Top Steps to Write a Product Review That Sells Online

Top Steps to Write a Product Review That Sells Online

Writing product reviews can sometimes be said to be a test of honesty. The reason for this is there is always a temptation to hype a product and talk about it just in a way that would give it the image of a perfect product. While this might seem nice, if you must write a product review in the way it actually should be written, you should not be scared of being critical of the flaws of the product being reviewed. The only way to help readers and people interested in buying a product make the right decision is to be plain about what a product really is. If you are able to do this over a long period of time, you will have a reputation for putting up trustworthy reviews and will always have people flood your site.

That being said, contained in this article are steps to write a product review that sells.

Write a Summary of the Product 

A product summary can capture the interest of buyers that are highly motivated but just need assurance before finally making a purchase. Also, after reading through the review, there is a CTA for people moving back up the page to click.

When writing a summary of a product being reviewed, there are certain things that should not be left out. Some of them are;

  • A CTA
  • A brief summary of the cons and cons of the product
  • A sentence which talks about the product and what it can be used for

Show Empathy in Your Product Review

When going through a product review, not everyone goes past the summary. For the few that go past the summary, you will need to get personal with them as that is one way to stand out of the crowd.

A lot of buyers do not really go through reviews because they want to know what the features of a product are. They go through reviews because they want to be certain that a product has what is need to solve their challenges. A lot of review writers make the mistake of writing about the amazing things a product can do. Although this appears good, it is not good enough. Before buying a product, a lot of people are not simply interested in what a product can do. They are interested in what it has already done for other people with similar challenges. With this in mind, if you can show empathy and make your readers understand that you are interested in solving their problems and not just marketing a product, you can gain their trust.

To take advantage of empathy in making your product review stand out from other reviews that flood the internet, you have to make use of a friendly tone and not a professional tone, tell readers how the product has helped solve some of your challenges, make use of rhetorical questions, and be as real as possible. 

Find out Who Needs the Product 

A lot of reviewers always make the mistake of not identifying the exact audience that needs a product when writing reviews for that product. When writing a review, if you are not writing to a particular group of people, you will end up writing to the general public and this way, you won’t be able to achieve much with your reviews.

To avoid the mistake of writing to thousands of people with no ideal target audience, it is vital that you discover the target market of the product being reviewed. Dong this is not rocket science. To direct your product review to a certain audience, all you need to do is have a section in your review which makes everyone know the target audience for the product. 

Let Your Readers Know the Solution to Their Problem 

More often than not, people that read reviews of a particular product have a challenge and are searching for a solution to that challenge. With this in mind, introduce the product under review as a solution to the challenge of your target audience. To get this done, simply put done a brief summary of the product being reviewed. This summary should include what the product can do and how it can solve the challenges of readers. When doing this, you do not have to make use of audio format. You can make use of a video as this makes it a lot easier for readers to relate to what is being said.

Help Readers Understand How the Features of the Product Relate with Benefits 

A product review is not complete without the explanation of what the features of the product being reviewed are and what the benefits of the product are as well. While a lot of reviewers do not go beyond putting down the features, as well as the benefits of a product in simple lists, this might not really motivate readers to make purchases as they will not be convinced.

To make the features and benefits of a product convincing, you need to help readers understand how they relate with each other, as well as how they can solve the problems of the readers. There are various ways to get this done. However, one of the most effective is to make use of a case study. With the creation of a case study, readers are better able to understand how the product can solve their needs and how valuable it really is. 

Write Down Alternatives to the Product 

The aim of writing a product review is not to hype a product. It is to make people decide if a product is actually good enough for them. If after going through a review, readers realize that a product is not what they are looking for, they will decide not to buy the product. They, however, might not know any alternatives to the product. Due to this, writing down alternatives to a product should always be a part of your review. This way, if readers are not comfortable with a product, they can always check out its alternatives.

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