t you try the crystal ones or the tiles with silver tones to complement your entire kitchen? You can use tile designs even to create murals in your backsplash. Won’t this tiled backsplash be the centre of attraction in your entire kitchen?

3. Entrance Looks Perfect Tiled Up — Your entrance is mostly exposed to dust and dirt. And it even attracts your visitor’s attention when they enter your place. You can always make it look glamorous by installing designer tiles in this space. Depending on your curb design, you could choose tiles resembling pebbles to create an illusion of a pebbled path leading to your main-door, or say glass tiles in aqua tones would make you feel soothed after a long day, or design and colours to match the stain glass pattern of your window would immediately create a cohesive décor.

4. Accent Wall Gets Decked Up with Tiles — Creating a designer accent wall won’t need much brainstorming if you are using classy tiles to spruce it up. Did you know tiles are available in various textures also? So, you could create a panelled look or bring in the ruggedness of concrete or brick to create a rustic décor – all by using tiles. Just be wise to blend in with the décor theme of your home.

5. Get Tiles in the Entire Washroom – We know you like tiles for your washroom’s floor. But this will look all the more enchanting if you cover all the walls with fine shades of abstract designed tiles as well. Mix n match plain, textured, and patterned tiles to create drama in your washroom. Want to be more creative with tile designs? Use the as chipped borders around your bathroom mirror or to frame an artwork – and your bathroom shall ooze out oomph factor.

With tiles playing so many different roles to beautify your home, you definitely can’t stay back from trying them! So, where are you placing tiles in your home this year?

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