These 6 Crackers Are Harmful to Health and Environment

These 6 Crackers Emit the Most Smoke and Should Be Avoided

After the news of the ban on crackers by Supreme court, the debates and comments are on the peak on the news and social media. Whether to use crackers or not and if yes, which are harmful and which are less harmful and safe has become the main point for the discussion.

Diwali is the festival of light and joy and the people of all ages enjoy it in different ways. But for children, it's the time of crackers. They enjoy firing different types of crackers like Chakli, Sutli, Laxmi, Bullet, a string of 1000 crackers, Fuljhadi (Sparklers), Chakri (Spinning cracker), Kothi (Flower sparkle cracker or Flower pot cracker), (Snake tablet) etc.

But do you know that some of these crackers are very harmful to our health and the environment? Let's see which crackers are the most pollution emitting and should be avoided.

Snake tablets:

This is the most harmful cracker and emits about 65,000 ug/m3 PM2.5 in just 3 minutes. The smoke produced by it is equal to the smoke emitted when 464 cigarettes are lighted at once. This is one of the most favorite crackers among the children, but it is also the most harmful cracker for their health.

The string of 1000 crackers:

This is used on many occasions like marriages, exam results and election results apart from Diwali. But unfortunately very few understand that this is one of the most harmful types of crackers. It emits about 35,000 to 48,000 ug/m3 PM2.5. It takes just 6 mins to fire a string of 1000 crackers completely and it emits so much smoke that it can be compared with the amount of smoke produced when 277 cigarettes lighted at once. It also creates noise pollution.

String sparkles:

While this type of cracker looks amazing and attracts the children most, it is not an innocent cracker. It takes just 3 minutes or less but emits about 28,000 to 35,000 ug/m3 PM2.5 and produces smoke which is equal to 208 cigarettes. While first two are generally kept away from the children while firing, the string sparklers are fired by holding with hands. So they can also be dangerous for children as they can cause accident and burning.

Fuljhadi or sparklers:

This is also one of the most favorite crackers children love to burst. Like string sparklers, this is also fired by holding with hands and can be harmful if handled carelessly. It emits 10,000 to 11,000 ug/m3 PM2.5 in just 2 minutes and produces the smoke in equal amount to the smoke produced by lighting 74 cigarettes together.

Chakri or spinning cracker:

Children and adults enjoy a lot firing this cracker as it spins quickly and looks amazing. But you should be careful with this cracker as it not only emits pollution but can also cause accidents. It emits about 9,000 to 11,000 ug/m3 PM2.5 and produces the smoke equal to that emitted by 68 cigarettes at once.

Kothi or flower pot cracker:

This type of cracker creates a beautiful scene of sparkling tree or flower or fountain. But it emits about 5000 to 6000 ug/m3 PM2.5. While it creates a joyful moment for children, it also produces a high amount of smoke which is equal to 34 cigarettes at once. Children should be allowed to burst this cracker under the strict attention of adults to avoid accident and harm.

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