The Symbolic Blooms of the Lunar New Year

The Symbolic Blooms of the Lunar New Year

Flowers have a wonderful appeal that uplift our spirits. They are great ways to express love and emotions. Sending and receiving flowers, especially symbolic blooms sends a message that conveys more than words can say.

Each flower has a beautiful colour suggestive of deeper meaning. For instance, red symbolizes love, orange and yellow for joy, blue for calmness and freedom, white for pure intentions, and pink or peach for romance and sweetness.

If you want to send a loved one a beautiful arrangement of flowers but you don’t really have the time, you can always visit online stores like Uniting Flowers and they’ll take care of it but if you’re planning to do it yourself, here are some things to keep in mind.

Flower arrangements bear significant meaning

A bouquet is appreciated for birthdays, tribute, and anniversaries while a set of three roses means, I love you (three syllables for three roses). If you want to extend sympathy, flowers should come in a basket, wreath, or with a stand, albeit being also used in the inauguration, Christmas, movie premier nights, and other events.

Symbolic blooms like wedding flowers usually come in a package for the special event necessitates some vase arrangements, standing or vine in the venue and reception area, in addition to the bridal and entourage bouquets and flower brooches.

The tradition of sending flowers started in Europe after being witnessed to express significant meaning in Turkey. It was then carried on to the Middle Ages, particularly by the French and the English. The tradition lives on not only in Europe and America but also in Asia and worldwide.

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As Lunar New Year approaches, the scents of fresh flowers will float in the air, and an array of symbolic blooms will surround every home in a multitude of colours. The world takes pride in celebrating the Lunar New Year as one of the most beloved celebrations each year, not just for East Asians. It is a sacred holiday deeply rooted in tradition, custom, and symbolism.

A lot of reputable places like Uniting Flowers have a wide selection of flowers that you can choose from, each with their own meaning to the Lunar New Year:

Peonies - symbolize innocence, femininity, charm, and peace in general, but to inspire prosperity for the year ahead, sending red peonies means a wish for a good fortune.

Azaleas - comes in different colours but red is typical for the Lunar New Year. Azaleas convey balance, harmony, and happiness. Families have these flowers in their homes to greet their guests with warm wishes for the new year.

Orchids - are elegant flowers symbolic of fertility, beauty, and luxury. A sturdy flower like orchids signifies abundance and stability. A potted orchid or a bouquet of any colour of this bloom is a universal gift in celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Narcissus - is an alluring water fairy flower befitting the occasion of the Lunar New Year. If symbolic blooms precisely fly on this particular day, the more wealth and prosperity it will bring. Narcissus has a sweet scent, and its delicate petals are bright, which makes it more promising to the eyes.

Peach Blossoms - are sacred in Chinese culture. By custom, they should be in an elegant vase to decorate for the holiday. Single people who are searching for their soulmate should adopt this kind of flower that signifies romantic luck to gain a perfect match in the upcoming year.

Water Lilies - are similar to water fairy flowers, but pure. This fragrant bloom is defective of the festivities of the Lunar New Year. Along with its inviting scent and delicate features, water lilies can thrive in just a wide and shallow dish of water, much better in a pond. They bear several meanings, including optimism and enlightenment, peace, rebirth, and good fortune.

Lucky Bamboo - this traditional Chinese plant has a thin stalk that you can bend, twist or twirl into a figure 8, which for the Chinese symbolizes wealth, longevity, good health, strength, and happiness. It's customary to decorate the plant with red ribbons and some lucky ornaments to make its meaning come true.

So, it's not just the lanterns and dragon dance, red clothes, and sticky rice; celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year with meaningful symbolic blooms and presents can bring forth good luck and happiness for a fabulous year.

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