Couple’s Things to Do in Singapore for an Awesome Honeymoon Adventure

Couple’s Things to Do in Singapore for an Awesome Honeymoon Adventure

After all the stress of the wedding, going on a honeymoon is the perfect time for newlyweds to sum up their impressions, relax and have a fun and romantic time alone. If you’re looking for a cool destination for your post-wedding trip, look no further than Singapore. This city is brimming with interesting places and romantic activities thanks to many lux hotels, romantic gardens, interesting islands and a lively city atmosphere. Want to know a few things to do in Singapore on your honeymoon? Take a look here.

Couple’s Things to Do in Singapore for an Awesome Honeymoon AdventureVisit Sentosa Island

Are you an adventurous couple always ready to have fun? Sentosa will provide you with tons of excitement as you explore Universal Studios and their water rides, roller coasters, live shows and different cinematic adventures. If you’re not in the mood for adrenaline, you can easily spend the day swimming and chilling on the loungers. Sentosa has a wide variety of beach bars and restaurants so you can have a very romantic day (for some more privacy, hit Tanjong Beach).

Take a walk through Gardens by the Bay

Right next to the Marina Reservoir, these gardens offer some of the best waterfront views in the world. Gardens by the Bay are an award-winning horticultural achievement that consists of two areas—Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden. The South one is the bigger one and is inspired by Singapore orchid, the national flower of the country. The famous supertrees as high as 16-story buildings can be found in this garden and you can even take a walk on the suspended walkways to get a proper view of the garden. And if you’re in the mood for a fun little picnic, hit the Bay East Garden and enjoy tropical palms and lush lawns prefer for relaxing.

Couple’s Things to Do in Singapore for an Awesome Honeymoon Adventure

All party couples will love Singapore’s nightlife, but if you’re especially keen to party, go to Skypark. This place is a key element to Singapore skyline. At night, the entire place illuminates and turns into this romantic hub. When in Skypark, make sure to visit KU DETA, a popular restaurant located on the terrace that offers every customer a breathtaking view of the city. Finish the night with a little shopping spree at a well-equipped sex shop in Singapore and get ready to have a wild night between the sheets. Feel free to get freaky with your spouse during the honeymoon!

Explore a nocturnal zoo

Night Safari waits for the sun to go down to welcome its visitors. This unique nocturnal wildlife park lets you experience a completely new side of zoos. You will be able to see around 2500 animals including endangered species like the Asian elephant and Malayan tiger.

Get lost in Chinatown

Get your wallet ready and hit Chinatown and shop at traditional markets, cool cafes and unique shops. You can easily spend the entire day exploring narrow streets of this historically rich neighborhood. Foodies will adore this place, and if you love to eat new things, make sure to try a bowl of char kway teow and satay from street vendors. On the other hand, if you love fancy restaurants, hit Neil Road and try out some of its restaurants. Other must-see and do things in Chinatown are Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple and Red Dot Design Museum.

Couple’s Things to Do in Singapore for an Awesome Honeymoon AdventureExplore the Botanic Garden

This UNESCO National Heritage Site is a serene garden perfect for couples in love (many couples even choose this spot for their pre-wedding photoshoots). It’s blessed with timeless charm and peaceful atmosphere where you can easily spend the day walking hand-in-hand with your spouse and enjoy the beauty of the garden. Make sure to visit the National Orchid Garden—you’ll be surprised to see how many varieties of orchids there are in the world.

Hit Bintan Island

Island hopping is one of the top honeymoon activities, but instead of wasting time on visiting many islands, you can hit Bintan and enjoy a variety of activities in one spot. From watersports to lounging at the beach, you will get to capture many beautiful memories. You can make it to the island in 45 minutes with a ferry.

Booking a honeymoon in Singapore is one of the best decisions you can make before your wedding. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime, one filled with romance, excitement and fun—all that you need from your first trip as a wedded couple.

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