These 8 Accessories Will Make Your Wedding Night Super Romantic

These 8 Accessories Will Make Your Wedding Night Super Romantic

Wedding night is a long-awaited night for any person. So you wouldn’t let go any chance of making it very special and a life-long memory. However, when you don’t know what else can be done apart from making love, a guide and tips on what to wear, what to eat and what activities to do will be very helpful.

Here are some tips on accessories you should have for your first night after marriage to make it a super exciting one.

1. Kissable body spray

You wouldn’t want to miss any inch of your love partner’s body without touching and kissing it on your wedding night. Kissable body spray is exactly made for these romantic moments. Spray it on your partner’s neck and other soft parts. You will feel mouth-watering fragrance and intense excitement when you kiss your love.

2. Sexy lingerie

Imagine a super sexy look of your women in a hot lingerie on your first night of marriage. Hot look, soft touch and silky feeling of your partner’s lingerie will make you horny instantly. This is an all-time favorite item for newly wedded couples for the first night. So don’t forget to gift it to your better half on that night. You can buy sexy lingerie online from a large range of variety.

3. Chocolate and honey

These two things along with some other foods containing zinc will boost your sexual desire. They work for making your romantic mood, increasing testosterone and releasing hormones responsible for boosting your desire for sex. So make sure to have them in your wedding night gift pack and enjoy eating them together before moving ahead in the love making games.

4. Lotions and creams

You will need a good lubricant to make lovemaking smooth and painless. This is specifically useful when you both are going to have sex for the first time. Many couples face a hard time doing it for the first time and it can make them nervous. Ultimately they end up failing in intercourse making them more nervous and feeling guilty.

5. Hot honeymoon nighty

If you have planned your wedding night at a special place on a honeymoon, don’t forget gifting a beautiful and sexy nighty to your sweetheart. You can buy a nighty for honeymoon from stores available online. Choose one of her favorite colors and she will thank you for making her first married night special.

6. Candles and flowers

They are powerful in creating a romantic environment and mood. If you are comfortable with flowers, you can have fresh flower petals on your bed. Consider decorating your first-night room with candles and flowers to make your partner feel romantic. You can avoid flowers if you are allergic. You can even consider flameless candles to make your night fire-safe.

7. Sexy games for wedding night

To make your wedding night full of fun and joy, try some sexy games like blindfolding. You have to touch your blindfolded partner with finger, feather or breath and it will make him/her excited. Make sure your partner is necked and in a comfortable area like a bed. Ask your partner to guess where you will be touching next. Give a kiss for each right answer. This game will make both of you more aroused.

8. Position dice and sex cards

These are even more exciting as it requires you to perform different activities and positions making your night more romantic. Try sex dice or cards and see how fun it is. It will increase love making time and fun as you will be doing different activities and trying different sex positions.

Hope these tips about wedding night accessories will help you make it special and memorable for a lifetime.

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