Special Wedding Invitation Wordings for Friends

Special Wedding Invitation Wordings for Friends

Happiness spreads more when you share with more and why won’t you share with your friends when it is your wedding? During the wedding time, every bride and groom want their closest friends by their side. Perhaps you are nervous and their company going to relax you. You definitely need their hand that takes you ahead. The one with whom you spent your childhood or your college days, the one with whom you spent you sleepless nights in hostel and bunk classes. He/she is your friend with whom you share your every secret, I mean mostly. So he/she is your special friend, aren’t they? So the wedding invitation you are sending them should not be formal and normal ones, they should be special.

They should feel that they have a special and very close place in your life. But how do they feel this? Not just by reading your normal and formal invitation, while you need to send them or say them some special words that must touch their hearts. And for this, you need to use a special wedding invitation wording for friends. Those words that tell the story you share with each other.

Though on the other hand, close friends don’t need an invitation but you must make them special. And here warm words play the magic because words are everything.

Many ways you can send them through. What you prefer your choice?


Send them through this world communication app. Create a digital creative wedding invitation card, spill some words your story and also say what role your friends have played in it if he/she. Make it creative, impactive and impressive.

Wedding invitation wording via whatsaap


Wedding invitation by email

If you don’t use WhatsApp much and consider it a hindrance in your life, because many. Then use email and send your digital creative customized wedding invitation card to your friends. Nowadays many people don’t read WhatsApp messages. The reason could be anything. So email is your tool and it is considered more important than WhatsApp; as people say.

Wedding invitation wording via email


Facebook page/webpage

You have your all friends on facebook listed so tag them in your digital invitation wedding card with special invitation wordings you have created. Tag as many as you want. And you can create a webpage too. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend a single penny on it. There are a plethora of free tools by which you can create a free web page for your wedding.

facebook wedding invitation wordings



We have told you how you should send it and why you send it but we haven’t told you what wedding invitation wording for friends you should use because we think if you write yourself your thoughts then it will be far better. If you don’t know how to express yourself purely in words then you can use some Wedding quotes for friends through which you can express what you want to but you have to choose with love and wit. We share some with you.

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