Things to Know about Newborn Baby

There is so much excitement to know about the newborn baby. The first-time mothers are very curious about taking care of the new ones.

Here we have shared things you should know about the newborn baby.

Judging the baby looks

Don’t judge the looks of the baby. With the time, the look will change, and even complexion will not be the same. Initially, baby eyes remain shutting as he still feels in a womb. After few days you will start noticing the changes in his/her looks.

First smile of a baby

Until 6 weeks you will not notice any signs of a smile. Baby is still in the comfort zone and with time you will notice few changes.

First bath

Initially, the sponge bath is given to a newborn child until the umbilical cord falls off. Put some ointment or cream when cord falls off. After few days you can give the first bath under the guidance of the doctor. First learn the technique before giving the bath, if it is your first time. You can get information from pregnancy delivery hospital for the newborn baby care tips.

When to feed

The doctor will guide you about feeding and all. You need to feed the baby every two hours. Don’t panic if your baby loses weight within a few days of discharge as it is normal.  Baby will get enough food through breastfeeding.

Handling soft spot

There is nothing to worry about the soft spot, Fontanel. Whenever you give massage or bath you need to gently hold the soft spot.  Don’t apply pressure just massage and shampoo the spot gently.

Dry skin

The newborn babies have dry skin and there is no need to worry about it. With the application of baby lotion and massage oil, the skin gets normal with the time.

Baby tips

You need to live a normal life with your newborn baby. However, you need to be very careful. Teach family members and other siblings to touch baby feet, instead of hand and face to prevent any infection. Always touch the baby after washing the hands.

The baby communicates through a cry

Don’t panic if the baby cries a lot, it is the only way baby communicate initially. You need to understand baby signals for hunger and other things. There is no need set alarm for setting a routine.

Sleeping habit

Newborn babies sleep a lot but for short duration as they feel hungry in every two to three hours. At 3 months of age, most babies sleep for long hours. Don’t let your baby sleep more than 3 hours without the feed during the daytime and at night allow him to sleep for long hours. This way a day and night routine can be set easily.

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