Suitable Mattresses to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Suitable Mattresses to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Most people suffer from back pain either from an injury, accident, occupational strain, poor posture, prolonged sitting, stress, pregnancy, incorrect or heavy lifting, disease, lack of core strength or other unhealthy habits. The way you sleep and the quality of your mattress can make things better or worse. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can worsen your back pain by applying undue pressure on your spine. There isn’t a perfect mattress for everyone, just one that will suit your sleeping posture.

It’s important that you get a comfortable and supportive mattress. A medium-firm mattress will offer enough cushioning for side sleepers while providing support for front and back sleepers. An ergonomic mattress that is comfortable and supportive will help reduce the pain, ease soreness, relax the muscles, and help you sleep better.

Before you buy your new mattress there are a few things you need to consider.

Firmness for back pain relief

How firm a mattress should be is a personal preference. Some like it firm while others prefer a softer one. You might think that a firm mattress will help relieve back pain, however, the best mattress is a medium-firm mattress which will evenly distribute your body weight, provide support, and alleviate the pressure. If you have a pre-existing condition or you’re healing from an injury and you’re a back sleeper, a firmer mattress would be your best option.

Sleeping position

Sleeping position - Suitable Mattresses to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Side sleepers prefer medium to soft mattresses that keep their bodies properly aligned with the pillow. Back sleepers like medium to firm mattresses which evenly distribute the pressure on their body. Stomach sleepers go for medium mattresses which reduces pressure on their knees and hips.


After some time mattresses tend to sag and become unsupportive causing aches and pains. After 7-8 years it’s advisable to change your mattress. A good mattress should conform to the contours of your body to support your natural sleeping position. This aligns and supports the spine and relieves the pressure on your lower back.

Memory foam and high-quality latex mattresses are the best mattresses to relieve back pain. They’re made with quality foam and materials that have limited sagging and provide support for longer.

Following are the mattresses that work best for back pain.

Amerisleep AS2

The AS2 is a 12-inch plant-based memory foam mattress that is very popular. It has a Celliant cover made from thermo-reactive yarn which helps to regulate your body temperature and proper blood circulation. It's a medium-soft mattress that is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. It comes with a 20-year limited warranty and a 100-day trial.

Nectar foam mattress

Nectar FoamMattress - Suitable Mattresses to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Nectar foam mattresses provide more comfort, bounce, and rest because they’re designed with five layers each layer providing more support. The top cooling cover made from cotton and Tencel Lyocell that is also found in lucid mattresses helps in air circulation and cooling of your body. The layer of quilted gel memory foam follows the contours of your body to relieve the pressure on your body and evenly distribute your body weight. This high-quality memory foam helps to align your spine and relieve pressure from all your body joints.

Saatva mattresses

Saatva mattresses are luxurious mattresses made with organic cotton fabric and polyfoam which has antimicrobial properties to protect the top surface from bacteria. This mattress is designed with coils that respond to the contours of your body shape and prevent sagging. It has an edge support perimeter that increases durability and comfort if you sleep at the edge of the mattress. The memory foam helps in reducing the tension and stress on your lower back at the same time providing support to your lumbar region.

If you like to choose different firmness level for your mattress, picking the right comfort level, the Saatva mattress is definitely for you. To find out more about the Saatva Mattress, you can check out this comprehensive review.

Layla mattresses

Layla Mattresses - Suitable Mattresses to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Layla mattress is a four-layer memory foam mattress that is copper infused to relieve joint pains, align your back, and improve your blood circulation. The gel particles in the mattress provide extra support to your spine keeping it in place as you sleep. The copper element keeps you comfortable and eases joint pains while its microbial properties keep you and the bed clean and cool throughout the night. Layla mattresses are dual-sided. One side is firmer while the other one is softer. You can use the firmer side to heal and switch to the softer side later.

Bear mattresses

Bear mattresses have been uniquely designed with Celliant fabric and polyester a softcover component to prevent overheating of your body and help improve blood circulation. Hardcore athletes, marathon runners, triathletes and other professional athletes use this mattress. Athletes spend very little time sleeping on a bed hence this mattress facilitates the quick recovery of their bodies helping them to perform at their best.

The Celliant fabric helps to give you a restful night while dispersing your body heat. This mattress helps to align your lumbar region and contour your body to relieve back pain. The granite gel memory foam disperses unwanted body heat to give you a cool night. The comfort foam is a responsive layer that gives you more bounce. This 10-inch mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers to provide therapeutic support and spine alignment.

Morphiis mattresses

Morphiis mattresses - Suitable Mattresses to Help Alleviate Back Pain

Morphiis mattresses provide you with an adjustable firmness depending on your sleep type. You can change the firmness level of your mattress from soft, medium, and firm depending on any medical conditions you might have like arthritis, back pain, neck pain, etc. It has a breathable outer cover to keep you comfortable and cool at night. The ultra-foam contours with your body to provide support and absorbs heat from your body to keep you sweat-free throughout the night. It also prevents your tossing and turning to affect the other person sharing your bed. The high-density foam at the base provides support for all levels of firmness, more responsive, and bounce.


Back pains can be caused by many things and a good quality mattress can provide the support your spine needs to relieve pain in your lumbar region, neck, shoulders, and hips. However, a bad mattress will aggravate the situation and cause more damage to your body. Memory foam and gel mattresses will conform to your body contours and provide adequate support to eradicate back pain.

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