3 Statement Accessory Trends to Remember While Upgrading the Wardrobe

3 Statement Accessory Trends to Remember While Upgrading the Wardrobe

The fashion trends change all the time and too many options make it difficult to upgrade the wardrobe. Not everyone has an unlimited shopping budget so you have to make a choice. To have a complete and stylish wardrobe you need to invest in accessories as well as clothes. No outfit is complete without proper accessories. You can transform the look of an outfit by choosing the right accessories. You can transform even the women’s fleece onesie pajamas. To buy the best accessories you need to keep up with the statement accessory trends.

Here are a few options that are perfect for elevating your style.

Add Some Bling with Bejeweled Bags:

Bags are a practical addition to the outfit and classic bags are always a stylish option but they are not the only option. If you are looking to add a unique touch to a simple outfit then a bejeweled bag is a much better choice than a timeless one. They are an excellent statement accessory as they stand out and their embellishments steal the focus from the outfit and become center of attention. If you are looking for a subtle sparkle then there are designs that have a little bling in them. If you are in the mood of a bold statement then you can find bags that have jewels all over them.

Invest in Stylish Jewelry:

Jewelry is an important accessory for women. It allows them to add a little shine and personality to their look. You can wear jewelry with every outfit, formal or casual and make it look expensive and stylish. The earrings are an affordable and effective accessory.

The hoop earrings are an excellent choice for a statement accessory. They are simple yet trendy and bold. Whether you are looking to create an elegant look or a sporty or punk look, the hoop earrings will work well for you. One rule that you need to remember about this statement accessory is that you should keep the size maximal and limit the style to minimal.

Mismatched earrings are also in trend. You can use earrings that are of similar in style but nor same and it will make the whole outfit stylish.

Statement Accessory Options for Footwear:

If you want to look stylish then you should never compromise on the quality and aesthetics of the footwear. No outfit is complete and choosing the right footwear can elevate even the simplest outfit. According to the statement accessory trends, the low and pointy pumps are a popular choice to invest in. They are trendy, comfortable and practical as they go well with casual as well as formal wear.

If you are looking for a bolder statement accessory then you can invest in the trend of sculptured heels. You can find footwear with abstract wave designs and cylinders. It is a great trend for bringing attention to your footwear but they are not the most practical choice. If you are looking for a practical alternative of sculptured heels then you should go for shoes with contrasting toe caps. They are bold but comfortable as well.

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