Super Cool Hacks to Hide Ugly Eyesores in Your Home!

Super Cool Hacks to Hide Ugly Eyesores in Your Home!

Drooling over home and garden magazines to swoon over jaw-dropping homes is natural. But owning the same is almost next to a dream for many of us. Though having a home that looks lived in and not too lavish is ok, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your abode a facelift at all. Even though you can’t afford to repair or replace everything in your home, you can always try hiding them with your best strategy!

Nowadays there’s a hack for everything! From tying your shoes without much effort to hiding the ugly eyesores in your homes without much expense. You just need to try using them in the right places in the right manner in the most accurate way in your house to get the maximum benefit from the same.

Save Your Home From the Ugly Eyesores With Super Cool Hacks!

From the tangled wires of your computer to the damaged paint on the walls, let’s hide all these unpleasant ugliness of your house (even if you can’t erase them)! Follow the super cool hacks below and enjoy a much better-looking home without shedding much from your pocket.

1. Artificial Grass for Damaged Balcony Tiles — Do the broken tiles in your balcony grab your attention more than the intact ones? We know replacing them can be both time and money consuming. So why not hide it? Get some artificial grass from UnrealLawns -- these are of excellent quality and looks, and are available at really reasonable rates. They’ll not only hide the ugly corner that you are worried about, but will also give a refreshing and calm look to your balcony that you can always enjoy.

2. Too Much-exposed Wires of the Gadgets — Your computers, DVD players, and television sets own more wires than buttons nowadays. And we know how much you dread looking at their tangled form daily. Imagine concentrating more on the wires than your favorite show!! So, just try and hide them by arranging your books and magazines in front of them – support with cute bookends – and voila! You may also construct wooden panels to camouflage if you are okay to invest a little more time and money.

3. Frames and Paintings for Damaged Wall Paints —The wall paint of your home may deteriorate with time. And this happens mostly due to moisture and humidity. You can easily turn this eyesore into a pleasant sight by putting up posters or frames or wall plaques (if the wall is strong enough to hold a framing nail).

4. Cardboard Boxes to Hide the Charging Pins — We have all got a dozen devices at home (if not more!) and a separate charging pin for each of them! These can look really messy even if your entire home is presentable. You can now easily hide these ugly eyesores by creating holes in your cardboard boxes for the wires to pass and place your gadgets to be charged in it. You’ll just have to place these boxes near your switchboard! Paint these boxes beautifully or paste a family photo on the frontal side to add your creative touch to your home!

5. Some Homemade Curtains can do Wonders — Whether it’s to hide the mess under your table or the unpleasant sight of your unorganized laundry area, a curtain is the best concealer. You can hang your curtains at all such areas and make your home look neat to an onlooker.

It’s necessary to have your home pleasant if not too beautiful. A pleasant surrounding exudes positive vibes – and we all need a dosage of that in our lives for sure. And this can be easily done with these simple and easy life hacks that you definitely should try at your home!

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