Looking for a More Complex PCB Design? Here are Some Ideas

Looking for a More Complex PCB Design? Here are Some Ideas

Trying to decide on your next PCB design project? It can be incredibly difficult to determine exactly what you want to try designing if you don’t have an exact plan. If you are wanting to build your skills up, you also might not know where to start. Here are some of the PCB projects you could take on which are a bit more complex.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

A rigid-flex PCB tends to be a little more difficult to design than a fixed board for a number of reasons. They are usually supposed to go inside something which has limited space or needs to be flexible in some way. Even if you do not have a specific project to put it in, designing a rigid-flex PCB could offer you some challenges and new skills you might not otherwise develop.

If you do decide to manufacture your rigid-flex PCB, you will find quite a few benefits such as simpler tests and lower assembly costs. These PCBs are also much lower in weight than others which can make them brilliant for several different applications.

PCBs as Art

With PCBs, it is entirely possible to design something which is form as much as it is functional. There are many beautiful examples of PCB art out there where people have used the traces and holes on board to make a certain pattern.

This style of art looks incredibly effective and can make for a striking art piece in anyone’s home. If you are not otherwise gifted artistically, this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to put together an art piece which fully represents you as an artist and as an individual. Since PCB design truly is an art as much as it is a science, a PCB artwork is the perfect representation of this.

Electronic Clock

If you want to take a project from the planning stages to have an actual, tangible product in front of you, why not try building your own electronic clock? This is a brilliant design project which you can control from start to finish.

Not only will you get to design the PCB of the clock to function how you need it to, but you can also program it to display anything you want it to. From a specific chime on the hour to clocks from around the world, to even fun clocks themed around your favourite TV shows, there are plenty of designs out there which you can look through.

These are just three of the advanced projects you should try your hand at when it comes to PCB design. There is so much out there for you to try to design. If you are able to find a design you like, it is sure to test your skills as a PCB designer to help you become better with every circuit board. Find a project which tempts you and think about how you would approach it today.

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