The Complete Guide to Men's Accessories

The Complete Guide to Men's Accessories

A perfect gentleman can look attractive, but he also needs certain accessories to boost that appeal. Think of late Sean Connery as James Bond with a bow-tie or a cool gadget that saves the day. Being elegant isn’t always about wearing a perfectly tailored suit, but also about how you carry yourself, and of course, what accessories you use. If you’ve been meaning to spruce up your personal style, then this guide about accessories will show you what you need in order to make any men’s style work.

Let’s start with a watch 

Of course, smartphones have replaced watches long ago, but wearing an elegant watch on your wrist can transform your appeal in an instant. It’s not so about showing wealth but also about prioritizing certain values. Just one glance at the watch, can not only tell you time but also make you look more focused and serious. If the idea of a traditional watch isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a sleek smartwatch, as that will also help you boost your health and get more organized.

Invest in a pair of sunglasses 

A good-looking pair of sunglasses is a must-have accessory, especially during summer. So, if investing in a quality pair will improve your personal style, because any outfit looks better with a well-chosen frame of shades. Still, if you’re confused between different frames, then make sure to choose one that fits the shape of your face. Aviator classic shapes are always a good bet if you’re in a hurry. 

Something for your belongings 

Keeping things in your pockets is the last thing any man should do, despite its practicality. The times are changing, and now you carry more things on a regular basis: a phone, then your charger or a power bank, a wallet, and so on. Therefore, it’s no surprise that messenger cross-body bags and elegant men’s backpacks have made a comeback. So, if you prefer carrying cash, feel free to check out leather men’s money clips as they’ll add so much to your style, by making you look more elegant and put-together which is the ultimate goal. Having something for your belonging is always a much better alternative to pockets, especially during more formal events.

A good belt can definitely spruce up your outfit 

There’s something about belts and the way they add to an outfit. Of course, they exist for a reason, to keep your pants in check, but it’s also important to pick them according to the occasion. For example, black belts are better for formal looks where sophistication plays a key role. On the other hand, brown belts are more versatile, as they can be worn with more casual outfits. Now, you can experiment with different colors, however, be careful and for starters, stick to classic colors to stay safe.

Footwear matters a great deal 

You might think your footwear doesn’t play an important role, especially during more causal outings, but that’s where you’re wrong. Sure, classic oxford shoes that are well-crafted will look great with suits, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the rest. For example, sneakers are great if you’re going for a run or shopping for groceries, so it’s important to choose a pair that will look good on your feet. So, avoid unusual colors and shapes and stick to comfort, functionality, and fashion.

Be careful with jewelry 

Men’s jewelry can be super attractive, therefore feel free to include it, but be careful. The goal is to add a dash of elegance to your style, so one ring is enough. The same goes for every other type of jewelry. Also, if you’re new to men’s jewelry, remember to keep it simple and wear metals of the same color. Stay away from leather jewelry with studs unless you’re a teenage punk rocker. If you prefer leather, try to stick to natural-looking leather with earthy tones, rather than dyed black. 


Men’s accessories are critical if you want to elevate your fashion game. Just remember that in many cases, less is really more, and make sure to keep your belongings in a bag or backpack, as that will make you look more energized and elegant. The key to looking fashionable is to include accessories that you’re comfortable with, as that will make you relax, which will improve your self-confidence and the way you carry yourself.

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